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  1. We should already be a contender. I wouldn't mind another offensive linemen
  2. Good post. But I would assume that the NFL will probably force every player that tests positive to miss at least 2 weeks of games. So whoever wins the super bowl this year could be the team that's most important players stay covid free. So staying covid free could be the key to winning games and a championship in 2020. The only player on the Falcons I would be concerned about is McGrary with his heart condition.
  3. It seems as though Vic Beasley may be a locker room problem. He didn't show up for Dan Quinn's private training last summer after getting paid. He at times shows lack of effort and energy. He probably made his teammates and coaches angry. How much do you blame Vic Beasley for our defense looking like a complete dumpster fire last year weeks 1-8?
  4. Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions on how to keep the players covid free and safe so we can have a full season? Do you think every player and coach could become a hermit for 4 months? I have no clue how this will work. But I hope we can have an NFL season somehow because the falcons have a championship caliber roster and they do well in election years.
  5. That was because we fired the best coach for him. Plus injuries
  6. Once we fired Reeves the chances of Vick winning us a ring went downhill.
  7. When we had Mike Smith as head coach we did pretty good against AFC teams. When Dan Quinn became our head coach in 2015 we were 3-1 against AFC teams. In 2016 we were 2-3. You could argue we should have won at least 4 of those. Maybe even all 5. (Pick 2 by Berry), missed 58 yard fg by Bryant, and Kyle not running the ball. Then in 2017 we were 1-3 against AFC teams. Probably should have been 3-1. Refs made some bad calls in Bills game. No reason we should have lost to Dolphins. In 2018 we were 0-4. Would have almost most definitely beaten the Bengals if we weren't full of injuries. 2019 we were 1-3 against AFC teams. Would love to have seen how the Raheem Morris defense Falcons would have done against the Texans, Colts and Titans but oh well. It seems to me that Dan Quinn's struggles against AFC teams have been mostly bad luck. Dan Quinn's record against AFC teams should probably be closer to a .500 winning percentage. I feel like we can beat these AFC teams with Dan Quinn with the possible exception of the AFC north.
  8. Possibly. We jumped out to big lead on Niners and Seahawks in 2012. We didn't have an Alford pick 6 those games.
  9. I would love to see a game between the 2016 Falcons and the 2019 Chiefs. Battle of two fire power offenses. I could see this game being a 45-38 type game. 2016 Falcons vs 2019 Chiefs neutral field who ya got winning and final score? (I know the Chiefs beat the Falcons in 2016 but that was right before the Falcons got hot. Plus the Chiefs 2019 pass defense is way more suspect imo.) I say whoever gets the ball last wins.
  10. We probably would have beat Seattle in a close one and scored 50 on GB with their secondary.
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