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  1. They were not poking fun at the falcons..they were celebrating their victory and the defect they over came...this fans base is acting too scorn... i'm sure if it was the other way around...nobody here would have a problem putting up the score in your new stadium right? If it was the panthers or the saints who blew the lead you guys would be all over it or nah? just saying...
  2. Ok for the sake of phrasing...your asking to make their road tougher., when again. No other team or QB has to face, or ask to face the scenario you are trying to paint correct, especially so many times go from having great years to have ok season and have to fire coaches and what not. And refusing to acknowledge??? It's clear you didnt read my post because I have already acknowledge the short comings of the bills, fins, jets....so i suggest you go back and reread those statements. And as you brought up the Colts, Steelers, Ravens, and Broncos; I pointed out their records against the pats going back to 2000. They have played these teams more than one time in a season. Especially the Colts and the Steelers...but that is not good enough for you and your scenario. Also as you keep bring up the colts with Manning. Do you realize they use to make Manning miserable? for all the 10 wins season the Colts had, they only one won SB....aka they really weren't that good of 10 plus win team....if that could make any sense..and since we are talking about weak divisions...you realize Manning once moved out of the AFC east with the colts...played in a weak division as well? i get the whole advantage thing, but there have been times they lost in the playoffs at home and away as well..so there goes your once in a while. it does happen..they do not win every time in general.
  3. Ok....please give me a QB that has to face this type of situation every single time? All you are doing is trying to come up with the most diffcult scenario to put them in when no other team or QB has to be put in that scenario. B.s. And dont sit here n try to insult my football knowledge you know nothing of me. Keep this discussion respectful.
  4. Oh please...if something i didnt address. I simply did not see it....so brady has a losing record on the road...and??? At 3-4.....oh noo..one game below .500 Just for the sake of the discussion...whats Matt Ryan?
  5. You do realize the last two times they met in the playoffs the chiefs lost right.. And that blueprint arguement has to go.. Not the same team as the SB team, its only week one, chiefs n the falcons dont play the same way and come week 7. Despite what some will think. Its not going to go how it went for the 1st 3 quarters of the SB either.. Fans seems to forget to factors how different schemes n personnal at the times plays into all this.. Case point. Falcons were able to hit brady often. The chiefs werent able to get to brady til late in the 4th after amenodela went out. People been trying to use that blueprint arguement for years..since the 07 season....
  6. So...we are going cry this one all the way huh? "Its not fair...the pats play in a weak division.. Wipe your tears..you play who is on your schedule..and its not the pats fault the other teams in their division front office sux... You guys should know that cause you guys complain often how you finally have the best falcon's team ever. ****, pats lost week one..dynasty over, falcons got their revenge (sarcasm)) Overall IMO....ehhh! Have a good game sunday.
  7. Bruh....yeah your divisional opp. plays you twice,yes....what shows you since 00' would be any different....even if you wanna say they are spotted 6 games in their divison, does it not get harder overall once they get into the playoffs... If they have a winning percentage overall against the teams you named, both in regular season and playoff...plus at times have played them twice (regular and playoffs).... What would is the point?? Ravens, steelers, colts...etc played them constantly enough. This divisional excuse is always funny to me. The NFC is no different. Green bay is not always good, panthers, cowboys, giants, saints, the falcons....not always good.. Seahawks most recently been the most constant.
  8. Brady is 7-3 vs the ravens since 00..they are 15-6 vs the colts and they have a winning record vs the steelers..(like 8-2) denver is maybe the only team they do not have a winning record over.... They are still in the AFC...so they see these teams in the reg season and playoffs quite a bit... they have a winning record over everyone..go look it up for yourself..yeah their division has been weak over time..but they do beat the other teams in the nfl.....it's all there if you really wanna see for yourself.
  9. That doesn't really mean anything....they would still have to face Manning in the AFC championship(s). Thats a bigger stage than just a divisional game.
  10. Cool if you do.....his wife would be happy.
  11. Yup they sure did. Week one. The season over..so if you guys win on sunday..does that mean you guys get the week one trophy? I forgot how that works?
  12. Cause WEEK ONE! Ha ha this whole thread has me in tears. The pats really got you guys in ur feelings..lol
  13. In my opinion, you are a poster with an agenda every time. You do not use logic to discuss Tom Brady at all. Countless posters whether they be falcon fans, pats fans or just fans of football have poked holes in your "agenda" based discussions... to say these two lines in all due respect is just asinine..because in no way shape or form is a QB who has played like Tom Brady has played these last few seasons is in a "decline" as YOU put it...key word as you are phrasing it. Is there somethings in his game he doesn't do as well as he did when he was younger. Of course! He is 40. I think all of us here are not who we were in our 20s. But to phrase it as some type of "decline" when he just won a SB in the fashion he did..just sounds asinine..or poor choice of words...sorry. Its not cause i'm a fan, or i'm "in my feelings" it's just being real.....i'm sure there are plenty of aspects of Brady's game that is not and will never be again. No doubt. I'm sure he probably may take it down a notch this year...but Brady down a notch is still as lethal as any QB if not better than an QB in the league, and these past seasons have proven that. ask the Seahawks if Brady was in the "decline" when they played him in the SB, or your defense.....i'm wiling to bet they all look at like you are crazy. Just saying this with all due respect, and part of this discussion. and please stop using they were gassed excuse. That is a poor excuse. On top of the fact they were still getting sacks and hits on Brady late in the 4th still.
  14. I know this will be a unpopular opinion and maybe i would feel the same if it was brady. But i think this fan base complains too much about Ryan "not getting his respect". Like i get of course you guys keep a close eye on everything Matty Ice so his always been elite to you all. i dont know. But maybe just maybe...to the outside world they want to see if he can be consistent at an elite level for more than just his MVP year. I don't know...but..and im a fan of him coming from BC, but if he is the goods..his play will continue to ascend and you wont need to feel he doesn't get "the respect".
  15. yea..your definition of "stirring the pot" is different from mine..but it's cool.... heading to Atlanta tomorrow to see my mother, sisters and niece and nephews...so i'm looking forward to the trip...and getting a taste of you all football vibe as the season is gearing back up. Was there last x-mas.
  16. always thought...that was one good thing about being a fan..that you can have a healthy debate with one another..but you wanna call it stirring up...ok
  17. it was replying to your post, yes..but it was also making a general statement..but using your post to "springboard" off of...
  18. Cause i'm sure there are falcon fans that go to pats boards..like there are eagles fans that go to cowboy boards...like there are viking fans that go to 9ers boards..why is this even a question. Fans go to other boards to converse, argue, debate, etc..like it's not a hard concept.
  19. I didnt say you directly, i said "fans"..meaning fans of the NFL/other teams, so any salty fan of the falcons..salty fan of the saints, bears, eagles..etc. and I didnt miss your point because i have not said anything bad about Ryan, before, during or after the superbowl. and lastly....sorry but so far I have not seen anything myself , or dozenoysters said to "stir the pot"
  20. Favorite quote in this thread...cause we ALL know how generous Falcon fans would of been if they won... love the notion that the winning team fans are smug A-Holes....but other teams fans arent..or wouldn't of been had they won...please.
  21. The SB burns most falcons fans (understandable) it's a wound most have to admit is not going away soon. And at the hands of the most hated team by other fans in the NFL doesn't help. It's definitely intriguing whether you want to believe or not. Fans are sitting there hating and wondering and thinking... it's just some b.s. that they just keep winning.. That's why threads like these will continue to pop up. some falcon fans are feeling the pain the bills, dolphins, jets, steelers, and colts(with manning) feel every year.
  22. It shouldn't be a topic anyways. Teams can not help who is in their division and/or on their schedule. They just play. Yes notable teams like the Jets, Bills etc haven't been good in most recent memory, but as you pointed out...if we really dived into other divisions...probably willing to bet the AFCE probably would be in the middle of the pack.
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