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  1. With Bruce Irvin helping the D line nobody is gonna wanna play the Falcons in the playoffs.
  2. Just about
  3. He best be back against the Saints.
  4. We would still be alive. We would just have to literally run the table which if we got past the Saints wouldn't be impossible.
  5. 2 questions. 1. How much of an impact will Deion Jones' absence be against the Dallas Cowboys this week? And 2. Will he play against the Saints?
  6. Not necessarily. We scored 15 vs Philly. We had a few clunkers with Kyle
  7. We honestly should win by at leady 2 touchdowns. We are at home. We are angry. Our offense should score at least 30-35.
  8. If we lose this game we midas well just not bring him back because we won't make the playoffs.
  9. Which Falcons team will show up vs The Cowboys on Sunday? Will our offense have it's way with the Cowboys defense? Will Bruce Irvin and the D Line find it's groove? Can we contain Elliott? Who wins and what will the final score be? I think the Falcons will jump out to a big lead and never look back. 38-17 Falcons win.
  10. Thank goodness.
  11. He signed a 3 year deal
  12. That's one player though. That doesn't mean Matt Ryan or Julio or Vic Beasley or Grady or Takk took the Browns lightly.
  13. We did dominate the best AFC team of all time for 3 quarters. But we had 2 weeks to prepare for them. By next season Dan Quinn will have played every AFC team once so hopefully that will help.
  14. I been a Falcons fan since the early 90's and I remember the Falcons always being a team that if they made the playoffs we were happy. 1998 gave us hope but felt more like a fluke tbh. When Mike Vick got here we could never get past Philly or NE. (Same as today but I think we are capable of beating Philly or NE now). I never really saw us as a true Championship contender until 2012 and 2016 until Matt Ryan retires.