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  1. Ahhhh, nasty language! The endgame for those that have nothing else to say... Crying about it doesn't make it true. You Flat Earth Society folks really are a peculiar bunch. You believe things that aren't their like Bigfoot, Nessie, faked moon landings, etc, but refuse to believe scientifically proven facts. Bravo!
  2. Their winning % is higher OUTSIDE of their division. Your argument was debunked years ago.
  3. Then you should have known better than to make stuff up.
  4. The only "cheating" the Patriots have ever done was have 1 camera out of position for a few minutes of a single game. Real fans know that. Band wagon, Johnny-Come-Latelys are the only ones who bring up nonexistent cheating allegations. I bet the team you rooted for this year will be different from the one you root for next year. Booooooooo!
  5. Hope you guys get it sorted out. I'd rather see the Falcons in the playoffs than the Panthers or any team in the NFCE.
  6. Yeah, the Coughlin Effect. My brother is a Giants fan, so I hear about it often... There may be something to that, I don't know. However, I like to think those losses were the result of the luckiest catch in SB history. The "helmet catch." Samuel also had an easy INT go right through his hands. In the 2nd SB Welker dropped a tough pass that he normally would catch. At least those are things I tell myself. :-) Truth be told, I'm glad he's not on the sideline. Still, the Steelers put up 42 and the 49ers put up 44. Bills held them to 10. That's how I'm going to choose to look at things. On another note, big changes in Atlanta in the offseason?
  7. I had a similar conversation with a Steelers' fan before the AFCCG last year. Yes, Bell is superior to any RB on the Patriots. However, it's Bell then nothing. Pitt has several options at WR, but in NE anyone could get the ball at anytime. It could be Gronk, Amendola, Hogan, Cooks (who underachieved this year), White, Burkhead, or Lewis. Again, no one (except Gronk) who is a superstar like AB, but it gives Brady more options. When teams double Gronk, any of the others will be open. You're correct about playing man and jamming the NE receivers at the line. That worked for Atlanta last year until they got gassed. However, the better the defense, the more success Brady has. Here's the explanation, if your interested... https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fancy-stats/wp/2018/01/15/patriots-tom-brady-is-a-freak-and-jaguars-defense-will-only-make-him-better/?utm_term=.74e87d9319d4 NE will score their points. They always do. The key will be the play of Bortles. It doesn't take much to get him rattled. Buffalo's average defense made him look silly. The Jags played their SB last Sunday.
  8. Pittsburgh put up 42 points. Compared to the Steelers, the Patriots have a better rushing attack, a better passing attack, a better (and smarter) QB, score more point/game, allow fewer points/game, are focused on the Jags (not who they'll be playing in MN), no one grousing about contracts, sitting out, retiring, no one trash talking, a coaching staff that can adjust on offense and defense, a head coach that prepares for every possibility, understands clock management and situational football, and doesn't poop his pants in big games. Not sayin' NE will will... Just sayin'...
  9. I've seen a few different versions... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVgoWisxx5M
  10. No, he wasn't. He was shoved down to the ground too. Looked like he stepped out of bounds when he was getting up anyways. The question is, why did it come down to this play?
  11. B$PN lost what little credibility due to their Deflategate lies. 200 layoffs... You are correct.
  12. NE's winning % outside the AFCE is higher than the % in the AFCE. NE has dominated every division for years. The only teams that give NE trouble are CAR, SEA, KC, and NYG.
  13. More Karma for the Deflategate lies and BS. Colts haven't made the playoffs either. Luck has been hurt, Grigson got canned, Pagano got fired. Kensil was banished. Mort got throat cancer (glad he's feeling better). B$PN has had massive layoffs as viewership has dropped and the Worldwide Leader in Lies and Misinformation has lost what little credibility it had left. NFL ratings have plummeted. Only Harbaugh and Goodall still have to get theirs. Then the Universe will have finally righted itself.
  14. I remember, right after LI, many people on this site were vehemently predicting that the Falcons were going 19-0 this year. 2016 was Matt Ryan's watershed year and his 38 TDs, 7 INTs, and 4900 yards would now be his worst year moving forward. Anyone that dared to disagree, was branded a troll and called all kinds of nasty names. No throwing anyone under the bus. No finger pointing. No deflecting blame. No whining. No crying. No excuses. No rioting for rule changes. No claims of nefarious weather machines that can alter the weather all along the eastern seaboard. After all, we're not Trippin' Tomlin or the Steelers, are we? Just common sense from someone who's been through this a few times before...
  15. Said fans of every team that loses on Sunday...