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  1. Ridley eats because of Julio, when Julio retires (Insert Future#1 draft pick receiver here) will eat because of Ridley.
  2. Don't forget about the Vapor elites...they are the closet thing to what the players wear..everything stitched...will cost you $325 though. Probably wont be available for sale for a few weeks.
  3. yeah, I saw that July date. I checked the Suckaneers new jerseys and they wont ship until September 15th! lol
  4. I would imagine as we get closer to the season there will be more options. I want an elite and those aren't available yet either.
  5. yes. embroidered graphics and slightly better fit.
  6. Should be the vapor or the elite. Not 100% sure about the vapor tho...
  7. Once they leaked, they had no choice but to reveal them.
  8. I would pair the gradient jersey with the red pants.......I suck at Photoshop but it would look something like this:
  9. Not to mention, there will be additional give-a-ways during the season. Make sure you take advantage of your PSL rights and privileges... Priority Tickets to other dome events...Ability to secure playoff tickets...discounts on falcons gear...etc. Not to mention the opportunity to experience MB stadium and everything it has to offer the entire season. There will be some that NEVER get the opportunity to step foot inside of the building. And For 10 weeks out of the year (Hopefully 12 with the playoffs) you'll get to do just that. Those memories will last a lifetime long after those duffel a
  10. They are repainting the field again today, and they are painting the "Falcon" facing the Visitors side again. I really hope they haven't decided to switch the home side...I will be really pissed based on where I bought my PSL
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