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  1. If they just broke your trust two weeks ago, you're a bigger man than most of us here!
  2. "When we lifted all those brotherhood logs in training camp, we didn't have the battle on our mind, we were battling a certain mindset."
  3. A lot - A little
  4. 1. If he loses, he's fired. 2. If he loses, he's fired.
  5. We were expecting a battle, so we had that mindset going in, brother.
  6. I don't think he'll win one purely based on salary cap issues.
  7. Atlanta Losers, then?
  8. Cancel that mead.
  9. Only thing missing is that picture of Quinn with Smitty's face photoshopped on it. Can't find that anywhere!
  10. THIS has been overlooked since Dimitroff got here, and we're paying for it big time!
  11. Truly baffling turn of events.
  12. Blank had a heart-wrenching time firing Smitty, so he'll never fire Quinn.
  13. Falcons go 0-16 before either happens.
  14. Be grateful. Be VERY grateful!