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  1. I think it's gonna be a one long year for us I think we go be 6 and 10. this is my last post to the draft
  2. wow

    just a look at depth chart is the reason why we are zero and 3 in preseason play. my actually go zero to 16. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/team/depth-chart
  3. What do you expect OG are too tall
  4. sorry I didn't watch the game I was at my day job. lol sounds like a QB coach is not very good.
  5. that's probably why we lost the football game we don't have the personnel to run a 3-4.
  6. wow with Kyle Shanahan go to the Super Bowl Without Ham 7-9 Maybe Matt Ryan is overrated.
  7. Matt Ryan is good QB but to bed, Gm is an idiot HC is Crazy.
  8. The coaching staff is not too bright
  9. yep it's gonna be a long year for us
  10. wow why is everybody being so delusional with a 7-9 Football team
  11. Every team in the NFC worries me because we are a 7-9 team
  12. Koetter is the game-day head coach Knapp is OC