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  1. To answer your question zero. That makes your point dumb (with all do respect). So according to you if the pats were to get OBJ it wont mean anything cause they didnt get a ring w randy moss so the rest of the NFL need not to worry. And as a another poster pointed out. You do realize how close they were with Moss right? Let's use your approach and say the Falcons should get rid of Julio or Matt Ryan because they have not produced any hardware. Their division shouldn't worry about the Falcons because they hadn't won a SB so they are not as effective.
  2. because acquiring Randy Moss was actually a success for them because they went to the SB in his first year there (including both QB and wide out having record years). Brady then gets injured the year after and upon his return he(Moss) was traded mid season..not a lot of time for those two playing together. (not a diss) but compare that to how long Matt Ryan has been playing with julio jones and how many SBs have they gone to and won.
  3. Yea its not a valid argument. Moss only played a season and a half with Brady. It's not like he was there long enough.