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  1. Where do you think Alex Mack will most likely land next year? My gut feeling is that the Falcons will try to bring him back but a different team will offer him more money. Possibly San Francisco. What do you guys think?
  2. Who do you predict will be the Falcons starting running back next year that will hopefully give Matt Ryan relief?
  3. It can be offense or defense. It can be more than one player. I'm going to say Fowler, Davidson and Oliver on defense. Matt Ryan, Hayden Hearst and Julio Jones on offense. I think Julio will get more Touchdowns and Matt will play close to like he did in 2016 by seasons end.
  4. We should be in a good spot by 2022. Hopefully Pees stays at least 3 years.
  5. A new coaching staff and front office definitely gives us hope we could actually have a good pash rush since forever.
  6. Is their anyone in this year's draft class or in free agency that you think that the Falcons should try to sign to help the Falcons pass rush? What do you think the Falcons need to do to improve their d line in 2021?
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