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  1. Pats fan here rooting for the Falcons tonight! Hardy should have held on to that pass just now...
  2. BTW, I was rooting for the Falcons to beat the Cowboys. JJ is a clown. At least Blank seems to be a likable guy.
  3. To answer #3... I enjoy coming here to get the perspective from another fanbase. NFL thoughts, Patriots thoughts, etc. As you know, there's usually a new NE thread every day or so... I'm also on the Bills' site too. That's it. Some teams actually ban you once they find out you're not a homer for that team The Jets for example. Many Falcons fans are knowledgeable and only a few are insufferable and can't handle ANY opinion that differs from their own. Even though they are inevitably proven wrong:) You and I have agreed on things before (I think) and we've disagreed before (I know).
  4. Julio, Julien, Fitz, are always "open." I didn't think I would, but I love listening to Romo. He does his play by play as if YOU were the QB. Brady does't heave the ball down the field on every play, but his passing yards and yards per play are historic. Obviously, I'm not a Falcons fan, but all you have to do is make the playoffs. Anything can happen after that... One bounce, a HOF catch, poor clock management, etc. See you in February!
  5. Julio is a great receiver, however from my (Patriots fan) point of view... Randy Moss easily outclassed every defense, as does Jones. Brady began to forgo easy completions and tried to force the ball to Moss. That was the difference between 19-0 and 18-1. BTW, that circus catch in the SB, was the reason NE signed Gilmore. In that moment, Stephan would have tipped the ball away. As we've seen, Gilmore wouldn't have been anywhere near Jones...
  6. We Pats fans are shaking out heads at this one. Before the draft, BB could have gotten a boatload of picks from Cleveland and SF. Picks BB could have used to draft help for this year. Instead, he got a 2nd round pick "only." Now it will be the 1st or 2nd pick of the 2nd round. He was drafter #62 and got #33 or 34 in return. Of course BB usually turns out to be right, so...
  7. If he's still around when BB retires, you're correct.
  8. The reality has finally sunk in. The best way to predict the future is to look back at the past. Everything about Matt Ryan and the Falcons' past pointed to this season unfolding the way it is. It's really a shame...
  9. Yes. Of course they'll be bad again eventually. But in the meantime I'll take those 7-8 Lombardis. Plus, BB simply isn't going to leave this organization high and dry. When he retires all the best candidates will be crawling all over each other for the job.
  10. Sounds more like BB is in Quinn's head, he panicked, and now he's making excuses.
  11. Now that Gilmore isn't playing, there is better communication in the secondary too. The coaches get those back ups into the correct positions to make plays. Coaching is absolutely the key.
  12. NE has gone to consecutive SBs once. 2003-2004. ONCE. And that was with a dominant defense. We NE fans are optimistic and/but realistic. We know this team has weaknesses on defense and the offensive players not even close to being on the same page. Penalties are also outrageous this year. Plus this article is from B$PN, the Worldwide Leader in Lies and Misinformation. They're in Goodall's pocket.
  13. So, as a Pats fan, I was a little nervous going into this game. NE's "defense" had been making practice squad players look like Joe Montana, Randy Moss, and Barry Sanders. They were committing penalties like a Rex Ryan coached team. Just awful! I was wondering if Matt Ryan was going to throw for 400 yards and 6 TDs! Luckily, my worries were unfounded. Dan Quinn, Sark, and the DC are clearly not ready for primetime. You have some excellent players on the Falcons, but they made stupid penalties, dropped too many passes, and the play calling was laughable! NE's D was made up of no names last night. The difference was that the coaches put them in a position to make plays. You're right, there is a difference aggression and desperation. Quinn and crew made desperate decisions because it was almost like they knew they were going to be badly outreached.
  14. BB is clearly in Quinn's head. The SB loss in Seattle when the Seahawks blew the biggest (at the time) lead ever in the SB. Then we all know what happened in LI. Quinn feels desperate to score all the time and either calls bonehead plays, or allows them to be called. Going for it on 4th down from mid field, forcing a pass from the 12 inch line, that silly sweep... NE was killing themselves with penalties early on and that would have given a well coached team the openings they needed.