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  1. After witnessing 6/7 superbowls over the span of 2 decades.. I wouldn't care if the falcons became the browns for the next 50 years.
  2. Bro.. this isn't about US.. this is about the Patriots. TATP: Talk About The Patriots
  3. 8 freebies from playing in the AFC south plus 3-8 wins each year due to the refs.. yeah that's it. in all seriousness, why do you even bother watching if you're convinced it's fixed?
  4. Head up my ***? Bro I'm agreeing with you. They've been gifted with 8 wins each year from playing in the AFC East.
  5. I'm just sayin.. they've been gifted 8 wins each year thanks to them playing in the AFC east. 8 = 2 wins vs. Miami + 2 wins vs. Jets + 2 wins vs. Bills + 2 wins vs. Patriots.
  6. Wow, belichick coaches a well disciplined team.. big shocker there. They've been top 5/10 in least penalized teams each year for the past 15 years.
  7. Lol pretty sure I've been here long than you. I just don't partake in the salt festivals.
  8. For calling a catch a catch? Lol. FYI I got banned for calling someone a fish, so be careful.
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