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  1. "Given his history..." refers to his typical season. 26-27 TDs and 14-15 INTs. He had a career year last year and you're all expecting him to toss 38 TDs each year now. Is that logical? No one thought Brady would throw 50 every year. Think about that and decide if it really makes any sense.
  2. Ryan has never approached his TD or INT totals from last year. So, using your logic, I should expect Brady to throw 50 TDs every year or only 2 INTs because he did it one time. Wilt Chamberlain should have scored 100 points every game because he did it once? That type of thinking that you're advocating just doesn't make a lot of sense. So, I'll stick with logic and common sense, thank you...
  3. That's like me saying I expect Brady to throw 50 TDs each year because he did so that one time. I didn't include it because it's an outlier. Just like Brady's 50 TDs. An aberration. That's why I wouldn't include it. Then again, maybe everyone had career years last year. The Falcons shouldn't have any trouble winning the NFCS.
  4. You may want to did a bit deeper into your stats. You may find that they are due to how the current game was playing out. Your coaches have stated many times that they stick to their philosophy. Quick, quick, quick... It's their inflexibility and Matt Ryan's inability to recognize what was happening during the SB that cost them the game. That was my point. You can ignore all you want, but your unwillingness to have a conversation makes me think you know I'm right.
  5. I'm not going to argue about the yards because I think you're correct about those. Let's eliminate last year since, since he's never come close to 38 TDs or only 7 INTs. The previous 4 years, he's averaged 27 TDs and 15 INTs. That's probably more likely. After all, the best way to predict the future is to look at the past. We Patriots fans have always liked Ryan. While we didn't give him the nickname, "Matty Ice," we perpetuated it and brought it into national focus while he played for BC. Anyways, stats are for chumps right? Ryan was MVP last season and where did that get him
  6. Don't forget that this list was compiled with player votes. Players are insanely jealous of Brady and many are on the record as "hating" him. For him to be voted #1 by his peers actually shows that they were pretty honest with their assessments.
  7. Ryan had a career year last year. Given his history, it's unrealistic to think he'll have another year like that. Ryan is a very good QB in the class of Philip Rivers.
  8. Quinn and Shanahan have defended their play calling by claiming the Falcons only play one way. Full speed. Ryan should have called a halt to the nonsense. Why didn't he?
  9. Apologies if I wasn't clear. What I meant was that the Falcons are relentless. They play to score quickly. That's what Quinn and Shanahan both said when asked about snapping the ball with 15 seconds left on the play clock, not running the ball, and not kicking the chip shot FG. I didn't mean one-dimensional. They weren't able to adjust and slow the game down. Please don't tell me you weren't yelling at your TV...
  10. Easy cowboy! That wasn't meant to be a trolling post at all! A question was asked regarding NE and I gave a Patriot' fan's perspective. That's all. Atlanta had a big lead, but kept their foot on the gas. All of NE was giddy when ATL hiked the ball with 15 seconds on the play clock. I'm sure Falcons' fans were screaming to slow it down and run the ball. My point was that Atlanta's offense plays at 100 MPH, no matter the situation week to week. That was from the mouths of both Quinn and Shanahan. Also NE takes role players and gives them career years. The star of the game changes each week. That
  11. That's because Belichick will always get the best out of a player. Hogan, Blount, etc. Moss had a historic season with Brady as his QB. Players go to NE and have career years. NE never asks a player to do something he can't. Only what he can. Those players NE signed will be successful. Burkhead and Gillislee will have roles that will change week to week depending upon the opponent. Most teams have a single offensive philosophy and stick to it no matter what. How did that work for Atlanta in the SB? You all recognized what was happening, but the Falcons' players and coaches didn't. That's what
  12. Regress isn't the word I would use. It's a negative word. I'd say that he is going to have a typical Matt Ryan year. 28 tds, 14 ints, 4500 yards, 67% completion rate, 94 rating. Very good stats.
  13. Matt Ryan = Philip Rivers He's had very good years, 1 or 2 great years, but when the Falcons/Chargers need a big win... Atlanta's offense only scored 21 points against the Patriots. The Falcons definitely fooled Brady on the pick 6. While Ryan has the physical tools, there were a couple plays that Brady would have recognized and audibled out of. That sack for example. The fumble. Brady, Manning, and Rodgers also would have known to slow the pace of the game. I joined this board because, like most fans, I peruse the boards of other teams. The AFCE, as well as the other N
  14. You know, I've been reading your posts about Brady's decline and how much better Ryan is. Brady is 40, but he's still the best QB in the NFL. Brady takes 7th round picks, undrafted players, and other teams' castoffs. If he doesn't need a Julio Jones to win. The one year he had Moss he threw 50 tds. Matt is an excellent QB, but no one puts him in the Brady, Peyton, Rodgers class, except you. Put Brady in Atlanta and Atlanta wins the SB. Put Ryan on the Pats and NE loses the SB. Brady, Manning, and Rodgers would have put an end to the foolish play calling of Shanahan. Last year Ryan was the
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