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  1. Based on our current needs, we should have drafted him instead of Julio.
  2. As long as he doesn't come here. Like defenders past, and immediately play like dog shht.
  3. If the Falcons lose, and no one's in the stadium, does it make a noise?
  4. “At that point we wanted to be aggressive to go win the game,” - Dan Quinn, February 5, 2017
  5. He mentions continuity, but when has that ever helped the Birds? 😆 7-9 at best, and the front office is blown up BIG TIME.
  6. The sad truth is the fans will never recover from this, but the people responsible are all rich (and the real culprit has already won a Superbowl elsewhere). Amazing that people getting paid so much to win can lose 100% by letting the moment get too big. I won't be able to really believe in this team again until everyone involved with that choke job is gone, and I mean EVERYONE!
  7. I've been playing an app called Retro Bowl. Fun game like Tecmo Bowl, and there are lots of quirks like deciding whether to blame or defend a player after a loss or arrest, managing free agency, and redesigning uniforms. Been a great way to get some football in the offseason, although it's making me miss football a bit more, heh. My squad win Retro Bowl LXII against NE by *gasp* running the damm ball! iOS: https://t.co/ViplR6xShu?amp=1 Android: https://t.co/MjBmjIrBCh?amp=1
  8. This is why you run the ball, Coach. Thanks again, Coach.
  9. All that fanfare for a hurt RB. Same ole Falcons!
  10. Our uniforms are still the worst in the league.
  11. What HFA? There haven't been any fans (home fans at least) at games since Blank price-gouged all those suckers to build that ugly stadium for his kickball team.
  12. Nah, but we should have won it all in 2004, and would have killed Baltimore in 2012 had Ryan thrown to Gonzalez instead of White at the end of the NFCCG.
  13. 6. Blank sells the team today 7. New owner fires entire coaching staff and front office
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