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  1. They say that special teams coordinators make good head coaches because they are familiar with offense and defense. They also know how to make lemonade out of lemons when it comes to players. Keith Armstrong seems like an excellent candidate because he is very familiar with our roster and it's tendencies. Him and Matt Ryan would probably work well together. Keith Armstrong also is not afraid to chew you out if you mess up as we saw when they were filming our offseason in 2014. I think his personality is perfect. I hope Arthur Blank will strongly consider Keith Armstrong. Do you guys think Keith Armstrong would make a good head coach for the Falcons? Your thoughts?
  2. I can live with it except for cleaning house. Matt Ryan and Julio are Falcons 4 life as they should be. I like stability. Looking back in hindsight we probably should have kept Sark, Armstrong and Manuel. Especially Manuel.
  3. This is the same defensive coordinator that held Peyton Manning and the great Broncos offense to 8 points. This is mostly the same defense players that held Tom Brady to 3 points for 3 almost quarters. It's almost like the NFL is rigged sometimes.
  4. I say we win atleast 3-4 games.
  5. Our defense looks like the 1995-1996 Falcons defense under June Jones. Can't stop the pass.
  6. Everybody loves Julio. Julio proved how valuable he was in the 2016 playoffs. The team was stacked for this year anyways or should have been.
  7. He was interviewed for head coach for the Falcons in 2015 so they did consider him. Teryl Austin was interviewed also so I don't think they interviewed him just because of the Rooney rule. At that time they wanted a defensive minded coach. I admit I don't expect Keith Armstrong to be named head coach but it would be interesting. All the other coaches that might be available don't really excite me. I like the familiarity with Armstrong and the players. He is not a rah rah guy necessarily, he will chew you out if he has to. He is not afraid to raise his voice. My only concern would be like you guys said our special teams were average with him but I would be interested to see if Keith Armstrong would make a good head coach for the Falcons. To see how he would do with offseason moves and scouting. Hopefully Arthur Blank's hiring firm at least takes another look at him.
  8. I can't remember. I think Chris Mortensen might have reported that.
  9. I would definitely prefer to keep Koetter.
  10. What's with all the Keith Armstrong dislike? I think he would make an excellent head coach for the Falcons. He is not afraid to get in your face if you don't play well. He knows our players better than anyone.
  11. Blank said there must be improvement before the bye week.
  12. Thomas Dimitroff is very good with money imo
  13. I hope not. Matt will probably have to throw 50 times because the Rams will probably score 35-45 points.
  14. Dan Quinn chose the players TD signed them.
  15. I realize that we will probably never know the answer to this question unfortunately but do you think Dan Quinn could fix the defense in the 2020 offseason? In 2019 we had to address the offensive line and had to ignore the defensive line. The Falcons could draft a couple of pass rushers maybe get some secondary help in free agency. Cut Vic Bustley and Trucan't. Maybe others. Arthur Blank could tell Falcons fans a coaching change is not needed we'll fix it in the offseason. Make some big splashes in FA to get fans excited and ticket sales back up. Do you guys think DQ and TD could fix the defense in the 2020 offseason? Are there any pass rushers or secondary players that you see that could make an immediate impact you see in the draft or free agency? Your thoughts?
  16. Matt Ryan will have a good day though.
  17. The Dolphins, Redskins and Bengals would love to play us right now fr.
  18. I think he will get fired after the Seahawks game and be fired sometime during the bye week. I'll remember the good times DQ. What do you guys think?
  19. We have had 2 super bowl caliber rosters since Vick. I think he's fine. And we have had players get into trouble. Collins. Hageman.
  20. Our defense is the problem now. Even 2016 Kyle Shanahan would have trouble outscoring our opponents this year the way our defense is playing.
  21. I actually dreamed we lost to the Colts the night before. Then it happened in real life. The Falcons will make your nightmares come true
  22. From what I've heard Mike McCarthy is the leading candidate
  23. Why would he? Most fans wanted Kyle Shanahan gone in 2015.