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  1. Maybe Sark wasn't bad and Shannahan was just really good and was perfect for the pieces that the Falcons had?
  2. This never happens. Vikings and Jags are too small market teams with no stars on them. "True fans" don't equal ratings. It's casual fans. If people were looking for new teams the highest rated game of the year wouldn't be the team with the most titles in the Super Bowl era vs the team with the most Super Bowl appearances of all time. Ratings would do better with the Patriots than the Vikings vs Jags
  3. Yeah and then the highest rated Super Bowls always involve the Patriots and the highest rated game this year is a Patriots game. People say they don't want to watch them, but casual fans do. They are the team that people either love or hate and people invest in watching them. You get the Jags vs Vikes and you get a lot of apathy and that leads to people not caring and not watching. The people that hate the Patriots usually tune in to see if they'll lose
  4. You have the best refs your going to get tbh. These guys were largely regarded as the elites in whatever officiating organization they were in for many many years before they finally got into the NFL. The issue is as instant replay became more prominent the rules became more complicated because you could dissect more.
  5. Winner's don't worry about that stuff. They want to put everything out of reach for as long as they are able to. Rice did the same thing. Played well past his prime so nobody could catch him
  6. If they were ever going to retire "as winners" why not do it the night Belichick breaks the record for most Super Bowls as a HC, Brady breaks the record for most Super Bowls and Super Bowl MVP's as a QB, in the largest comeback and first overtime in Super Bowl history? If they cared about going out winners they would have done it. Brady's a warrior, he wants to go out on his shield with nothing left.
  7. Yeah I'm pretty sure after the Super Bowl last year everyone was saying that they were pissed and took it as almost a fact that they were gauranteed to go to the Super Bowl to get revenge.
  8. General perception is that he's a strong statistical player but not able to consistently translate his numbers to wins. He's similar to Phillip Rivers in that sense. People know he's good, but they don't think "oh man we need to play Matt Ryan this week". His team is good when like last year the talent around him overperforms.
  9. And so it wasn't merely enough for the Patriots to reverse the Falcons fortunes in the great Superb Owl. Thomas Edward allowed his keeper Lord BB to sacrifice his spawn to the demon Shanny to act as gatekeeper in the NFC conference ensuring the torment endure a few more centuries.
  10. With all do respect, Brisett is not good. He's near the bottom in the league in nearly every relevant statistic and his team has only beaten the two current winless teams in the league. He got shut out one game in New England. Having Brisset as your back up is akin to saying "well we are giving up the season but the rules say we have to put something on the field until this season ends". Jimmy was a quality back up with starting potential. However, he wants to play and the Patriots weren't ready to cut bait with Brady so they could give Jimmy the starting position and the money it would
  11. That was a rumor that was never substantiated and it has since come out that the Patriots likely would have gotten a 2nd and change.
  12. Not really. ESPN is failing because they were artificially propped up for years by people not realizing they were paying extra to have a cable package with ESPN in it, and now that cutting the cord is a thing and people are willing to downsize their cable packages, ESPN is losing money they didn't really deserve. Ratings will only matter when the contracts are up. And the thing is, the NFL will still be so far ahead of everything else that they might still have a ton of leverage. They can say "well we went from 100 to 90, but everything else went from 70 to 50". So now our 90 is the new
  13. Eh it's all well and good to villify Jones but he got screwed twice by Goodell. Once when Mara basically made the league punish Jones for breaking the cap in an uncapped year. And now he's really going after Jones best player for something the state did an investigation on and declined pursuing.
  14. Tbh the only QB that did well out of his system was Cassel. Cassel inherited a team Brady went 16-0. Jimmy won 2 games and got injured. Brady went on an 11-1 run that season. Based off that schedule and how the season played out, Brady likely takes that team to 15-1 if he starts all year (he would easily have beat Buffalo). **** he might have had a shot at 16-0 again if they were undefeated going into the Seattle games. Brissett who isn't even doing terrible on the Colts got shut out in one of his two games as a Patriot. Bledsoe couldn't make it work and he was the most physic
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