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  1. After witnessing 6/7 superbowls over the span of 2 decades.. I wouldn't care if the falcons became the browns for the next 50 years.
  2. Bro.. this isn't about US.. this is about the Patriots. TATP: Talk About The Patriots
  3. 8 freebies from playing in the AFC south plus 3-8 wins each year due to the refs.. yeah that's it. in all seriousness, why do you even bother watching if you're convinced it's fixed?
  4. Head up my ***? Bro I'm agreeing with you. They've been gifted with 8 wins each year from playing in the AFC East.
  5. I'm just sayin.. they've been gifted 8 wins each year thanks to them playing in the AFC east. 8 = 2 wins vs. Miami + 2 wins vs. Jets + 2 wins vs. Bills + 2 wins vs. Patriots.
  6. Wow, belichick coaches a well disciplined team.. big shocker there. They've been top 5/10 in least penalized teams each year for the past 15 years.
  7. Lol pretty sure I've been here long than you. I just don't partake in the salt festivals.
  8. For calling a catch a catch? Lol. FYI I got banned for calling someone a fish, so be careful.
  9. Lmao. These are MY boards. It was a catch. That is all.
  10. We were talking about the catch that the poster claimed hit the ground.
  11. Lol clearly the Jags didn't find that play worth challenging.
  12. Did y'all see the the hold on that play? Wow.
  13. That's def a catch lol. Take your anti-patriot colored glasses off.
  14. Really? I've seen the Jaguars do the same and not get penalized.
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