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  1. Love what the Falcons did there of course. But in all seriousness, can we appreciate just how great this scene was? Easily the best of the series.
  2. Probably 0 - 8. Then we'll win out at the end of the season.
  3. Henderson is the likely trade up candidate at 8-10. I just hope we don't have to give up a 1st next year to get there. If we have to get into the business of trading future firsts, I'd just assume going for the home run in Chase Young.
  4. With TD and DQ's jobs pretty much on the line this year - I don't see them drafting a player who's going to be sitting on the bench close to 100% of the time. They need players who will be playing and impacting the game now - not 3 years from now. With that said, I'm not sure about the McKay affect on all of this.
  5. Oatmeal and coffee. Thanks for asking.
  6. It's the middle of a pandemic, I'm barely leaving the house, there are no sports on, and you want to complain about people discussing a Falcons draft rumor, on a Falcons message board, on Page 10 of a thread about Tua? Grow up.
  7. This will probably get lost in all the chicken talk, but the quote from the Falcoholic (per Ian Rapoport) on this was: "On Complex’s Load Management podcast, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport called Thomas Dimitroff “strangely interested” in quarterbacks this year and suggested that the Falcons could jump up in the first round to take one. putting them in the same class as the Brady-less Patriots and final-year-Brees Saints. No, you’re not hallucinating." https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2020/4/12/21218205/rumor-falcons-interested-in-trading-up-in-the-2020-nfl-draft-for-a-qb-matt-ryan-thomas-dimitroff
  8. Okay, fine... this doesn't look as bad as I initially thought. If someone could edit a red helmet onto this pic, it'd probably look even better.
  9. Credit to HuntTheJones on Twitter for the embedded tweet. Some solid 10/10 changes here that make the jerseys near perfect. I really like the black on gray and white on gray.
  10. My favorite is the throwback - far right. But if they're not going to give us that near perfect logo, the 2 jerseys on the far left are the closest we're going to get. I prefer these over the solid white or solid black as many have stated above. Just gotta update the number font/adjust the ATL and we're there.
  11. Agree 100%. I've just mentally convinced myself that we'll hopefully never wear the red gradient or white on red jerseys.
  12. 1. Update the number font and make them smaller 2. Update/Remove the ATL on the front Do these 2 simple things and I'd love these jerseys.
  13. I'm slowly starting to come around to these. If they could just tweak the number font and also resize the ATL these would not be bad. The throwback on the far right is fire as always. The 2 on the far left I think they were going for a more modern take on the retro design - just the number font and ATL as I mentioned are throwing them off. The red gradient and white/red combo should never see the field. I'm sure that they've locked these jerseys in unfortunately, but with just a couple minor tweaks they would be amazing.
  14. Yeah it's pretty sick! Will be looking for a Gurley signed in Red for the PC once they are out.
  15. Anyone seen the new Riddell Speed Eclipse helmets? Those are fire.
  16. I appreciate the responses guys. Yeah ended up passing on this one.
  17. It's 94, but yeah hard to tell in the pic.
  18. Found this one signature on the internet - only one that's similar. But yeah all the rest have dollar signs. So not sure if he changed it at some point over the years - or it's just a fake. Either way I think I'm staying away. Beautiful helmet though.
  19. Any Memorabilia experts in here? I'm thinking about buying a Deion Sanders helmet from a guy, but am not familiar with the COA and the signature is different than what I've typically seen from Deion. Anyone heard of the COA company or seen this signature before?
  20. Agreed. Would love a front court of JC/Adams and it's not costing as much.
  21. Wow... That's the most interesting rumor yet. I don't remember the last time a trade like that happened - 2 very young high potential guys just being swapped while still on rookie deals. I'd be shocked if it was even being seriously discussed.
  22. I couldn’t get on for a couple months over the summer and finally quit trying. WAY more activity over there.
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