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  1. Can’t block someone in the back, it’s the only reason Julio got free
  2. Says he doesn’t waste his time on “scrubs like me” Wastes his time writing a comment telling me he doesn’t waste his time lol
  3. It’s football man, don’t take it to seriously. I don’t believe in TD and Quinn anymore and want them gone. I will enjoy watching the game win or lose cause either we going to the playoffs or Quinn and Co getting fired. Either way I’m happy and you’re making some pretty serious accusations there, show me proof of me trying to sell someone fake tickets. @JD dirtybird21 I need you to address this slander on my name
  4. Is this your way of saying we aren’t a bad team? I agree Ryan and the offense played terrible, I expect more of this next week.
  5. Not to mention Wentz for a drive and there Kick Returner gifted us a TD
  6. Game was given to us due to injuries and 1 turnover by eagles. When the Falcons get beat by the Colts next week don’t get mad at me for saying I told you so. plain and simple we are 8-8 team who just. Squeaked our an ugly ugly win.
  7. FalconsManhood been here for years. Wish I could say I was a Saints fan. They at least have a Super Bowl. im fed up and really don’t care anymore. Just having fun with y’all
  8. The block by Sanu should have been a penalty. illegal block in the back. Refs gave us one for home cooking. Eagles robbed
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