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  1. Having heart is big but having a brain on the field is bigger. Big picture.
  2. Yes, if they have the capacity to understand the benefit. Such as the likes of McCaffrey and others sitting out meaningless bowl games.
  3. And where did we draft those potential HOFers? Also the references to teams always picking top 10 and getting no where- a key point is missing. Those teams don’t have a franchise player at the most valuable position in all of sports. We hit on ours and needed to trade away a **** of a lot of picks to get him a franchise wide receiver. Let’s not forget the Michael Jenkins days, or the fact that to wide receiver available around our original pick the year we took Julio was Jonathan Baldwin. Also we moved ourselves out of position to grab first round talent that falls to the early second round. Way to miss an opportunity to make some lemonade out of a lemon season. All this said, if they draft Simmons all will be forgiven.