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  1. Having heart is big but having a brain on the field is bigger. Big picture.
  2. Yes, if they have the capacity to understand the benefit. Such as the likes of McCaffrey and others sitting out meaningless bowl games.
  3. And where did we draft those potential HOFers? Also the references to teams always picking top 10 and getting no where- a key point is missing. Those teams don’t have a franchise player at the most valuable position in all of sports. We hit on ours and needed to trade away a **** of a lot of picks to get him a franchise wide receiver. Let’s not forget the Michael Jenkins days, or the fact that to wide receiver available around our original pick the year we took Julio was Jonathan Baldwin. Also we moved ourselves out of position to grab first round talent that falls to the early second round. Way to miss an opportunity to make some lemonade out of a lemon season. All this said, if they draft Simmons all will be forgiven.
  4. Woke up to texts from a Raiders fan and Saints fan both talking about the play calling. Bar stool runs the Sark jokes because they are easy pickins. Non Falcon fans are laughing, either give Sark his crack pipe back or fire him. Sober Sark is terrible
  5. Sark: 50/50 ball here is the call Sark left shoulder coked out demon: That’s exactly what they expect you to do, run the ball. Sark right shoulder drunk demon: What if they thought you thought about them thinking a run play would catch them off guard. Go with a roll out cutting off half the field with a fullback as the main receiver. Who cares if it’s easy to cover, it’s about being unpredictable baby!
  6. You guys seem to forget how cringeworthy it was last year giving up massive field position on special teams. What’s the likelihood of 6th rounders panning out anyway? You really think we find another Jarrett? We spent a 6th on a gunner to pair with Bethal and another 6th on a freak who will blast downfield blockers. If Gage runs jet sweeps and screens like Gabriel then we got a steal and more than we bargained for. If Ivy League can be an adequate back up at hybrid S/LB then we killed this draft. Smith likely returns kicks for us as well while replacing Teco next year. At this point you kinda have to trust their mid round RB selections right?
  7. Hopefully you and your fan hood since you seem to know better than DQ and company.
  8. First, let me start off by saying that I believe there is a plan at DT with free agents. Otherwise we could have made a heck of a pitch to the UDFAs available, especially Thompson. Second, how scared are defenses of Sanu, Hardy, and Hooper? One of the worst WR cores in the league. When Julio gets hurt no matter how how small an injury that is what we are left with. Basically counting on using our backs creatively. Even when Julio was getting doubled all last season as a decoy how many times were the rest of the crew smothered even in single coverage? This is huge.
  9. Sun stfu. A “need” reoccurs every other year. Hankins and company are still out there. Chill out you moron
  10. I disagree. Good RBs can always be found later but if you need a stud RB with a 5th year option then going Gurley, Zeke, Barkley, etc isn’t a terrible strategy. You can likely take your offense up a peg with a top RB even if you have other needs. TE is a different story. Ebron, Pettigrew, Eifert (injury related). Second rounders have been average at best. And don’t give me the Ertz is good so ha! I go with the rule not the exception...
  11. Ding ding ding. The #1 position you don’t take in the first round.
  12. I have to completely agree with this logic. I wish we had money for a FA DT just so we could go straight offense. If Ridley falls that far I think you have to no brainer take him over a DT anyway. The separation between RB (outside of Barkley), WR, and TE this year is negligible. Take a shot at all 3 this draft.
  13. I’m no scout but at the combine his throws were awful. I mean random air mails all over the place on tosses over 10 yards. Even warm up throws got the crowd stirred up.
  14. Just my 2 cents... Deon Cain or Calloway late would be more than fine with me. We have enough solid personalities to keep them in line.
  15. The 6-4 298lb DT our of Mississippi State who ran a sub 4.7 40? You thinking of someone else crunky?