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  1. I do think we should bring in a good veteran QB when Matt Ryan retires.
  2. Devonta Freeman laughed at them on Twitter it appears.
  3. Fred Taylor and Jones Drew were
  4. Dirk Koetter gonna make people eat their words this year.
  5. Yep. Dante Fowler wanted him to come with him.
  6. I think that Gurley will be a nice receiving weapon out of the backfield also.
  7. How do you think Dirk Koetter will try to use Todd Gurley?
  8. you'll get used to them. They aren't a whole lot different than anything we've ever worn.
  9. They kind of did in 2012. They jumped out to big leads on the Seahawks and Niners in the playoffs and looked dominat but couldn't hold on.
  10. I just wanted to revisit the topic based on the moves we've made and the money we've spent and could have spent.
  11. I'd like to revisit the Austin Hooper move. Do you think that we did the right thing letting Hooper walk? Do you think it's a decision that we will likely regret? Or do you think it's a decision we will look back and say that was a good move?
  12. Do you expect them to run the ball more? Do you think the offensive line will play better? How do you expect Koetter to use his weapons such as Ridley, Treadwell, Gurley and Hurst in 2020? Finally how many points per game do you expect our offense to put up. I personally expect a good 28-30 points per game.
  13. Maybe after we win one.... If that ever happens