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  1. Saw it was written by La Canfora and didn't waste my time. Just like anything with Ledbetter
  2. To recover two inside kicks, having scored 34 points up to that point, and to not even come away with a field goal to put the game out of reach is so pitiful. I get wanting to run the clock, but we also need a first down and god forbid we line up the right way to prevent a clock stoppage. Gotta say, I'm not happy with the win. Same ole same ole. Just managed to win due to a Drew Locke INT IMO
  3. You take out that Drew Locke pick which wipes out the easy Gurley TD and its a whole different ball game that we easily could've blown. Weren't far from doing so anyways
  4. Yet earlier they call that the clear forward pass a fumble lmao refs never cease to amaze
  5. Road warriors (on a good day) and home poop-the-bedders
  6. I'm ready to hear a report of a fight breaking out at practice or the locker room of someone putting him in his place. Gang up on the mother ******, I don't care. Teach the child a lesson.
  7. What a jackazz man Holy ****. This is an embarrassment for the franchise. Agree with everyone that there's no way in **** we turned down a 2nd for him
  8. Nobody cares if it matters to you. They are factual stats that are interesting. They shouldn't change anybody's opinion on anything. If anything it shows how impactful Ryan has been throughout his career which never should've been in question unless you're a hater just to hate
  9. The decision doesn't deter my thoughts on him. He's still putting up great numbers and likely doesn't have much more to gain by finishing out the season other than maybe respect from some but hes still a 2nd rounder IMO. I'd love him to battle Kazee at FS
  10. Continue to accept mediocrity then. I'm sure your response is, "well 5th and 6th in PPG isn't mediocrity." It is when it could be 1st or 2nd if we had a competent OC and capitalized when we need to. Its not all on Koetter but he's a big factor.
  11. .....not when you have 1st and 10 in the redzone or 1st and goal. Yes points are always good to get. But we have been terrible in the redzone and thats where over half of his field goals come from.
  12. Wouldn't mind Javon Holland either but he'd have to be a 1st rounder I'm thinking at this point
  13. Paris Ford would be a nice rangy safety with ball skills. If he's available in Rd2 and we got him I'd be happy.
  14. Holy **** i just saw that we rushed 36 times and only thre it 30. I'm truly baffled. We'll take it
  15. Surely we won't win but another game or two and still end up with a top 8 pick, surely...
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