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  1. Aaron Rodgers defense for most of his career hadnt been good. He still carvers up the NFL. And won a ring.
  2. Yo i die laughing when some of these posters think im someone else who been here previously..lol Its like they have no other point to make.
  3. Well seeing as though you guys have never beaten them. Maybe you should fly a helicopter over foxboro....
  4. And really..i think this was said before. From the minute the SB was set. This board was flooded with patriots threads. Well after SB (understandable) as well And clearly up until last week there were still threads . Like i dont understand, why fans have a problem w other fans coming to other teams message broads... As long as its not disrespectful....why some posters here acting so insecure Not that serious..
  5. I stop reading after this line. Last time i check that had nothing to do with the pats And really take your "L" like a man, be mad at your team..they let your fan base down
  6. Yea i get its jokes and all. Really doesnt bother me what say about them, but lets not act like all teams dont try some type of gamesmanship... Your team knows that.. And i dont need to break down spygate n deflategate. Just hope (so far not) some of you can take what you dish out.
  7. What are you talking about? Show me anywhere in any of my post where i'm looking for anyone to "kiss the pats ring(s)"? Show me anywhere where i talked about this season with the pats, or projected them to go back to SB, or said anything negative about the falcons? (i have nothing but praises for them and their coaching staff.) Only thing i addressed was a poster, to fit his agenda telling half of a story that really made no sense. Never even discussed the better of the two QBs, cause none of that i care about or need to discuss. I do not think you read any of my posts.
  8. Ha ha. Seems you're the ones upset If you are bothered by my posting presences(any pats fan posting ...) I'm going back to talking football now. You two can continue on doing what you do here. See you around!
  9. Haven't broken any rules, so i have a right to be on here as much as the next poster . And if there is a poster talking out their a$$, im gonna pull your card. Only the posters that know their talking out their a$$ get offended. Not everyone wants to deal w the truth.
  10. Dang shame someone's truth is only half the story and the only part of the story they will focus on. Thank god its not like that for everyone.
  11. You both are wrong..i haven't been previously banned from here. This is my first time on here, and I'm not being disrespectful to the Atlanta fan base....or rubbing anything in. i'm talking football. i'm not allowed to do that? Mods can check IP addresses right?
  12. first off conditioning and your mentality is all part of the game..so if your defense lost it or didn't have it. falls on your coaching staff and 53 man roster. Ali beat Foreman because Foreman ran out of gas....ahhh yea. It's obvious Ali was smarter... , your not harping on the defense being rank #26 when you're up 28-3, or when you beat GB, or when you make it to the super bowl, pr have the season you guys had..or when it helped M.Ryan win MVP..but now..it becomes a factor when you guys lose in the fashion you guys did ? Makes no sense to me and sounds like a poor sour excuse. and i could turn around and say..well They would of never been up 28-3 if Brady had Gonk, and go on from there...but i'm not gonna do that. I obviously watched the game..yup brady didnt play as well as he did in the sec. half..that is one big equation you purposely leave out to try to fit your agrenda..but all you have is a agrenda..sooo matt ryan had a better QBR then brady..and??? what does that mean in the grand scheme of things... nothing... you are only telling 1/2 a story all the time...and the main point to the story is the last 1/2 of the football game when brady did perform. And for all this talk of the rank 26 defense you trying to use. go back and look and see late in the 4, Brady was still being pressured by that "gassed" defense... so i'm not buying your excuse you are making for your defense. They were and are good(the falcons defense)...stats don't always tell the story.
  13. I got to called b.s. how do you have a poor game with a QBR rating of 95.2? Its not concerned a poor game if you're the QB that comes back from 28-3 deficit??? On what planet? His stats alone in the Superbowl was enough to turn heads in just a regular season game. And the defense was gassed because it was the Quarterback from the other team that kept his team on the field by executing . If Brady had a "poor game" then the falcons are hosting the Lombardi trophy and not N.E. huh!?!?
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