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  1. The Falcons need a superstar that can take over a game especially in a playoff like atmosphere. I believe that under Arthur Smith, the best of Matt Ryan could still be to come. We could see MVP like Matt Ryan again and more consistently. Kyle Pitts or Calvin Ridley could become that guy. One of our young defensive players could become that guy. Hopefully the new coaching staff will have the players more confident and believing in each other.
  2. The pandemic off-season certainly didn't help. This Falcons team always started slow anyways so they needed all the off-season preparation they could get.
  3. The Falcons were always up and down under Dan Quinn. They could lose to the worst team in the NFL one week and beat the best team in the NFL a few weeks later.
  4. Hawks and Falcons need to win a championship in 2021 to achieve that
  5. Our defensive ranking went up a lot for awhile when Ulbrich took over. The 2 games against the bucs knocked us back down though.
  6. I blame that one on Ben K. He was supposed to be one of the better special teams coordinators from Washington.
  7. Not necessarily. A super bowl contending team wouldn't want a Julio Jones wanting to be traded distraction.
  8. I think the Falcons added some secondary help in FA. Guys I've never heard of. Hopefully they are a pleasant surprise.
  9. The Falcons defense always played well towards the end of the season under Dan Quinn. I'm not exactly sure what that indicates.
  10. Sounds like Arthur Blank may have hit a home run with the new coaching staff and GM. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  11. I'm thinking Fowler or Davidson could have a good year this year. Hopefully both.
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