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  1. That's why I'm afraid to draft a QB. We might get someone injury prone.
  2. Falcons better not lose by double digits again.
  3. I have a feeling the offense is going to do well and jump out to a big lead but we blow it.
  4. The Falcons have Washington's number though. I could see us getting a W. Matt Ryan never lost to Washington.
  5. I pray we don't lose him unless the next Tom Brady or Peyton Manning is available.
  6. He did have a nice touchdown against the saints where he waved all the way to the endzone. That was a great moment.
  7. FIX THE LINES. Extend Matt Ryan. I would only draft a QB if I thought it was the next Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.
  8. I think paying Devonta Freeman (only because he got hurt), drafting Takk McKinley and over paying Beasley. I don't count Julio because at the time it was the right decision to pay Julio.
  9. Harry Douglas who played for him loves the hire. He deserves the benefit of the doubt for at least 3 years.
  10. He doesn't tell us to embrace the suck. But maybe he should have. At least for the beginning. 😂
  11. So far all I've heard about Arthur Smith are negative things. Starting 0-2 will do that. I would like to know what do you like about Arthur Smith's play calling so far? Has Arthur Smith given you any reason at all to be optimistic about our future?
  12. DeShawn Watson is probably the most likely if it happened but would he even want to come here with our line?
  13. If the Falcons continue to lose their is a chance the Falcons look for a younger cheaper QB. But I think Ryan is safe until December 2022.
  14. If we start off 0-8 and our offense is still inconsistent all options are on the table but I think our offense will improve every week.
  15. I'm hoping we can go on a win streak and get a wild card. We have some winnable games coming up.
  16. Carolina should be winnable. Maybe even the Saints. Because of division game
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