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  1. It was a bad metaphor, i was simply trying to say that his decision making is usually a crap shoot. As far as the BB/Quinn debate. Not my intention at all to compare the two. I only brought it up because the patriots were mentioned in the past. BB, even 15 years ago, had the memory of an elephant and his decisions as a coach were always driven by statistics and probability. Without making it personally about BB, i think this is a key factor in football IQ and a necessity to become an elite head coach. You need to know what your chances are, and you need to have behavioral instinct, to increase your odds of making the right decision. Hopefully that comes in time for Quinn, as well as many other coaches in the NFL.
  2. The whole topic is laughable. They haven't been good in a while until now, you'd think any reasonable fan would still have some humble traits considering their crappy recent history. Its like the Jets ragging on the patriots after a loss. Lol sorry who are you?? Move along now children haha. Anyways, you guys have the best division in the NFL.... awesome games coming up the next couple weeks.
  3. I think everyone needs to understand what statistics prove in situations like last night. What is your best probability of avoiding points to be had and what sort of risk is worth taking. The Saints are historically good with 4th and 1, they were easily moving the ball right down the field on that last drive, so getting on that ball quickly to convert 4th down looked very simple and honestly, for them, it probably was. It wasn't worth the risk of declining the penalty and every single head coach across the league would probably agree regardless of the outcome. If it was 4th and 3, completely different story. But given the circumstances, you have a better chance statistically taking the 10 yards and putting them in a position to gain 11 yards for a 1st down. If they don't convert, well then you still made the right choice because they aren't any closer to the endzone, and you have an opportunity to make them miss a 52yd FG if they don't convert anything on 3rd and 11. This is logistics. Stats > heat of the moment decisions and having balls on the field. Its decisions like these where Quinn never takes the "better to be safe than sorry" approach. While the INT was his saving grace, lets be real here... that wasn't supposed to happen. It was a forced throw into really tight coverage, they had time to run a couple more plays, and a bad throw. I'm not saying the Falcons got lucky, it was a great pick, but i don't think that throw should have happened in the first place. Its good that you capitalized on the INT, but its Quinn's fault that Brees even had the opportunity to putting the ball in the endzone. I would still be concerned with the decisions he makes going forward. He doesn't weigh out risk/return well.
  4. how many saints fans on this board will actually see/respond to this thread?
  5. Agree with your post, but I'll say one thing... Quinn has his fair share of mistakes, so for him to come down hard on players when he makes catastrophic mistakes would make tensions across the team a lot higher. His decision to decline holding call in the 4th was a very very foolish thing to do. The saints have a good reputation with 4th and 1, not to mention if you dropped them back 10 yards it would have made the FG kick a bit more difficult. Forgot what the yardage was, but it wasn't a chip shot. That 10 yards would have been huge if Brees didn't complete an 11 yard pass. That INT saved his ***, but i don't think that **** call should be ignored. Its hard to be a leader when you are the one making really uneducated decisions. Its like he's putting all his money on black when the table is rolling a red. Idk what it is, but he just doesn't make well calculated decisions under stressful situations. I don't want to compare him to belichick because that wouldn't be fair. BB makes some mistakes but when he does, and he addresses it, he gives calculated and detailed statistics as to why he thought his call would work in his favor, and then he learns from it. With Quinn, a lot of his bad calls all fall under the "wtf are you kidding me" umbrella. Regardless of it being the patriots and BB having the personality of liver cancer, the "Do Your Job" videos really show you how razor sharp he is and how incredible his memory is. Head coaches need to be articulate like this to succeed.
  6. Moron call for not taking the penalty
  7. Lol 24 new posts in the time it took me to type my last post. Watch the game! Lol
  8. Can anyone actually keep up with this thread or do most posts end up in the past pages of no mans land?
  9. Thanks for the link... the missed calls are getting worse by the week, thats for certain.
  10. What calls were/weren't made during the second half of the SB?
  11. My fans? Who are my fans? I would expect an admin to have a more mature approach to a member of the board. I'm not expecting open arms, i'm expecting a civil conversation considering this is a public FORUM. You are right, by my standards no one did cross the line, and neither have I. But that's cool Mr. Admin... you can come in as the parent of this site and tell me not to call anyone pansies when all I get is mocked and ridiculed for bringing up a topic. Double standard much? You can include yourself in the group of people on there that go ape-sh** when they see a patriots fan is on board, regardless of the context of my posts. There are a couple good members on here that address me without prejudice, you, and many others, can learn from them. Let me guess, is this response ban-worthy? You clearly haven't seen my posts. And if you are talking about the "28-3" comment i made yesterday, that was the first time i ever made any joke relating to the super bowl on here, ever. Also the patriots board sucks.
  12. I'm actually not getting "hurt" like all of you people always resort to. Its like pulling out the race card on here. I open up the door to a debate regarding to the topic of this thread and all you people do is mock me or say i'm butt hurt. Yea, grow a pair, thicken up your skin. I address everyone here with respect... its ok we can have a civil conversation. Christ lol
  13. I enjoy challenging the skewed opinions of the patriots/brady ever so often. But, other than that, this board has some good insight on the Falcons and information on the NFC South which is the best division in the league so far. But lets be honest, majority of this board are a bunch of pansies that get all ruffled when they see they are talking to a patriots fan. Yea, i asked a few legitimate questions. If you dont like it, I don't care. I didn't toss out any personal digs to anyone, and although i've always address all of you falconettes with respect (until now) the trend on this board is to respond with sarcasm and passive aggressive comments once you find out i'm a patriots fan. You guys act like a ex gf of mine. And sure enough, as respectful as I try to remain, you guys do not disappoint. And im butt hurt? lol nah, not even close Oh come on give me a break I was teasing and apologized in the same post. I'm sure many others have trolled a LOT more than that one post. Anyways, carry on gents. The whole "its a patriots fan lets mock him" is getting old and, well.. lazy. You are all the same lol. You need some north east thick skin thats for certain
  14. Ohhh someone is triggered. I understand things can be difficult and all with the hangover and being on the cusp of missing the playoffs this year. My apologies if i struck a nerve. Clearly for you to say that, you must have invested some time looking into my post history. I envy the free time you have, but not exactly the way you decide to spend it. Flattering a bit though, thank you!
  15. ........... sorry no clue how/why that response happened that many times