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  1. Fine - a "rant" or a "series of dumb tweets"... I don't really care what you call it. The whole point of my original statement was that it was a bad look.
  2. More people didn't enjoy it if you actually look at the comments to the tweet. I stand by my original statement.
  3. Lol this is such a terrible argument. I didn't once play for the Falcons and have all my NFL stats readily available on Google. If he can't figure out how to find out who Finneran is via Google we have a bigger problem here.
  4. You said it yourself, the post was not a good one. Call it a rant, a bad post, I don't really care what you want to label it. But taking public shots at a former Falcons player is a bad look and doing more "harm" then me or the average joe labeling it a rant on social media.
  5. Yeah his twitter "rant" on Finneran the other day wasn't a good look.
  6. Literally his next 4 tweets are "breaking" tweets about Atlanta draft trades that never happened lol
  7. They didn't like sAintsblewdat either when my friend tried to register yesterday. The reason they gave him was, "Ain't happening." He finally got in with a generic name and they IP banned him when he commented on a post that no franchise in the world deserved it more and that the past 2 years were karma. Pretty sensitive bunch over there for how much they dish it out.
  8. Really great info here - thanks for putting this together! The front office needs to be doing everything they can to get Kubiak. I figured he would be the best choice, but I'm surprised by just how impressive his numbers are.
  9. Bump. I haven't been able to get on the Squawk for close to a week now.
  10. Mathematically, we are not eliminated. But c'mon man, we've seen all we needed to see in the past 2 weeks to know that this team isn't making the playoffs.
  11. Easy - the most important game on this list was the Home Divisional game. That gets my vote.
  12. To add to the speculation...
  13. You're right. I thought we had slid Kazee up to SS, but it was actually Richards who got the start there Sunday.
  14. So the same same safety that played in Quinn's defense in Seattle won't be able to play in his defense in Atlanta? Is the scheme that different that we can't adjust for one of the top safeties in the league? I've seen enough from Richards that I would take my chances on Thomas.
  15. I'll say it. I want Earl Thomas on a 1 year rental. I don't care. Even with all our injuries, if you all of a sudden get Dion back, Takk back, you replace Rico with Kazee and Neal with Thomas (maybe the best safety in the league) these injuries don't look quite as bad. The offense is clicking. Too much at stake this year to not pull the trigger for maybe a second round pick. Look at our offense the past 2 weeks. THIS is our chance. Don't get hung up on a 2nd round pick for a 1 year rental for a SB run.