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  1. I just can’t take these type of responses seriously. Doesn’t the absolute spot on scouting of Mack completely destroy the point you are trying to make? I mean despite facing weak competition all scouts agreed he was elite in a draft class that included 17 first round pro bowlers. If anything you are making the point that scouts saying he’s nothing special beyond college should be taken as gospel. Would you like to try again with a small school, record setting, late round pick? I love shredding the exception to the rule argument but Mack and Donald ain’t it.
  2. I think the transition from flag football to tackle might get him killed.
  3. I mean if he shows agility at the combine he could be top 10 but overall he has just used power, a quick first step, and a very good swim move for success. That all sounds good but agility at DT is the name of the game these days. He tends to hit the ground off balanced when he breaks through the line. Elite DTs regain balance and adjust but us laymen see breaking the line and moving the QB as some massive win. Not in today’s game where the ball comes out so quick (except in our offense) that simply disrupting the pocket is not enough. In other words to say he’s a once in a decade ta
  4. Say what?? Once a decade DT? Maybe I’m reading different scouting reports.
  5. We have solidified a good mix of defensive talent this draft. Reading his D alone should get him minutes so that’s encouraging.
  6. Exactly. Worse combos on paper have thrived. Just acquire the top talent on your board and worry about the rest later. As of right now we have a pretty legit defensive package, versatility, and depth on the court. Off the court we have some serious assets if a trade is deemed necessary.
  7. Excluding the draft picks who do you take: Polished run stopper/raw pass rush upside/pedigree/locker room guy or Greater raw pass rush upside/ liability in the run/ hood tough/ T-Rex arms I was all in on the Baker train but as far DE it was an absolute no brainer.
  8. Bauer, this year is an outlier for Ozuna. He can’t play defense and certainly can’t run the bases. I’d rather pay Cruz on a one year deal than have the “oh great we are on the hook for x amount of years and x amount of dollars for this scrub” conversation when Ozuna falls off. Easily predictable outcome here. With Bauer my hope is 3 healthy high end starters for the playoffs. Let’s say Anderson has a sophomore slump, Fried or Soroka is injured, or even Bauer continues his every other year high end production we still have depth.
  9. It’s disgusting watching them on the bases or trying to bunt. I went nuts over this during last years playoffs and this year I’m livid.
  10. Look up the answer from the last couple years you made this thread.
  11. This same effing argument EVERY single time.
  12. Glad he had hit this year. Every other part of his game is beyond trash.
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