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  1. But the likelihood that you’ll actually get a check for $125 is increasingly slim — because the more people who sign up, the less money each person gets. In fact, there’s only room for 248,000 people to get that amount.

    If 1 million people ask for the money, they’ll be eligible for just $31 each.

    If every single one of the 147 million affected people sign up, they’ll be looking at 21 cents.

    See, while Equifax has agreed to a $700 million settlement — compare to its revenue of $880 million last quarter alone — it’s technically only a $425 million settlement as far as affected consumers are concerned, with the rest of the money going to pay penalties.

    And of that $425 million, it turns out only a paltry $31 million is actually set aside for those individual $125 cash payments — the rest is all for free credit monitoring, reimbursements, or if you could somehow miraculously prove you actually suffered identity theft as a result of the breach.


    I signed up thanks, but the chances of us getting a free Jersey out of it seem slim to none!



  2. 4 hours ago, 11=team said:

    Yes I can tell from your 17 post that you're a veteran Falcon fan.  You expect appreciable long term value from #6 over #8 but the Browns destroyed that model years ago.  Their #1 overall pick last year is doing everything he can to avoid another losing season-  have you asked "why"?  because talent assessment, team needs, team chemistry, and team wins are  far more important than who has the higher overall pick..  Only one team gets to lift the Lombardi but every team is accountable to their fan base for their seasons W-L results.

    2017 Browns had the #1 pick, Giants had the #2 pick, and Jet's the #3 pick...forget playoffs which of those teams have a winning record this year?  "Let's lose our way to success" is not a good strategy my friend.

    Lmao so because I have 17 posts means that I’m not a veteran falcon fan or makes me less of a fan than you? That’s as delusional as your thought process that us having a 7-9 record will do anything for next season other than picking in the teens vs top 5. 



  3. 26 minutes ago, Bobby.Digital said:

    We were in disarray during the 2nd half of the 2015 season, how did we follow that up?

    Does anyone have proof that how you finish a season has any correlation to how you start and finish the next or are people just making **** up to prove their point? 

    Also seems like people have different take on what tanking is. Some think you want your team to throw the game. But most of us who are supporting "tanking" really just want us to lose. Not for the players or coaching staff to intentionally throw the game. 

    This whole winning going in to the off-season helps with the following season is idiotic nonsense.  Football has one of the highest turnovers from year to year for a team.  Our team as a foundation might be the same but that's about it.  Winning at the end of this season will have no bearing whatsoever how we do next season other than giving DQ some doubt on whether to make some coaching changes in the off-season.  

    I didn't want the falcons to get blown out but i wanted them to play a good game and lose on the last play or drive.  Pretty much how our season has played out.

  4. 15 hours ago, 11=team said:

    There's not a serious fan who attends Falcons games or has a vested interest in this team who wants them to tank for a stupid chance at getting two or three draft chances higher.   


    22 minutes ago, falcon1fan said:

    Thats not true. Ive been a serious fan since the 80s, been to several games, and havent missed one on broadcast in years. That said 2 games ago i was all for tanking. We arent talking 2 or 3 places were talking top 5 to maybe mid round which could be 10-12 places. If youre going to tell me that many places dont change things id say you couldnt be more wrong. Ive seen enough pointless wins and moral victories to last id like to be in the best possible position to draft the best possible players.


    Um I am a serious fan (section 134 PSL holder) and I was at the game rooting for the cardinals to win in my #45 Deion Jones jersey.  Not by a blow out but 3 points would have made me one happy TRUE SERIOUS FALCON FAN who is INVESTED.  A top 6 pick isn't a guarantee but the value being that high up and the chances of it panning out over a top 15 pick is worth tanking.  A stupid chance? lol if we lost the cardinals and panthers game we would be sitting at the 4-5 spot versus where we are currently.  Once our season was over winning any more games was pointless.  This season was a loss and now its even more of a loss now that we are picking out of the top 10.  Getting a top 5 pick would have helped with the ****** season this team had.  I could care less for winning going into the offseason.  A 7-9 without making the playoffs is worse than a 5-11 season in my eyes as a SERIOUS FAN. I only care about winning and having a top 5 draft pick gives us better chances than a top 15.


  5. 3 hours ago, falconsfansrus said:

    I have 8 seats in the club, section 211 right at the 50 yard line. I’ve been a season ticket holder for many years...I supported the Falcons even right after MV7 when we we were not good and there were a lot of empty seats at the Dome. I have not missed a game in many years...I paid 80k for my PSL, plus 30 K for season tickets...110K for the first year...


    Lol. The pictures you post show empty seats in the club sections. Since you’ve spent all that money you should know that club seat holders get access to club amenities.  All those empty seats belong to club seat holders.. guess where they are?? In the **** stadium just not in their seats. Since you were at the game you should have been able to hear how loud it got. I’ve been to every game this season and I’d say it was top 3 in terms of atmosphere.  1. Packers, 2a Saints 2b Panthers. 



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