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  1. You can finance the PSL, so really, the year over year price is about 10-15% bump from the Dome, until you get to between the 20's (club level). We've really enjoyed having season tickets, and couldn't imagine Fall Sundays without them. We've actually gone ahead and dumped our college football season tickets all-together this past year. The game each Sunday in the Benz is played in a world-class stadium, right in the heart of the city with easy parking and MARTA if need be, the HD Backyard lot has been awesome for tailgating, and the team of course is a lot of fun to watch. College football has gotten pretty **** hard to get up off the couch and go to. Outside of 1-2 games a year, the home slate isn't even worth showing up for. Small towns with jacked up hotel prices, bad games, inferior stadiums with bad wifi/food/metal bleachers, that usually require 2-3 hours of travel each way. I'd put a hard "yes" on getting tickets. You'll really enjoy them.
  2. Julio is the best wide out in football. The only argument is DeAndre Hopkins at this point. I'm still collecting my tears of laughter from the Giant and Steeler fans stanning like a ************** for OBJ and AB - and literally they aren't even on the team anymore. A year later. MT is a great player, but Julio is almost a consensus HOF player if he left the game today. I think we just hear a lot of that noise from a fanbase hailing from the dumbest (actually take that back, Alabama grabbed #50 this year, Louisiana is #48), economically depressed, and politically corrupt place in the nation. I need to find the article which compared states education rankings to other areas of the world. If I recall, Louisiana was on par with Bosnia and Tanzania. I've learned to not take anything they say seriously (did take some practice, though). You never hear of people packing up from out-of-state and heading to Louisiana to start a career, but you've absolutely heard of folks in drove packing up, leaving, and never looking back.
  3. I firmly believe the Quinn/TD/Ryan trio have their best years ahead of them. Last year didn't go the way we wanted (won't blame injuries, but it was a factor), but overall the team every year enters the season with a realistic expectation to win a Super Bowl. If you were a Falcons fan before Arthur Blank bought the team, you were legit elated to get a wild card birth, and just be in the postseason.
  4. Look, we paid 15K a seat in PSLs for 4 tickets. Not to mention what we pay on top of that. I loved the personalized boxes! The actual ticket cards have your name on the jersey! I thought it was unique and clever. If you wanted a cheap trinket (and I assure you, the "free gift" like your flag costs no more than a dollar to make in bulk), you are penny-wise, pound foolish. Go buy a flag - it'll be better quality and last you several seasons. What do I get out of what we paid for our seats? A first class stadium (literally, a top 5 venue on the planet), an owner and franchise committed to winning football games, a great atmosphere, unique food options, CHEAP food options (5 dollar beer? Dollar hot dog? 2 dollar unlimited soda? 25% off in team store?)... I mean, I'm not in it for the crap gift. It's one more think to get lost in the garage. If you're a season ticket holder, and your primary care is not getting a cheap flag or a gym bag, you're probably one of those dude's that gets upset that you missed the free Equifax t-shirt going over your head. And you're a loser.
  5. Are you really complaining over not receiving a cheap duffle bag or a flag which costs .50 cents to make? Dude, relax. I actual thought the packaging was cooler than any gift I actually kept. Moreover, they have our name on it! Looks awesome.
  6. Happy to help. Actually, the entire play call: Grey Texas, F-Left 73 Ghost Tosser would be made in the huddle. The term "Grey" refers when the motion is set to occur once the team breaks the huddle. "Texas" refers to the end-state formation. For example: Matt Ryan gets in the huddle on 2nd and 3 from the New Orleans 44 and makes the aforementioned call. The team would break the huddle in the original formation, and because the motion trigger is "Grey," he would rise up from under center with a hand signal, to set the motion up. The the XYZ, Julio, Ridley, Sanu (assumed based on this package) would bunch to one side of the field. The Saints secondary will not get reset, and Ice throws one up over the top to a streaking Ridley. 42-7 Falcons.
  7. I like United, and even had season tickets last year. They've got a a very deep, loyal, niche following. They are, under no circumstances (or will ever be so long as the MLS stays in the 7-10 league range in the world), ever going to overtake the Falcons. From an optics standpoint, the Falcons send-off parade to Super Bowl 51 was 5x the size of the parade that the United got for winning it. And, while there are a select amount of Atlantans who do deeply, deeply care above United above all else, for most, it's a fun hobby. The MLS Cup Ratings in Atlanta was at an 11.5 The Falcons average regular season rating in town last year was 17.5, down from a 20.1 the year before. Playoff games in 2016-17 drew an average of 31ish. The Super Bowl was in the 50s. The average rating of an ATL UTD game this season is around a 1. Basic multiples imply that sports fans in Atlanta watch and care about the Falcons roughly 17x more than the local soccer team. What makes United fun is the atmosphere, incredibly low ticket prices (and an A+ venue), and the fact it produces an "event like" atmosphere when Football isn't around. It's fun, but once football season kicks off, The United become little more than a score notification until the playoffs. Under no circumstances are they even in the same arena in popularity, value, or social conscious of the Falcons.
  8. So the aforementioned "Red" refers to when the shift would occur. Shifts occur at different times when the team walks up to the LOS. For example, If the play call was indeed, "Red California, F-Left 73 Ghost Tosser," The motion would happen after the first cadence shout by the QB. In the above example, if it was "Grey Texas," the offense would come to the line in the original formation, and would shift into the XYZ bunch on one side of the field on a signal from the QB, that could happen at any point in the cadence.
  9. The answer is "no," but to a lesser degree that some people are pointing out. One of the things I've really admired about this generation of millennial athletes, is their attention to detail, receptiveness to technology and training advancements, as well as their dietary habits. I'm about 4 years younger than Matty Ice, but I remember growing up, no matter what position you played - the training regiment was roughly 75% the same in football, regardless of position. That meant, if you were a QB, you were still doing your ****dest to max out on bench, squat the world, and power clean as much as possible before the start of camp. In hindsight, that didn't make a heck of a lot of sense. Take Tom Brady for example. Instead of trying to be an SI cover model like his wife, he and his trainers (Tom House, same guy Ryan uses now), decided that pliability, having strong stabilizer muscles, and being as lean as possible, is what is most effective. So long are the days where you would do overhead dumbbell press until you couldn't scratch you ear, hello resistance bands and lighter weighted exercise which strengthen the full range of motion in the shoulder. Tom prides himself on the fact that when he "makes a muscle," the bicep remains pretty soft. The key for him is to have pliable muscles, not ones that are stiff and look good. Back in the day, Jerry Rice said he only lifted weights in the first part of summer, then spent the rest of his time doing extraordinary cardio (the "infamous hill), speed and agility drills, and ballet. People laughed at it, but you couldn't argue with the results. 25+ years later, ballet is now referred to as "Pilates" and every skill player in the league does them as a part of their training. My hope is the Falcons are on the leading edge of everything strength/conditioning/flexibility. It prevents injury, and also produces a better football player.
  10. This is true; however, you can skin a cat in several different ways. What you would see here is "packaged" shifts. Where, there would be one more added word to the play call to instruct a motion or shift. For Example: Instead of "F Left - 73 Ghost Tosser," You would add in-front or back the following: Cadence Shift/Motion Language such as: "Yellow" - pre-cadence, "Red" - first call, "Grey" motion signal Motion Shift package: "Arizona" - TE flip, "California" - Z/Y LOS shift, "Texas" Bunch overload XYZ So a final play call would look like: "Red California, F-Left 73 Ghost Tosser." What is often important to note is, The structure of a play-call is laid out in the same order. Meaning, every call would read out: (1) motion summary, (2) package, (3) Side, (4) Route Tree/Run Type, (5) blocking scheme. So, unless you're the QB (or a really savvy player), you are really only listening for a few parts of the call. The other mental work (i.e., if you run an option route and knowing where the coverage is and how the corner is playing you), is another story. But overall, these are schemes that, if it was your day job, most could mentally grasp.
  11. He was with us for all of the wins in '16, minus the SB. I think his best video was actually post-loss. Described what its like to get up off the canvas after a gut-shot like that. The 2017 team had every reason to suck, much like most Super Bowl losers (I think roughly 75% miss the playoffs the season following). But, we ended up very resilient, and were a ball of Neal's knee and a whack set of play calling in Philadelphia from ending back in the NFC Championship. I love the message. I'm very, very excited for this year.
  12. Wonderful post. Very well researched. Steve Young always said that he thought learning and executing Bill Walsh's WCO scheme was more difficult than his time in law school. The amount of information you need to digest for the bar exam is mountainous, so that statement always rang true to me. DQ loves to play fast, and physical. I'd rather our offense execute 100% perfect on half the plays, than being confused. Confusion leads to missed blocks, slower releases, route trees run incorrectly, and turnovers.
  13. Kicker. I have a good enough idea of our team to know that if we avoid key injuries and play our best version of football on offense/defense, we can compete for a title. Bryant was automatic in key situations. That kind of confidence is something that we've been very fortunate to have the past 2 decades as Falcons fans (Jay Feely, aside).
  14. #3 is my worst nightmare. I think there might be something health related to Bryant we aren't seeing, to be perfectly honest. I thought he'd be snatched up almost immediately.