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  1. This is a bunch of b.s. first off debating anything with "if's" is NEVER a valid argument. Stop making excuses for Matt Ryan and stop trying to short change others (QB) Every player gotta deal with what they have. Rodgers fans ain't complaining to the degree you constantly do.
  2. Good detail article..but according to some posters here...."he has been playing In the system his whole career. He is not as great without BB....."
  3. You do realize coaches get fired before a QBs right....if you dont have a QB, you dont have crap.... Why you think they get paid more. Why Arizona is drafting another QB, why Elway traded for another starter.. And that's not to say Coaches aren't important or BB isn't important. But the players make "the engine go.."
  4. What the thread starter is the QB and Coach and players all have to be on the same page. Adopt a philiosophy that works for all of them. The both of them achieved the success together. BB probably doesnt do what he has done without Brady and Brady probably doesnt do what he has done without BB... The both are great together and both are great individually as well.. There's plenty of tape n stats to back that up. Like are we gonna using this same energy to pick apart J.Montana. He has the west coast offense, Walsh, ronnie Lott's. Jerry rice. Clark, roger craig..etc.. Like..really All of this..and I'm still wondering who ever said M.Ryan doesnt belong??
  5. Aaron Rodgers didnt have this "superior "coach or defense and won a SB....
  6. He was great before 2007. He was a first ballot HOFer before 07. Check his stats.... You dont win 3 SB(back to back) and not consider great. He became Elite after 07. And a coach draws up the plays but It comes down to the player executing the plays. Whether you want to give him the credit or not Your field kicker cant kick without the offense putting them in position. BB plays a big part in Brady success, yes..but Brady's work ethics took him over the top. Studying, perfecting his ability. Finding ways on making hisself greater..that's the point some of you dont understand Your coach does so much, but you the player have to do more to have longevity n success.
  7. Understand that BUT that's not an excuse my point! your team n coach need to learn to manage the game better. Point blank. Stop that QB that you claim Ryan out played so much.
  8. 100% To everything you said. Gonzales hands down and it's not even close
  9. Brady played with 3 different coordinators with 3 different offensive schemes. He has only played with one hall of fame wide out and as great as his TE has been in the sec half of his(brady) career. Gronk was not what he use to be this season, and in the SB vs the falcons, he wasnt even there. And its never a given if you just "switch" players the same success would be replicated. As Herm Edwards would say..."that's why you play the game(s)" Just saying.
  10. Your defense being "gassed" does not mean they aren't good/ weren't good. It means they were out played and out schemed. "Gassed" but still affective enough to sack Brady late in the 4th go back and watch the game. funny they were "gassed" or they are"horrible" ..but they sure weren't "gassed" or "horrible for the first 3 quarters or a couple weeks before than when they kicked Rodgers a&& right? Sounds like you trying to make it seem like Ryan really didn't have much to work with like the "only" reason why brady was able to win ...Is because that "horrible" falcons defense finally showed back up. The picture you trying to paint is a little out of focus. I am going to leave it there, because this subject with you has been argued by your follow falcon fans and outsiders like way too much. Just stop making excuses for Ryan and stop exaggerating trying to prove your point.
  11. We are doing this again....we are going to over exaggerate the two QBs to prove how much Matt Ryan belongs...there's nothing to prove. Matt is elite. His oline n defense played well enough to get you an MVP, get you into the SB, win the NFC and almost a SB...stop acting like the Falcons turned into the Cleveland Browns in the SB all of a sudden. Also tired of hearing how gassed the Falcons defense was..but yet still late in the 4th they were still getting sacks on Brady. Brady didnt thrown a bunch of pick 6s..he threw one..and his QB rating was very close to Matt Ryans... again over exaggerating Brady performance to put over Ryan And Brady has played with 3 different offensive coordinators and all 3 had different offensive schemes...I read in this thread someone say..he has played in the same system his whole career, no he has not. Not here trying to stir up stuff, but please stop over exaggerating....
  12. I didnt put words in your mouth that is exactly how your sentiment comes off. Plan n simple. That's why you were replied to. And please dont be grammar n spelling nazi. It was a obviously a typo, things like that happen all over the internet. All the time.
  13. To answer your question zero. That makes your point dumb (with all do respect). So according to you if the pats were to get OBJ it wont mean anything cause they didnt get a ring w randy moss so the rest of the NFL need not to worry. And as a another poster pointed out. You do realize how close they were with Moss right? Let's use your approach and say the Falcons should get rid of Julio or Matt Ryan because they have not produced any hardware. Their division shouldn't worry about the Falcons because they hadn't won a SB so they are not as effective.
  14. because acquiring Randy Moss was actually a success for them because they went to the SB in his first year there (including both QB and wide out having record years). Brady then gets injured the year after and upon his return he(Moss) was traded mid season..not a lot of time for those two playing together. (not a diss) but compare that to how long Matt Ryan has been playing with julio jones and how many SBs have they gone to and won.
  15. Yea its not a valid argument. Moss only played a season and a half with Brady. It's not like he was there long enough.