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  1. the folks over in KC think that brady was wire tapped and was recording whatever commentary he could get lol
  2. while i agree its childish, i don't think the 2016 loss is the same. there wasn't some ridiculous call at the end that was/wasn't called. Helen Keller would have called that PI. I've always taken the "if it comes down to one call, play better next time" but this was a tough pill to swallow for the saints and their fans.
  3. It’s ok the huge story will be when America’s most hated team beats the Vikings but their own turf, and the Vikings will be the new nationwide story lol (joking... i mean I hope that happens but the pats have a tough game ahead)
  4. Made observations, even a comparison. Again, I didn’t come in here telling you guys how to act. Anyways, as I mentioned before. Carry on. My posts weren’t an attempt to troll and now that I have very good understanding of the rivalry I can get a few chuckles at these threads instead of my original “these people kidding me?” reaction
  5. I’m the very few non troll non Atlanta fan here, also I wasn’t telling anyone how to act, please quote one of my posts if you think I told anyone how to act. I did however state an observation about all the threads popping up FWIW I am a Matt Ryan fan considering he went to Boston
  6. Notice how everyone else on here besides you responded to me calmly and with respect. Let me make it a little clearer for you. When the Jets beat the patriots back in the 2010 divisional round, and then lost in the AFCCG, the patriots forum was not flooded with dozens of treads celebrating the loss of the jets. Given your immediately hostility towards me (this isn’t the first time) I think it’s safe to say that the behavior on this board is a tad different than the ways I would handle myself. But you keep on fighting that good fight brother
  7. Haha ain’t that the truth. I didn’t come to this forum right after the sb so I didn’t see what it was like with the saints fans. I’m sure they won’t be coming around here for a while that’s for certain lol
  8. It’s more of a behavioral thing. This forum just turned into a support group claiming they are healed by the saints loss. Granted, it’s a forum. I don’t take everyone’s post seriously. It is entertaining though. Carry on gents