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  1. With all of the roster cuts lately you'd think Coleman is gone for sure but now we definitely have the money to resign Tevin Coleman. I personally think Tevin Coleman is well worth the money if we use him to his full potential. He would help give us a better chance to win against teams like Philly, The Patriots, Minnesota or the Jags. Tevin Coleman has some unique talent that we would not be able to easily replace by just drafting someone. In fact I remember Bill Bellicheck and some of the Patriots fans were very concerned because they didn't know how they would stop the Freeman/Coleman duo. We saw that talent when Kyle Shanahan got what he did out of him. (Sark didn't know how to use him). Does any of you think there is a chance the Falcons surprise us and resign Coleman? I personally hope we do.
  2. Who do you guys think will sign Matt Bryant? And assuming Tevin Coleman is gone who do you think will sign Tevin Coleman? I think Matt Bryant will go back to Tampa Bay and be reunited with Keith Armstrong. And I think Tevin Coleman will be reunited with Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco. Your thoughts?
  3. Thats because he went to the Patriots who win every other year. Lol
  4. Gary Kubiak is not an offensive coordinator anymore he is an advisor.
  5. Dan Quinn is a good coach. He knows what he's doing.
  6. 5-1 divsion record for 2019 I predict. Maybe even 6-0!
  7. It actually helps that Koetter coached a division rival for the past 3 years after he left the Falcons because it will help the familiarity between Quinn and Koetter. Not to mention all the players.
  8. Do you guys think the Falcons will be able to fix enough of their issues this off season and in the Draft and in Free agency to be a serious Super Bowl contender in 2019? 1. offensive line 2. defensive line 3. Tevin Coleman's replacement (I personally would resign him.) 4. Any other minor needs that we may have.
  9. I know we all miss Matt Bryant. But how do you guys feel about our new kicker "Italian Ice"? Do you think we can rely on him? I think what happened to the Seahawks in the playoffs (kicker got injured) may have had an impact on FO decision to cut $$$ Matt.
  10. Let Grady walk?! I'd be shocked.
  11. Matt Bosher my boy! GOAT punter
  12. I'm surprised they didn't go after Kareem Hunt or Antonio Brown.
  13. That's probably why Gary Anderson missed vs us in 1998 NFCCG. lol
  14. Especially in a playoff game. Or worse yet the SB.
  15. I have a feeling Matt Bryant is pi$$ed at us for cutting him. He probably wants to kick us out of the playoffs. I can just feel it in my gut. I don't think Alford, Poole or Brooks Reed is bitter but I just have this feeling Matt Bryant is.
  16. As long as we make the playoffs Quinn will be safe. If only Matt Bryant's hammy didn't act up in 2018.
  17. I'm sure Quinn and Dimitroff have a plan.
  18. Freeman was pretty good in 2017 also. But for some reason our offense scored more points when Freeman did not play when Sark was here.
  19. $$$ Matt 100%. Although I was concerned about Matt's injuries.
  20. I hope we keep him. I think we have a much better chance of being successful against defenses like the Patriots, Vikings, Eagles, Jaguars, Titans etc if we have Tevin Coleman.
  21. If you know how to use Coleman he is worth keeping and paying him money. The problem is Sark didn't know how to use him. Kyle did. The question is would Koetter?
  22. How much longer do you guys think Alex Mack will be a Falcon player? Do you think Mack will give us at least 2-3 good solid years? Also do you guys think Muhammad Sanu will be a Falcon in 2019? I personally hope so. He's clutch on 3rd down IMO. Your thoughts?
  23. With a nick name like Italian ice some people must think he's pretty good.
  24. I think one of the reasons our defense struggled in 2018 is because we lost Adrian Clayborn and Dontari Poe. I think our defense lost some of it's toughness. In my opinion The Ravens, Browns and Steelers would not have bullied our defense nearly as badly if we had Poe and Clayborn. My question is do you think losing Dontari Poe and Adrian Clayborn was/is a huge loss? Do you think it will have a major effect on us in the coming years? Or do you think their production is very replaceable?