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  1. At least we sent MBS off well.
  2. MIN is whooping MIA 21-0 so the miracle playoff dream is over anyway.
  3. All that for a FG... So awful in the red zone.
  4. Yeah, this team has absolutely quit.
  5. All the coordinators MUST go. They have to be the reason for this.
  6. ROFL Cardinals having their way with us. What is going on man?
  7. Its amazing how far this team has fallen with the same personnel. Depressing.
  8. Really have to make an effort to bring Sanu back. He's the only option on 3rd down.
  9. Greeeeeaaaat... Rhonde Barber....
  10. Ill be here until they're mathematically eliminated. Probably after too. Who am I kidding.
  11. I just came here to say Sark would have called run on that last TD instead of pass and we would have lost that game lol.
  12. I actually just looked at ticketmaster and the prices are anywhere from 28-338 right now. People can go, they just don't want to.
  13. And yeah, then there's this.
  14. Thank you for breaking that down for me. That being said, I think a lot of people on these boards and maybe in the city would have no interest in going even if the price was 10 dollars a seat. The attitude (from where I'm standing) appears to be "if you ain't winning, **** you.".
  15. If you don't like my threads stop riding my **** and showing up in every one of em. Clown ***.