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  1. I didnt put words in your mouth that is exactly how your sentiment comes off. Plan n simple. That's why you were replied to. And please dont be grammar n spelling nazi. It was a obviously a typo, things like that happen all over the internet. All the time.
  2. To answer your question zero. That makes your point dumb (with all do respect). So according to you if the pats were to get OBJ it wont mean anything cause they didnt get a ring w randy moss so the rest of the NFL need not to worry. And as a another poster pointed out. You do realize how close they were with Moss right? Let's use your approach and say the Falcons should get rid of Julio or Matt Ryan because they have not produced any hardware. Their division shouldn't worry about the Falcons because they hadn't won a SB so they are not as effective.
  3. because acquiring Randy Moss was actually a success for them because they went to the SB in his first year there (including both QB and wide out having record years). Brady then gets injured the year after and upon his return he(Moss) was traded mid season..not a lot of time for those two playing together. (not a diss) but compare that to how long Matt Ryan has been playing with julio jones and how many SBs have they gone to and won.
  4. Yea its not a valid argument. Moss only played a season and a half with Brady. It's not like he was there long enough.
  5. Ha ha..thats suppose to make sense? I dont like them..people talk about them too much..but since its game week. Its ok to talk about them and how people envy them too much... Ok ...ha ha
  6. Ha ha..wait..you are crying n moaning about dealing w the pats and their fans...but YOU made the thread. Dont make threads about them if you dont want to deal with them...pretty simple.
  7. How do you compare a NFL team to a college team? Pats have had more sucess in their professional careers lately then alabama. Even BB is better than Saban... And who here says this "For all of the crap some of you folks put us through with your absurdness about how the Patriots are this big bad monsters and cant be beat"?? Its clear they can be beat..since no team other the fins have gone undefeated it kills me when fans take it to the extreme and say someone is acting like nobody can beat them....they are successful. They get praises for that.. Ppl need to stop acting so butthurt.
  8. I know huh...what i weird season. and i have no confidences in the Pats defense what so ever....this is worse than 2011.
  9. I agree with you....Ryan should put up 400 hundred yards easy..and i believe if the falcons do win..i say they win by 3 points.,i gotta feeling they win too.
  10. Ok you need to stop talking about anything NE. You clearly do not know what you are talking about. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000313809/article/the-everchanging-new-england-patriots-offense ......... Bill Belichick's ability to adapt is his defining trait as a head coach. That includes changing the plan during a game, during a season and often during the team-building phase of the offseason. They are a game plan organization, looking for smart, versatile players that can help the organization shapeshift on a weekly basis depending on their opponent. Belichick and Tom Brady don't stay married to a specific offensive philosophy for too long. Belichick repeatedly says he only worries about putting points on the board, no matter how it gets done. They adjust their offense to their personnel perhaps more than any team.
  11. YES THAT IS WHAT IM SAYING. ALL 3 HAD DIFFERENT OFFENSIVE SCHEMES.. I think the question should be asked do you EVER know what you are talking about. Just because you put words together don't mean you make sense.. Ahhh...BB is a defensive coach. Many a time when the offense is playing. You have seen BB with his back to the field talking to the defense. Of course he has some say in the offense, cause.. well he is the head coach. But the schemes come from his offensive coordinators
  12. Pump your brakes. Brady has not played in the same offense for 18 seasons. Charlie weiss Josh McDaniels Bill O'Brian And josh McDaniels thats 3 different offensive coordinator with 3 different offensive schemes brady had to learn and win with. Montana, just for the sake of the discussion , and if im not mistaken did have Walsh right. The inventor of the West coast offense...
  13. Sports fan rib each other. That's nothing new. Im sure you know that, you may not have done it yourself, but im sure posters on this board n off line would of done the same had the rolls were reversed.. Its sports, its not life and death. There's nothing classless about celebrating in a win, or having bragging rights...again it has existed since sports first started. Its just bugging you cause it happened to your team (of course). And what the actions of some fans, especially online do, doesnt represent the whole fan base. This is your board, you guys can say what you will. But if a opposing fans comes on here and gives it right back. Its only fair as long as its respectful And you dont have to like that im here, cool. Whatever, not going to bother me. You can always ignore my post...its not gonna make me not be here, for reasons i already stated.
  14. I think its more than 4 or 5 falcons that are. Especially the response those type of threads get. But that is neither here or there. They have the right. We are all fans and we do converse with other fans of other teams. Thats the nature of being a fans. The NFL has commercials advertising that. And that point also brings up why im here. Cause as fans some of us go and get a perspectives from other fans.... I been drawn to the falcon fans base since the SB and how you guys continue to react to the pats. Plus my mother is from stockbridge, matt ryan played for BC, i have weekly convo w my sisters boyfriend who lives in stockbridge about each others teams. And i have not disrespected the team here or the fan base... So is there a problem w me being here on top of the fact i just answered your question? I say it like that cause seems to be the question always asked like there is a issue with me being here from time to time.
  15. This is funny to me. So you're gonna sit here and act like some falcon fans act with more class then pats fans do after a win or in general??? We can't celebrate our team or our win(s) like every fan does? So i dont read on here...tasting saint fans tears, or scouting other teams message boards to see what they have to say about you guys..or posting about the lions fans crying about losing the game to you guys last sunday, but pats fans are classless. And my favorite one. The new england patriots been on this boards rader since SB 51. You guys post multiple topics about the pats almost weekly it seems But its the pats fans who THINK n act like you guys are our rivals.. Ok. Plus there is like maybe 2 to 3 pats fans who visit this board. That's not a lot.
  16. I agree that the media has it's darlings when talking about certain teams...you name teams with history, cowboys, packers, raiders (even though i have never heard one media outlet not crap on the raiders the whole decade they where horrible). It's maybe not fare......but its the way it is outside of Atlanta to certain media outlets... Bormani Jones had that rant before the SB...then the SB happened...ok because you started off 3-0 (for ex), or have a stacked team, Bormani Jones or certain media outlets supposed to not be skeptical of your team? Its the sports world of show n prove.... and lets not act like the cowboys don't have their critics..we see Steven A for one, every morning thumbing down the cowboys. i get it, and i'm not one who doesnt think the Falcons aren't legit..but it's gonna be this way until the team can prove they can win SB...there's just gonna be people who questioned your team... win it, and i bet it goes away...
  17. I think some of you falcons fans dont get is. You haven't done anything. All you guys have done in the Dan Quinn era is win some game. Ok.. How about win a champion(s, )hardaware ..do that and you will see the narrative change for your team. Other teams have gone through what the falcons are goning through. And you know what they did to change the media's opinion ....won a championship Point blank. Pats for instance, earn the right to get the benefit of the doubt..according to you. They been going through it since their first SB. Everyone thought that title was a luck...until.they won it again...
  18. Dying laugh brady is not good anymore against good pressure defenses and just beat the NFC best team in the SB while being pressured all game long and had a QB rating of...95.2 without one of his main targets too. Just WOW! Oh wait..but..but..they were gassed.....smh
  19. Cuz i can be.. Next time dont lose a lead and you wont have to see or hear about it.
  20. What meme exactly did the pats organization put up to poke fun at the falcons?? And remember..you're talking to a fan base that has to go thru 18-1 memes deflategate memes spygate memes And your sore cause the pats are celebrating their victory. Im sure they werent poking fun, but they won. So they can celebrate however they want. Man..if the falcons are sore..then man up! They're grown men out there. Do not like how they celebrate. Then beat em' And celebrate however you like
  21. Enjoy the game.....i really hope if you do decide to wear any falcon's gear..that no N.E. fan acts like an *** to you..i hate when fans take this stuff too far.. oh another reason i like M. Ryan...he wears my fav. basketball number from h.s. #2!
  22. I always go to other fans boards just to get an idea of what they are like online..i don't go to pats message boards because there is nothing there to have a debate about (since everyone is all in agreement)...at least on other teams boards...they don't like your team so they will fight with you tooth and nail (good debates, or debate at all)..plus you guys, jets and ravens have one of the best message boards out there...look and active posters... yeah we are from the same path..i'm indirectly link to the falcons....with M. Ryan playing for BC....you know..the eagles usually only pump out linemen...so glad a QB made it out of there and is doing big things, mother and sister's now live in the atlanta area (stockbridge) for the past 10 years and i'm a fan of Jerry Glanville because he took the falcons and change the unis to ALL BLACK!!! love that look..i use to be on madden and pick the falcons just to change their uni's to the Glanville all black jerseys...Deion wore his well as you know!!!! and I dont know if i will be able to get tickets to that one...pats are foreever sold out...and my butt hates the cold...but that might be a game to not miss in person.
  23. the min. the pats lost i came here because i knew this board would light up like the 4th.....and with 11 pats threads and counting..seems i was right. and is there a problem with me being here. You want to be the only Bostonian on here or something?
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