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  1. They're not trolling the Falcons. They're celebrating the win.
  2. I think it's the way the LI unfolded. Not only was it the greatest comeback in SB history, it was also the 5th biggest comeback EVER. Then the banner was just unveiled. The Panthers just turtled. It's the way the Falcons lost.
  3. http://www.12up.com/posts/4570677-nfl-doesn-t-want-to-embarrass-falcons-in-season-opener This is why...
  4. Barstool Sports gave away 70K Goodell Clown towels and shirts just off Gillette Stadium property today for tonight's game. Vegas has given the over/under for how loge Roger gets booed at 35 seconds. The word is that Goodelll wants Kraft to come out after he does, so the booing doesn't last.
  5. The NFCS contains the Falcons and 3 sad sack teams. NO has Brees, TB played well above their heads last year. Carolina's talent is closer to last year's record, than the 15-1 fluke. The Falcons should go 6-0, but we know how this game of works. A bad bounce, a bad call, etc... I would say the Saints.
  6. NE wins #6. Doesn't matter who they face. And finally, not a nail biter that nearly causes me to have a stroke. Should be NE v ATL. Injuries though...
  7. And it couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch! Driving 143 MPH with a 12 yr old in the car, while stoned? Go Sea Hags...
  8. Richardson has trouble getting motivated. He and Marshall ripped the Jets' locker room apart. Now he goes to a locker room that is already a disaster... Don't sweat it Falcons' fans. Seattle didn't improve.
  9. This isn't a SB rematch. It's a regular season game against a non-conference opponent. If ATL wins, big deal. Is that "revenge?" No way! Will you feel any better about LI? Nope... Trust me, beating the NYG in the regular season doesn't make the 2 fluky SB losses any easier. Do you know what does? Winning 49 and 51. That's the only thing that will ease the pain. Winning it all. I still change the channel when they talk about those 2 games. ****, I don't watch replays of the 1986 Red Sox!
  10. Yeah, TD seems to be doing a good job keeping players happy AND keeping the cap in good shape. Last I saw, the Falcons still had a little more than $4.5M left. Not bad for a SB contender.
  11. He does, but he denies it. Starters vs starters it was 24-0 NE. That's just in the 1st quarter. The Lions will take more away from this game than the Pats. Edelman was gone. Some bubble players got extended time, which led to the "comeback." There is never any game planning on either offense or defense. It honestly makes me nervous when the starters play in the preseason. Some scrub on the other team may want to make a play and end up taking out a player. Even when you guys played Miami, clowns like Suh would have no problem stomping on Ryan's ankle. I'm more on edge during these games th
  12. No. No. And no again. Vanilla offense and vanilla defense. NE is 1-2 and needed a last second FG to beat the Lions. Oh yeah, and Edelman is out for the year. Guess what? No one is panicking. Well coached teams teams will still rise to the top. Quinn is a good coach, so don't sweat it.
  13. That's a tough challenge in this era of the salary cap and free agency. The Steelers, Cowboys, and 49ers lucked into their "dynasties." Now teams have to truly work for their success. The "Modern NFL" really began in 1994 or 1995. It's too late at night for me to look that up.
  14. That could be, but NE was "on to Cincinnati" the next week. Atlanta was on to Miami, then Pittsburgh, etc, in meaningless preseason games...
  15. Could be true. A great offense and a middling/bad defense could make some noise in the playoffs. The Falcons, last year, for example. Still, they're the Raiders. They're moving and resorting to publicity stunts like signing Marshawn "Least Mode" Lynch just to keep fans engaged for the next couple of years. Probably more hype than substance.
  16. Yup! There's always a new team ready to take NE down. The Raiders are the newest challengers. While anything can happen, Oakland is in turmoil. They're moving, Carr is coming off of injury, no defense... After the 41-14 beatdown, 3 years ago, NE was done...
  17. It will be quite a feat if both teams make it back to the SB during this era of free agency and salary cap. Chances are that neither team makes it back, but on paper... It would be a great game though. NE has the easier route back. #6 is coming!
  18. I won't opine on Elliot's guilt or innocence, but let's see how badly Goodell further mangles the NFL's image. How much more will ratings suffer?
  19. In basketball, it's a best of 7 series. The NFL is a 1 game winner takes all. Big difference. Anyway, despite losing Edelman, NE is still head and shoulders above any other team in the AFC and should be in the SB. Denver has no QB. Houston has no QB. KC has Alex Smith as a QB and Reid as HC. They beat NE that one time... Oakland has a weak defense. Pittsburgh is in turmoil with the Bell situation and the lack of respect/faith in Tomlin. Now in the NFC...Dallas might fall back. GB won't make it to the SB. Giants' locker room will implode with OBJ and Marshall because, well, that's Mar
  20. NE for sure. They had the top defense last year (PPG-what really counts) and got stronger against the pass. Yes, Ninkovitch retired, but the Pats also have several young players that began to emerge at the end of last year. Don't forget that they held the NFL's top offense to only 21 points. Now they're even better. I agree with Denver and Houston, but neither team has a QB. Those defenses will wear down just like last year. As far as Seattle, their locker room is a mess. All that in-fighting will take a toll for sure. Your Falcons should have enough fire power to outscore anyone. Except
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