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  1. WR translates differently in recent years but what we saw the last two years could still be an anomaly. I am a take what the draft gives you guy. For the love of god if we are terrible next year I hope it’s a defensive line heavy draft. We know about the Oregon stud. However early mocks that usually mean little outside of a broad view of talent are very offensive line heavy. If our future LT is early in the draft then don’t blame the messenger.
  2. I am going to toss out the Titans. Farley is a lotto ticket but last time they went with an injured first rounder it was Simmons who I believe ended up playing as many or more games than Lindstrom. Being lazy and not looking it up. Radunz and Molden were guys I would have been thrilled with at our picks (thanks to this site turning me onto them, cheers) and are why I am high on the Titans draft. Monty Rice was an overdraft IMO but he could be a productive 2 down linebacker under MV.
  3. Spot on dude. If the value is there great but how about protecting the only guy who is going to win us games. Rounds 5-7 are all luck to me so roll the dice on whoever, especially a good running QB for creative plays.
  4. Love that we have options instead of being just outside the window of top talent like the last few drafts.
  5. I would have been happy with any of those guys as well. It’s an amazing feeling not seeing us reach for Horn or Surtain which TD would have done all day.
  6. I am all for rebuilding when in 7 to 8 win purgatory. Loved when the Braves pulled the trigger at the right time. However, the contract situations made that impossible for the Falcons. With QBs lasting longer and having big seasons into their late 30s it was a no brainer to try and win with capable coaching. Especially an offensive minded coach to keep consistency for the first time in Ryan’s career.
  7. Dude just look back through your old posts on my activity from February. I couldn’t remember what fanboy was obsessed with Marvin Wilson and positive he was going in the top 5 being a total pain about it. Of course it was draftnut.
  8. Exactly. He isn’t going anywhere. To use a baseball term, the surplus value of a player on a cheap controllable contract makes draft picks highly coveted. I think I read in another thread we would have 23 mil in dead money 2 years in a row. Now all of a sudden a late first rounder for Julio means attaching 23 million to that rookie deal. That player would need to be a star out the gate to have anywhere near the value of another team drafting a league average starter with a similar pick. You are better off fielding an insane pass catching crew with a plan to protect Julio.
  9. I can guess who was a Taylor Gabriel guy.
  10. Smith does not fit our scheme, not an athlete that can pull. Carman is my guy that might be had late second early third. He wants to play tackle but he will have to to get over that because speed on the edge he can’t handle worth a flip. He’s huge and dominant in the run game as well as athletic enough for our scheme. If we can move back to grab him and gain a pick I would be pretty happy.
  11. I liked him because he was so dominant as a freshman but the fact is he just isn’t overly mobile and an average athlete. His scouting report basically says our blocking scheme is the worst fit for him. He may end up a stud in a man scheme somewhere but it’s a solid bet he doesn’t play for Smith’s offense.
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