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  1. Possibly he finally can see the light and the cost of his constantly moving up. One super stud on defense might not move the meter enough. Maybe just maybe he tries trading back and trusting his scouting to fill as many glaring holes as possible.
  2. Well a schits and giggles thread sure brought out some total dbags yelling get off my lawn. I am trading down... 1st) Been seeing Brown fall in mocks so wishful thinking he’s there around 10. Kinlaw otherwise. 2nd) Delpit has been falling but he would be fantastic in centerfield. 2nd) Diggs if using a 4th to move up is necessary then do it. 3rd) Willie Gay, the next KJ Wright 4th) Van Jefferson- His routes are some of the best in a top WR class. His size, speed, and blocking ability limit his upside so I believe he can fall to this point in a studly WR class.
  3. You must be secretly related to Bill O’Brien if this one is a toughy for ya. I hope you are trolling.
  4. Yet you mention Fulton who got beat by Higgins pretty bad in the championship. Diggs is still newer to the position and growing into it.
  5. Dude you are talking about the best WR last year. A guy who out played one of the deepest WR classes in history. Diggs, Terrell, and Dantzler all said at the combine he’s the best they have gone up against. Between the 3 they went up against Jefferson, Chase, Jeudy, Riggs, Waddle, Smith, Pickens, Higgins, Ross, Mecalf, AJ Brown, Lamb, and Marquise Brown. Chase doesn’t have the height, probably faster than most expect but not a burner. However, he has Michael Thomas ability to get open. Total stud that made every corner look silly. Too bad Stingley is on his team, I’d love to see that matchup.
  6. Definitely not but he at least acknowledged in a recent interview that it was an option after avoiding it for so long.
  7. Love those first 3 rounds. If Willie Gay makes it to the 4th I want him bad. Gay, Jones, and Murray would solidify LB for years.
  8. If I’m TD and the seat is feeling pretty hot my picks are Murray if he’s there and Dobbins if he’s there. That’s two positions rookies impact pretty quickly and two positions of need. Then hope those lineman from last year really shine, Hurst plays well, and Fowler gets double digit sacks. All that and Quinn can fail miserably and TD is easily insulated.
  9. And that puppy had the wuhan virus cure
  10. Diggs, Fulton, Gladney, Terrell, and Johnson have floated between 1st and 2nd round grades. Hall and Dantzler have floated 2nd-3rd. I’m waiting for a second round corner. For 1st pick- Kinlaw, a top lineman if available, or trade down. Safe pick- Murray
  11. We snuck in at #9 for total defense in 2017. The highlight of hiring our legion of boom mastermind. 2016 we were 25th. Let me put it this way...If a new franchise came along and the Falcons could only protect two players from being taken in an expansion draft, then we wouldn’t lose anyone.
  12. It’s been so long since we have had a really good defense that our standards are lowered to statements like this. We have two guys, some potential at corner, and replacement level players everywhere else. Oh and Neal but he’s broken.
  13. It’s a question of value. Patriot fans can argue Sanu was worth the pick blah blah blah but from our view and the macro of other fan bases- we won that deal. This deal we overpaid and that is pretty clear to outsiders and realists. 3rd rounder straight up for Hurst was the highest value he should have received. Next year after another year on the pine he would have garnered a 5th tops. Of course TD and company blew their wad of cap space so we couldn’t franchise Hooper and make that a possibility. Lastly I don’t like old guys in the draft. I always wonder if they are showing better because the difference in 21-22 yrs old and 24 yrs old in development is substantial. Maybe Perria Jerry just left a sour taste in my mouth.
  14. Just came here to say if former first rounders who haven’t produced are going for 2nd rounders Id like a reset on Tak please and thank you.
  15. This is why I don’t understand the lack of love for Murray on this board. It’s like a bunch of TD clones here just wanting LSU defenders.