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  1. Quinn is almost ss big an idiot as Blank. Almost.
  2. McKay sucked at his job before and will do so again. The circus came to town and never left.
  3. The players fought hard for easy paydays, which Quinn guarantres with all the rah-rah BS ans Blank's chirping to the press. The team is never winning sh*t.
  4. Blank clearly doesn't give a sh*t anymore. F em.
  5. If PSLs didn't kill this fanbase, Blank certainly will. F'ing moron.
  6. How long ago did we win a Superbowl? Lots of time elapsed between Superbowl 44 and Superbowl 3, but don't let math get in the way of your 2-7 victory parade.
  7. Their 7-2 team is still in the hunt despite this meaningless loss. Meanwhile, the 2-7 Birds are treating this, and the Eagles game, like Superbowl wins because we've never won one, and never will.
  8. I get that you're ok with never winning a Superbowl as long as we beat one team every few years. You're exactly the kind of fans that sports owners love. Have fun at your 2-win tea party, princess.
  9. If Quinn is here next year, point to this meaningless win, which may be our last.
  10. They also put up a Superbowl Champs banner. Until we do that, who cares?
  11. What part of us being 2-7, or Quinn's other failures, do you not understand? Beating your rival is a nice consolation prize in college ball, but this is the F'ing NFL.
  12. I want a Superbowl win more than a regular season win against anyone. GTFOH, short-sighted fan.