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  1. Maybe if those MVP candidates were smart enough to not try to be a hero for one measly play, they wouldn't have been injured and had a chance to play 16 games this season.
  2. Amendola would be insulted by this thread, but instead he's destroying Ms. Universe. You are forgiven. Also he's killing the playoffs as usual, NBD
  3. that was amazing
  4. Tuck Rule - ok, i understand that. New England still had to earn their way to the super bowl that year. Most people forget that, especially Oakland fans. Fast forward to SB 42 when they almost went 19-0. Plenty of holding on the Giants on that helmet catch play, nothing called. That wasn't exactly favorable for the patriots. Lets discuss the ridiculous OPI calls on Gronk all year long, most of which were utter BS. Or we can talk about that Carolina game in 2013 that ended in a Patriots loss, flag on the ground when the game hit 0:00, and then the refs just picked it up and ended the game after Gronk was severely held. Some questionable holding calls at the end of the Carolina game this year which helped them get to FG range to give the Patriots the L. The patriots have had plenty of calls not go in their favor. Unless you are a patriots fan, you either don't know or don't remember calls that go against them, which is fine. But know your ignorance instead of trying to prove facts with a highly broad and non-specific statement. This isn't directed at you, but since Sunday the only thing everyone is saying is that the refs are in on it and the Patriots only get favorable calls. Just another bs controversy made by grown *** men who are turning the NFL into a soap opera. People don't have any shame. I'd be embarrassed if I was crying on TV or on the internet talking about the refs playing favorites or saying that the patriots are cheaters. I would literally be so embarrassed of myself.
  5. Correct. The original post said "was this a hold" so i referenced it as such, but yes that is PI all day long.
  6. I'm not saying this as a bias to the pats, just to preface this post. I'll be re-watching the game a couple times and I'll definitely keep a closer eye on the physicality of the game. The patriots are not, and have never been, a very intense smash mouth defense. Jacksonville came to play yesterday, and I think its common sense to say that when you have that level of intensity and physicality of the game, you have a bigger chance of being penalized. The patriots defense has always been less aggressive, and they are probably more conditioned to know what they can/cannot get away with . Like mentioned previous in this thread, there could be flags literally on every play. Its going to be up to the refs to determine when those flags should be thrown, and given the patriots reputation with understanding the rules and pushing the envelop, i wouldn't be surprised if the entire team knows up until what threshold they have before they get a flag. That would fall in line with the preparation that BB has build in the past almost 2 decades. Now i'm not going to sit here like a pats homer and say "hey, the pats played cleaner that must be the answer" but at the same time, just because the result of penalties were highly in favor of the patriots is not factual evidence that the refs missed 6 penalties that the Jags could have benefited from equally. Folks can't just say that the patriots got no calls without looking at each play and finding obvious reasons for concern. If they earned not getting penalized a lot, that should be recognized. What I would love to see, for both teams, are the questionable actions that weren't called. The holding non-call above on the pats is a great example, as well as the non-call PI on Gronk.
  7. Agree 100%. But I think folks need to know that these calls go both ways. That PI that wasn't called on Gronk could have easily turned into a scoring play just like the screenshot you posted above. What most doesn't realize that on the field in real time, is a lot more difficult than having 80 cameras with pausing capabilities. While I'm not happy with a lot of the play calling this year, its a lot easier to hit pause than it is to be on the field and catch every single split second play that "could" be a flag. Plenty of holding calls that weren't called on the Jag's O Line in the first half. That certainly helped Bortles moved up and down the field. But at what point do we just say "fvck it" and realize that all this controversy does is cause useless speculation. You are right, it is hard to get momentum when there is a bad call (or no call) late in the game. The same happens when you have a turnover, cough cough. That Lewis fumble was a dagger to the team. Idk what to say other than the patriots fought and earned their points when they really needed it. The call to kneel at the end of the half was probably 100x worse than a couple missed calls against the pats. You lead your team to lie down and not fight? The Jags 2nd half performance is a lot more alarming than the missed calls, and I blame soft coaching for that. Waste 55 seconds with 2 time out, then lets ease back with zone coverage. The Jags had zero business being in that game if their 2nd half game plan wasn't "pedal to the medal" regardless of the score.
  8. Since you have this on demand take the same screenshot of the PI on Gronk that wasn't called. At the end of the day a few "missed calls" (that have gone in both directions) will not determine the outcome of the game. In the 4th quarter the patriots made clutch plays and the jaguars couldn't convert. Was it the refs fault that the Jags decided to lay down at the end of the 1st half? 55 seconds and 2 time outs left and you decide to kneel the ball? Against the Patriots? Are you serious? Is it the refs fault that Jacksonville decided to play more zone coverage when they had a lot of success in the 1st half playing man? The jags had 2 first downs in the 2nd half and couldn't convert on 3rd downs. The refs allowed the teams to play which they should. The PI call on Ramsey was legit, even Ramsey admitted that on camera after the game. The helmet to helmet on gronk was legit as well. I'm really baffled at how much controversy there is on this game. When flags are thrown, you hear "let them play." When they aren't thrown, then there is a conspiracy. Unreal lol.
  9. I find posts like this interesting because its always a great way to discuss factual evidence to try to understand one's views. The Lewis fumble yesterday "could have" gone both ways. He bobbled the ball on the way down and secured it against his side as he hit the ground. They kept the call as a fumble. Completely fine. Now, don't you think this would have been a great opportunity for the refs to have a good reason to over turn the call and call Lewis down? Lastly, there was a couple of PI calls on gronk/cooks that were legit, obvious, and not called. There are questionable calls against the patriots, but I think they fly under the radar more than most would realize. Gronk's been called for questionable offensive PI all season long. This doesn't seem to be a concern when discussing penalties by the patriots. I'm not saying whether or not they get more calls that favor them. But it isn't 100% lopsided like majority of people are proclaiming, that is for certain.
  10. hahaha my bad, i thought someone was trying to make it look like he was doing the same thing to the vikings. anyways, got the joke now, karma is a b****
  11. Edited because i'm dumb lol
  12. Most patriot fans do not deserve this kind of success with the arrogance they have up here in the northeast. Brady on the other hand is turning out to be a cult leader lol. Come back down to earth dude. 2-Pac - Hit'em Up - one of his best songs
  13. Hahahah same one I posted. Dying right now. Absolutely dying lol