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  1. Maybe so...cause I really wasnt trying to argue against Juilo..just think at one point..it was fair to debate them both.
  2. That's cool...I dont remember ever saying rice, chris etc. Were wrong. But ok. Just like that we are acting like AB ain't In the same class as Juilo. Before he became an idoit...cool.
  3. Ha ha nobody would have had AB in front of Juilo let's say..2018...0r 2017..this was a hands down arguement the minute they become stars....got it! This is my fault...cause this was not that serious to begin with..for me.
  4. Laughing at what? I am not for or against AB or juilo in anyway. My only point Is at some point many felt that way...like this ain't arguing a GOAT QB to who is about to be a journey men QB, stop with that B.S....
  5. You do realize you are making an argument against your partner above you talking about stat. Right Why so sensitive. Again I ask?like its ridiculous... How dear another reciever says he is better/was better than Juilo.
  6. Wait..wait. first off not a AB fan. My only point is...he was not far off from his statement when he was playing. Why do you guys get all extra about it? So a stat came in an rated a player .6 percentage higher and all of sudden we feel vindicated? I am objective observer...stop being so sensitive
  7. I am not a Falcons fan and you guys are making my point. You guys are getting bent out of shape cause another wide out "dear" says he is better than "your" wide out. Which he is not far off if he is incorrect in anyway. Not just stats but yea the eye test says the same..as crazy as AB is...he was not wrong to say he is..or .6 lesser than Julio when he played. Fans outside of this forum would put up a good argument for AB. So it's not "laughable" that AB said that.. Like .6 is not even comparing apples to oranges..it's like apples to apples attitude aside...we're talking about on the field...we all know who we would rather deal w. When it comes down to personality
  8. So now the arguements is going to come down to a .6 percentage?
  9. That's the thing..its not about who YOU would take..its the simple part of my sentence you chose to highlight. And I would say plenty outside of a fan forum would of said AB before the break down was the better receiver.
  10. I see.emm..I saying it's a little column A and a little column B...
  11. And why this convo would need to be taken to a neutral ground. I am not gonna get into it here..i can see the excuses comig.. Julio is great/all time...think and I think most outside of Atl would have given the nod to AB before AB turned himself into "mr..big chest" Not saying he was miles better. But I think there was a time AB was widely considered the best in the game.
  12. Want to try having the convo outside of a Falcons fan forum? In fact a couple months back this same topic was brought up here and I cannot remember the poster. But the stats he brought into the convo/debate were pretty telling. When AB was playing. He was the better receiver. I really wish I remember who were the two posters going at it.
  13. @gazoo I am in full agreement with you on Brady benefited from BB and BB benefited from Brady. No one above the other But this whole " oh wore is Matt Ryan" thing..like he went to a SB already and should of won..there been plenty of great QBs that won despite not having "genius" at coaching, OL, players or GM. Matt Ryan is who he is..would it help him more to have better access of course, but Ryan is who he is.
  14. I ha ha always with this..I will answer it this way. Matt Ryan is a top 10 QB in the league. Not in history only in the league now. Brady is top 10/top 5 in history and arguably/universally known as the GOAT. Matt Ryan..does not crack that historical list by anyone outside of this forum (not saying most posters here feel this way--just for the ones that might). So there you go. IF You wanna make a case for Ryan not having protection, take it up with your owner or GM. I don't have a problem with Matt Ryan think he is a great QB..Anytime Atlanta wants to send him back up this way..I would be all for it! He is just not in the class of the greatest quarterbacks (and I do mean pural-not just one) of all time.
  15. Just like every other QB in the league...collapse the pocket EVERY QB looks average. you guys gonna have to game plan differently since now he has 2 legit wide outs.
  16. None of this is true. The Brady of the past didn't get 40mil. He always took a discount -and a few years ago...BB was going to let Brady walk for Jimmy G. Kraft put a stop to that..that is why Jimmy G is in San Fran now. and Kraft left it up BB to handle this time around and per sources...BB didn't offer Brady nearly that much.
  17. Close the thread now. And there's a big difference in NE signing him and TB signing him. For one. One had the money to sign him the other one didnt. And two..At some point NE was going to have to start over. U rather do it now than when it's too late.
  18. I can't believe after 3 years this is still a thing for you all. "Oooh the Pats are trolling us"????
  19. This whole thread is pointless. Cuz every coach and GM past on what was to become HOF talent at some point. Look at all the teams that past on Brady...or Joe Montana...*insert HOF'er here*
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