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  1. What do you think the Raiders defense biggest weakness are and how should we attack them?
  2. What do you think the chances are that Arthur Blank and Rich McKay will try to hire a big name head coach such as a Tony Dungy, Jimmy Johnson or a Bill Cowher on a long term deal with lots of control like the Raiders did with Jon Gruden? I'm not sure how many potential big names are a realistic possibility. But they may try to make an offer that someone with elite coaching status can't refuse. Perhaps Arthur Blank will swing for the fences. Your thoughts?
  3. Raheem can still finish strong but I think he needs a new offensive coordinator for his resume no doubt.
  4. It's being said there is a possibility Rick Smith former GM of Houston could become our new GM. Who on the potential head coach list do you think that Rick Smith would most likely want to hire as head coach?
  5. You do realize that Dirk almost got us to a super bowl in 2012. He stink today though
  6. This gives us a chance to speculate how much the coaching change to Raheem Morris made a difference. How much of the problem was DQ.
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