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  1. It's 94, but yeah hard to tell in the pic.
  2. Found this one signature on the internet - only one that's similar. But yeah all the rest have dollar signs. So not sure if he changed it at some point over the years - or it's just a fake. Either way I think I'm staying away. Beautiful helmet though.
  3. Any Memorabilia experts in here? I'm thinking about buying a Deion Sanders helmet from a guy, but am not familiar with the COA and the signature is different than what I've typically seen from Deion. Anyone heard of the COA company or seen this signature before?
  4. Agreed. Would love a front court of JC/Adams and it's not costing as much.
  5. Wow... That's the most interesting rumor yet. I don't remember the last time a trade like that happened - 2 very young high potential guys just being swapped while still on rookie deals. I'd be shocked if it was even being seriously discussed.
  6. I couldn’t get on for a couple months over the summer and finally quit trying. WAY more activity over there.
  7. Wait. Hawksquawk is finally back???
  8. Is HOU really that desperate to trade him? He's averaging 14 and 14 with 2 blocks and a PER of 21 on a very appealing contract.
  9. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think KAT and his 8 three point attempts a night is the center this team needs to be playing alongside Trae. Give me a guy like Capella or Adams who are going up for lobs, attacking the basket, crashing the glass hard, and playing elite Defense. Capella making an average of $15M/yr next 3 years is very tempting to me.
  10. I'm surprised we'd be interested in Horford with how many years he has left on his deal. Also, at 33, his age doesn't fit our timeline and that seems to be a big factor in the deals we're pursuing. I don't see an Adams deal getting done - IMO. Only because I don't think OKC is motivated to sell without getting back an asset and we're probably unwilling to give them that asset (most likely one of Kev, Hunter, or Cam). Adams would be a great fit though!
  11. Nice call on there will be a lot of trades with us - Teague is a good pickup. I was browsing a T Wolves message board, and saw posts on there how they thought Teague's contract wouldn't be tradeable this season. The Hawks have positioned themselves nicely for a flurry of moves here at the deadline with all of our expirings. A lot of teams won't be able to match salaries with expiring contracts like we can. It's why the Teague deal got done and why I think Drummond will eventually be a Hawk before the deadline.
  12. I posted this over in the Hawks Real GM forum, but I'm 100% on board trading for Drummond as long as it doesn't cost us 1 of our "core 5" or our own first round pick for the following reasons: Center is our biggest weakness, by far. Trading now for Drummond gives you half a season to see how he fits in with Trae & Co. for little to no risk. If he doesn't fit, don't resign him and we're pretty much in the same position we are now (hopefully only out a couple second rounders or the BKN pick). Look at the FA centers who are available this off season or next and tell me who'd you rather have at Center? MAYBE Adams or all in for Wiseman in the draft?Drummond is a top 5 Center already - imagine what he could do with Trae in the PnR. I think it's a low risk move to bring him in now so you can see how he fits with what we have. If it's a great fit - perfect, resign him. If it's a bad fit - we're still probably not winning many more games.
  13. And a blatant no call PI in the ‘9ers/Hawks game.
  14. Wait. So the Saints just missed out on a first round bye because we handed them an L and a blatant no call PI in the ‘9ers vs Hawks game lol