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  1. These are great. The team kept an old-school uniform set, which is awesome. We went to a matte black helmet with a bigger logo, and chrome face mask. It looks great. The white and black uniform sets are incredible. I really, really think they look clean and not too busy. Only gripe is the red to black uniforms. They look absurd. However, the kids in the house like them the best, so, what do we know?
  2. My god, Georgia fans are just thicker in then the clay underneath the stadium. I would riot if we did this.
  3. Are they getting rid of them?
  4. Most of these players are really good guys -, especially on the Falcons. AB has always brought high-character guys on board. I wish Vic all the best, unless as you said, it's in NOLA.
  5. If Hooper walks, this would be an excellent FA addition.
  6. Matt Ryan is more mobile than people give him credit for. He's had multiple 10+ yard scrambles, and above all, doesn't take hits. I will never understand people's hate on this dude. If it wasn't for a litany of team mistakes in Super Bowl LI, he's a sure-fire HOF. I cannot wait 'til this dude lifts the Lombardi and everyone that hates on this dude chokes on their boneless chicken wings.
  7. The Falcons as an organization aren't smart enough to have such a clean, updated, simple, yet strong looking design. With that said, if brilliance did fall upon the Falcons brass to do something like this - I would buy that #2 road jersey post-haste.
  8. Easy way to make everyone happy: (1) Old Logo (2) Classic Look: No weird piping, font, or even **** name on the collar (3) Black. Throw it back. Even though we got waxed on Thanksgiving, our uniforms and field looked bad ***.
  9. I actually believe that. It's kind of scary. That's a complete team (well, not at kicker), that has an all-star head coach. Worried they may end up getting Tua.
  10. He's the worst. Not only is he a troll, he's just plain bad at his job. I hated Terrance Moore. However, at least he was a competent speaker and writer. D. Orlando Ledbetter is none of the above. I actually ponied up to subscribe to the athletic because of this guy. Jason Butt of The Athletic is actually quite good. Insightful, does a weekly mailbag, and covers the team in a professional manner. Him with Schultz, D'OBrien with the Braves, and Chris Kirschner with the Hawks do really good work.
  11. There isn't a single person on planet ******* earth that would take AJ Green over Julio Jones. One has actually won a playoff game, and to be quite frank, Julio's catch in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl on the sideline was going to go down as an all-time play, if it wasn't for Kyle Shannahan. That is an AWFUL argument. I don't think even the most absurd UGA homers would agree with anything you just said.
  12. You can never have enough talent. I think Anthony Edwards and Drummond is the dream offseason. Also think people are sleeping on Reddish. Last night he looked like the most athletic dude on the floor. Can't believe I'm saying this (especially with our record), but this Hawks team is going to be a dang dynasty if we get the right breaks.
  13. This is tough - it comes down to a very simple question: Do you think the roster can be fixed in the next year or 2 and compete for the Super Bowl? There is no wrong answer here. If the answer is "yes," than this isn't even a question. Matt Ryan has played at an elite level since 2016. Years '17, '18, and '19 have shown he's a great player, borderline HOF type guy that can win you a Lombardi with competent blocking and just an average defense. If the answer is "no," then you have no choice but to draft Tua Tagoviloa if he's there. His injury is going to be some team's greatest good fortune, as what I believe is the most talented player to spin a football since Andrew Luck, is entering the draft. The compound to this is, you have to get back at least 2 first rounders for Matt Ryan. If you draft Tua, and walk out of this draft with Grant Delpit and another defensive lineman, I think you're quite plainly looking at 15 years of owning the NFC south. Tua to me is as much of a "can't miss" guy as there is... but Matt Ryan is the best player and Falcons history, and with some roster correction, could lead us to the Super Bowl. My heart says, stay the course and don't overreact. But if this team loses out, you almost have to see what the market is on draft day for Tua Tagoviloa. If we could fleece Denver of a few first-round picks, get Tua and Derrick Brown in round 1, I think you're looking at as strong of a rebuild as you'll ever see. People forget, Matty Ice went 11-5 in year one. There is nothing that would leave me to believe that Tua couldn't come in and do well. My vote stays at "Keep Matt, the greatest Falcon ever." But with the state of our team and current cap situation... if Tua fell into our laps, it would be hard to say "no."
  14. The Falcons are coming off looking like absolute clowns on this. Moreover, the Forbes article mentions something that is a pain point for me on our PSLs that we paid for: why aren't the Atlanta United fans paying a PSL? If they're such great fans, they should have no issue in paying a one-time right to purchase season tickets going forward. A Lower-Level endzone seat for Falcons games is somewhere in the $3K. I'm sure the social justice warriors and starbucks Baristas will have no problem forking over 12 grand to watch their team.
  15. TBQH DQ and his squad were 1-7. These past 2 weeks are great, but, they've got to show this is a consistent thing. I know it's a lot to ask, but with the current slate of opponents coming up, I really do think they need to be winning the remaining games left to keep the boat afloat. Yes, that even means San Francisco. The fanbase needs a desperate shot in the arm. I think to really get people excited about Falcons football again, you've got beat Tampa, and then on national television, embarrass New Orleans again. If we beat Tampa (big if), the Benz will likely resume having a pulse again. The SNF game against Philly was awesome. The Titans, Rams, and Seahawks edition of Falcons football was like going to a morgue. Arthur Blank and these owners, whether they like it or not, are now CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and the PSL holders are their investors. With people having no problem defaulting on their PSLs, the team has a massive problem on its hands. They have got to roll out a football team that on annual basis is challenging for the playoffs. I think they will rise to the occasion.