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  1. Wasn't aware of that. The player I know is a DE. Either way, good to see local talent battling for a spot.
  2. So many games are won in practice, and they seem to have bought into that full throttle.
  3. Good write-up. Besides no injuries, I want to see what Hill has while he still have a spot on the team. Also, I know someone fighting for a spot on the Steelers, so I'll be watching his progress as well.
  4. Yeah, the place is overrated, but it seems to get so much attention. For a while, all the actors that secretly shot here swore it was the best pizza outside of LA, but after going to Antico (and LA, and Italy), it doesn't pass the straight face test. It seems to be more about name recognition, along with alot of the local food and beer options in the new stadium.
  5. If you don't quote me again, I won't respond in this thread again. Fair enough?
  6. My point was that a new stadium is great, but I hope the real priority doesn't get lost in all the excitement over better wife, cheaper hotdogs, and a new scoreboard. It was a harmless comment, but you all have fun comparing our new building to one built 40 years ago.
  7. I only saw it because of the other posters that quoted me (yours was just above it, and I mentioned that in my post). Now, if you quote me again, you can bet I'll be back. The choice is yours.
  8. Not at all, but feel free to keep fishing with the ad hominem attacks. Something will stick eventually. Probably.
  9. If you and other posters keep quoting me, what do you expect?
  10. Missing the point, but I've already left this thread alone.
  11. How has your life been since SB51? Anyway, see you dudes later. Way too sensitive in here.
  12. Hard to divorce the two, but alright.
  13. Looks like it has to be done over the ticket app, which makes me wonder how/if scalpers will even be outside the stadium anymore.
  14. Hard to argue with that!