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  1. Dan Quinn was the man. He was destined to be the coach that got us our first SB, but we all know how that turned out. I think his time is up and our window is closed. Is that all his fault? Nah, but will it be time for a change if we screw the pooch again? Yeah.
  2. Yeah I didn't quite understand this one either.
  3. Yeah I know. They're optimistic if nothing else... Can't knock em for that I guess.
  4. Yeah. Good players elevate average/bad ones. That is true. I'd take PFF's word (guys paid to watch every football game from every week, from every season, multiple times) over the armchair QBs here. Time will tell though.
  5. Didn't take long lol... What? 3 minutes?
  6. Can't help but feel like we're keeping the wrong one... Hope I'm wrong.
  7. Thats my QB... In and above some pretty elite company.
  8. The Patriots have a great QB, a well rounded football team and the greatest coach of all time. We have a great QB.
  9. Such a cool dude. Super down to earth. If you guys want to come hang with him and chat come through - https://www.twitch.tv/kurtbenkert
  10. I'm sitting here just trying to come up with the reasoning for any of this... So dumb. Like the dude has a hot girlfriend. More money than he could ever spend. Attractive women probably throw themselves at him just based on his bank account... First the girls gotta be 40 years younger. Then they need to be underage. Then they need to be shipped here in a box from wherever... Its never enough. And yeah, he'll probably will lose the Pats for this.
  11. He definitely is. He and his wife pretty much said on Twitter that they didn't understand it.
  12. He'd better be. Kicker has never been a problem for us. Hope it doesn't become one.
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