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  1. Really enjoyed this article. Arthur Blank really took this franchise to another level. Outside of 2007, there hasn't been a year under his ownership I didn't think we had at least an outside shot of winning a Super Bowl. With the Smith family, it was quite literally a pipe dream. 1998 was like being on LSD - you couldn't even believe you were there. 2016 - it was like, "we've paid our dues, we're a good football team, let's get it." Super Bowl LI was a terrible loss, but, I really do think it plots Blank, Ryan, Julio, DQ, and the rest of these guys to have one of the great triumpha
  2. Yeah, I mean - the PSL looks like a pretty poor investment. Above all, I miss the true HFA we had at the Georgia Dome. Sure the Benz gets loud and rowdy during good times (SNF and TNF against Packers and Saints come to mind), but when the team is bad - it's a dreadful atmosphere. It's not electric at all. To be completely fair - this has been the case for ALL teams that have entered the "mega stadium, high PSL" gauntlet. Jerry World in Dallas, Levi Stadium in SF, they are both quite empty/overtaken by away fans when the team isn't good. And those are 2 of the most marquee names in
  3. That's the issue with all of these new stadiums. The cost is exorbitant. We have 4 season seats and we love our birds, but I do not fault fans who sell premier games to recoup prices of PSLs/higher costs. To be fair - this is the case with virtually every new stadium when the team is subpar. Even the Dallas Cowboys in lean years have spotty stadium, or, are over-run by away fans.
  4. We're winning the Super Bowl this year. I already can't wait for the parade.
  5. These are great. The team kept an old-school uniform set, which is awesome. We went to a matte black helmet with a bigger logo, and chrome face mask. It looks great. The white and black uniform sets are incredible. I really, really think they look clean and not too busy. Only gripe is the red to black uniforms. They look absurd. However, the kids in the house like them the best, so, what do we know?
  6. My god, Georgia fans are just thicker in then the clay underneath the stadium. I would riot if we did this.
  7. Most of these players are really good guys -, especially on the Falcons. AB has always brought high-character guys on board. I wish Vic all the best, unless as you said, it's in NOLA.
  8. Matt Ryan is more mobile than people give him credit for. He's had multiple 10+ yard scrambles, and above all, doesn't take hits. I will never understand people's hate on this dude. If it wasn't for a litany of team mistakes in Super Bowl LI, he's a sure-fire HOF. I cannot wait 'til this dude lifts the Lombardi and everyone that hates on this dude chokes on their boneless chicken wings.
  9. The Falcons as an organization aren't smart enough to have such a clean, updated, simple, yet strong looking design. With that said, if brilliance did fall upon the Falcons brass to do something like this - I would buy that #2 road jersey post-haste.
  10. Easy way to make everyone happy: (1) Old Logo (2) Classic Look: No weird piping, font, or even **** name on the collar (3) Black. Throw it back. Even though we got waxed on Thanksgiving, our uniforms and field looked bad ***.
  11. I actually believe that. It's kind of scary. That's a complete team (well, not at kicker), that has an all-star head coach. Worried they may end up getting Tua.
  12. He's the worst. Not only is he a troll, he's just plain bad at his job. I hated Terrance Moore. However, at least he was a competent speaker and writer. D. Orlando Ledbetter is none of the above. I actually ponied up to subscribe to the athletic because of this guy. Jason Butt of The Athletic is actually quite good. Insightful, does a weekly mailbag, and covers the team in a professional manner. Him with Schultz, D'OBrien with the Braves, and Chris Kirschner with the Hawks do really good work.
  13. There isn't a single person on planet ******* earth that would take AJ Green over Julio Jones. One has actually won a playoff game, and to be quite frank, Julio's catch in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl on the sideline was going to go down as an all-time play, if it wasn't for Kyle Shannahan. That is an AWFUL argument. I don't think even the most absurd UGA homers would agree with anything you just said.
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