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  1. There are no coincidences on the internet.
  2. I like Wilson so maybe this just says more about me as a person. But the idea of Gruden’s circus driving Wilson insane is something I want in my life.
  3. Come on now, that was one shiny hook and you took the bait.
  4. This is a really solid point. First rounders tend to be different due to the investment. However, if we drafted Sewell I would love to see the fire under McGary at the thought of getting benched and the competitive streak in Sewell not just being handed a LT gig. You can bet he will be a team player and excited to help at LG if needed but that man child will low key be disappointed if doesn’t take an outside spot.
  5. Pitts is so smooth but I cannot get over the past TE success from the first round. It really should be irrelevant with the way the league is trending to pass catchers having instant impacts. Yet I still view TE as one of the lowest probability for success positions in the first round.
  6. Reager is their Tak. In 2 years the sunshine and rainbow fans (do the eagles have those?) will be referencing injuries and how he’s still young blah blah blah. But the whole league will still be like, bruh... ya dun f’d up. Own it.
  7. Since you did the dreaming on Wilson I’ll go another route and dream on our 2nd and 3rd round picks. Sewell Phillips Washington LeCounte Sermon
  8. I’d happily take Sewell and Hill/Cleveland/Smith etc. Giving Ryan time and a run game over the remainder of his tenure is our best chance to return to the playoffs. I keep seeing people wanting Harris at RB. Running behind what exactly?
  9. Azeez shot up mocks not too long ago and now I’ve seen 2 recent kicks dropping him back into the second due to polish. Who knows. Tackles and corners are always hot commodities so as much as I selfishly want to drop Horn, it ain’t happening.
  10. William Moore. Injuries were the issue but I looked right past his college hobbles and loved the second round value. I guess as long as I can remember the falcons have never had a star safety longer than a season or two and I wanted to believe he was that anchor.
  11. I argue if we had won the super bowl TJ would have been taken as the obvious falcon locker room fit. TD wanted a guy with an edge after watching his team pray time would run out. I swear he thought he was drafting Marshawn like swagger.
  12. 40 years of draft study and the Jimmy Johnson chart has been out for 30 of them. Essentially a very basic starting point for trades that has been accurate to within 3-4% of point totals. The outliers are almost always QBs causing the overpay such as Josh Allen for 400 surplus points. Your scenario has the Cowboys giving up a future second it looks like over the value- 550 points worth or more. Is it possible? Sure. Statistically likely (as in “very realistic”)- no. These type of trades are few and far between even if teams line up perfectly. Miami could move their pick for the third QB, we cou
  13. What is this gibberish? I never questioned your picks outside of wondering if Pitts will be there... I simply pointed out that you don’t get the bama DT because that pick will not exist. This is only realistic if you cherry-pick massive overpay trades to make your scenario work vs the higher probability outcome. But hey I love the “ it could happen, it happened that one time crowd.” Hope you don’t play poker.
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