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  1. Nah to think you can let him walk and there will not be any negative consequences is crazy.
  2. It is pretty obvious - but if its part of the emblem its weak IMO.
  3. Whatever- get over it. What was your prediction for the Falcons last year? 7-9? Should I go check?
  4. That's what I thought. I guess I just do not see any aesthetic reason to have half an emblem. Is the other part on the other side of the field?
  5. Anyone know what is going on with the multiple colors in these sections? Is it part of a bigger design? Or is it just incomplete? Or better yet am I missing something? http://mercedesbenzstadium.com/live-time-lapse-webcam/
  6. Yup and I remember hearing in one of the Mic'd up's of Free Schraeder say that he saw Free break the plane of the goal line and refs just didn't see it, nor the replay. This is probably what pissed Free off the rest of the game. So one of them wasn't a fumble in truth.
  7. They both did a great job securing it last year - hopefully they are getting it all out now.
  8. Hopefully TeCO isn't returning to his old ways. When Free leaves to go win SB's in TB this is all the Falcons will have.
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