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  1. People actually going to the game?
  2. Look, man. I don't judge your life choices. If I have a life-or-death struggle squeezing one out in the morning, it doesn't make me any less of a man.
  3. Or on the toilet.
  4. Stay tuned: with the PSL's, tonight is going to get ugly. Even worse than Vick's return.
  5. Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. I wonder if they're a-holes on the Internet like in person?
  6. I read this wrong the first time, thought it said a guy hit your gf and she blew him.
  7. You'll thank me later.
  8. Extend Ryan through 2038.
  9. Peria Jerry jersey, and dual beer can helmet.
  10. Thanks, but now I kind of regret asking!
  11. Jay should be fired for this garbage.
  12. Suddenly every hype video in Atlanta has to be shot in Pullman Yards, or some knockoff warehouse. See Atlanta Hawks intro vid when Lloyd Pierce became coach. A few years ago, back when I still got Falcons surveys, the marketing team would ask if they should use the Dirty Bird as a marketing tool, and the survey options were either in support of that or "no, that was fun in another era." Looks like they got their marching orders and this is what we're left with. Wonder if they have the nuts to play this garbage in the jumbotron on opening night?
  13. What exactly was it? It's been deleted.
  14. Who? What happened to Jay?
  15. Well, they are the digital team.