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  1. He is terrible. Small school prospect that got over drafted because he was good at working out. never had ball skills or technique to play in the NFL. He will be lucky to play back up LB in the NFL, I’d keep all of our current players over him
  2. Smith was a joke... look at the development of his Talent in Tampa. keep it real, it’s becoming more and more obvious that we won in spite of mike smith not because of him. he lucked out and got a QB like Ryan but wasted 7 years of his career
  3. Rest In Peace Slappy! Ill scream a little louder this year just for you and when we finally wIn that Super Bowl I’m going to throw a huge party and celebrate it like I know you and the countless diehard fans out there would.
  4. 15 million is the new norm for average players. would you rather have Sammy watkins, Stefan Diggs? I know they are different position buts just trying to show how the salaries have changed. And I consider Grady above average and could still develop into elite
  5. 5 years 72.5 million 36 million guaranteed. This would be a great deal, and pray he takes it before the DT market gets reset again.
  6. Sigh.. you clearly don’t understand why it’s important to them. Another example of “Shut up and dribble”
  7. What a shame, we have a team that supports the military like no other. Volunteers with USO, brings vets to games, off season programs with military, a coach that bases a lot of his values from those in the military and constantly shows appreciation and respect for those who serve. even with all that you can’t support or at least respect their rights that to a peaceful protest. What a great shame
  8. Let’s do it
  9. Dimitri Flowers would be my pick, good enough blocker with good speeds and hands to be a factor in the pass game. take him in the 4th or 6th
  10. Julio Jones, Trufant, Mckinely are guys we went after Spoon, Jerry is what happens when you take what’s left over.
  11. For the right guy it’s worth it, that has been proven time and time again. that decision is up to Quinn and TD.
  12. Watch out for New Orleans
  13. Also has us trading 1st and 2nd picks to move up to 16 with Baltimore we we also would get a 6th round pick in the deal. Id take that deal if our guy is there.
  14. Honestly thought he had fell off. I stand corrected