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  1. How long do you guys think Dan Quinn will most likely be the defensive coordinator for the Falcons if the defense plays well in 2019? I actually think that Dan Quinn being our defensive coordinator increases our chances of winning a Superbowl. Is this most likely just a one year thing? Or a 2-3 years or possibly more thing? And are you guys excited about Dan Quinn being the defensive coordinator?
  2. I honestly think if we would have beaten the Cardinals we would have made the SB that year.
  3. The Saints have benefited a lot from bad officiating over the years. I heard the 2009 NFCCG vs the Vikings was one in particular although I didn't see that game.
  4. Wow. I know you're a long time Falcons fan. If you can think of any from way back in the 80's or 90's feel free to post it.
  5. I live In VA so I only see about 3-5 Falcons games a year.
  6. That actually helped us because we got a pick 6 by Robert Alfrord on that drive.
  7. Bad officiating is a hot topic right now. I would like to know is there any Falcons games you can recall over the years where the Falcons won a game or lost a game because of bad officiating? It can be a playoff game or regular season game. It can be recent or a game that took place way back in the day. The most obvious one toe was the 2016 Richard Sherman PI on Julio Jones that was not called against the Seahawks. The 2012 NFCCG was controversial also on the Roddy White play.
  8. The Falcons have not played a game without Matt Ryan since 2009 so we don't know for sure how well they would play without him. Hopefully we will never ever find out until Matt Ryan retires.
  9. I wish we could get bill bellicheck as our head coach to work with Matt Ryan.
  10. I thought that Duper, Clayton and Keith Jackson were solid. Defense seemed average. Great coaches.
  11. I'm still sick the Falcons lost to the Patriots in the SB
  12. Jim Kelly did the no huddle a lot. Matt Ryan would do very well on the 90's Bills.