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  1. How do you guys think the 3-4 defense will effect us in the future? I was impressed with the 2017 defense because they played very well in the playoffs against high powered offenses. Basically if we scored 20 points we would win. Do you guys think the 3-4 defense will make our defense better than we've seen in a long time? In what ways do you think it will help? What are your concerns about it?
  2. that one game could be the difference between making the playoffs, winning the division, getting a first round bye etc. There is no reason why they should have laid a giant stink egg like that. They should have at least been competitive.
  3. special teams lol.
  4. We still have 15 weeks left. Our offense and defense have not played well so far. Which unit do you have the most faith in going into the next 15 games our offense or our defense? Which unit do you think has a better chance to be a top 5-10 unit for the next 15 games?
  5. He must be healthy if they gave him a fat contract.
  6. Dirk is a pass happy coordinator and does well against Philly.
  7. The last time they played in Atlanta I remember Julio carved them up pretty good. We scored 26. Had trouble getting in the end zone but Matt looked really good.
  8. Matt Ryan should be able to pick apart that secondary.
  9. Hopefully we can learn how to beat these physical teams like the other finesse teams like NE, GB, No, do.
  10. Did not play together during preseason as a group.
  11. The schedule makers did not do us any favors week 1 and 2
  12. Matt Ryan plays much better during even years.
  13. 3-1 vs AFC South 2015 and 2011
  14. I think we need to give the Falcons 2 more seasons because of all the new coordinators. It's not good to keep firing coaches every year.