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  1. I like Samuel Jr (FSU) or Robinson (CFU) in the 2nd if we go CB. Grant (I mock in almost all my mocks) or Moehring (if he's there) as an alternative. I'm on board with believing CB and S are pressing needs going into 2021 regardless of who we sign. If we go safety Rd2 then Trill Williams in the 3rd. If we go CB Rd2 then Ardarius Washington in the 3rd
  2. Hey man if we can fill other positions of need while getting Sermon say Rd4 and Hubbard Rd5 then I'm game. Moving them both up a Rd is questionable but not out of the realm. I'm starting to get on board with two RBs with Ito as the 3rd RB but only if we draft a CB, S, and Edge in between. Defense after all is more pressing
  3. Likewise if you don't believe Ryan could play into his 40s as some of the other great QBs have. ASmith will likely do wonders to help prolong his career. Unless we draft a QB at #4 then Ryan will be here for at least 3 more years while quite possibly signing year by year deals after that, depending on his play. Hate away
  4. Definitely depends on how he's playing over the next three years but I can see him paying until his 40s. Dude has been as durable as they come
  5. Recent years shows the majority actually don't pan out. I think you try and find a guy in Rds2-4 or in a perfect world we're picking at the back end of the 1st, preferably 32, and maybe can move up a few spots for a guy we really like. Best case scenario, we don't have to worry about this until 2025 or so..
  6. If the draft fell this way it'd be pretty Damm awesome. Still not too familiar on Odeyingbo but he certainly has the size and potential to be a solid edge guy. Would likea TE but other than that, no complaints
  7. I definitely don't see us taking Harris that high. He may be a future star but that would be a major reach and is highly unlikely. I also don't think we would trade with Carolina but if they gave up that much then how would we say no?
  8. Coaching most definitely didn't help anyone. You can't help but wonder what better coaching would have done for certain guys.. and unlike Quinn who was handed a great defense with studs to work with, ASmith took guys and made them into studs who previously were not thought of in that way whatsoever. So yes I definitely have confidence ASmith will get the job done
  9. What I like about ASmith and TFont is they seem like they're gonna do what's best for the team. They aren't gonna get too enamored with having this record setting offense to where they focus on the Offense more so than the Defense.. ahem Dimitroff... and they seem like they would know the Defense is what needs the most attention and help which will result in more wins with what we already have on Offense. Really lookin forward to this draft. Dimitroff has my appreciation but the record shows he was not very good drafting/signing Defensive guys, albeit with the occasional "hit", and it see
  10. Really like this dude. Regularly mock him in the 4th or 5th. Not sure he'll last that long in reality though. He'd be a great CB2 in the draft to go along with a Rd1-2 guy, depending in how FA goes of course
  11. No doubt. The FA class at safety is great this year. Marcus Williams, Justin Simmons, Marcus Maye, Anthony Harris would do wonders for our defense. Other guys like Tre Boston, Karl Joseph, Malik Hooker would certainly help as well that would come cheaper. Surely we'll sign one of em 🤞
  12. Yeah if we could trade down and get Surtain and then take Richie Grant or Moehrig in the 2nd to pair with a solid vet Safety.. we'd be looking pretty solid in the secondary.
  13. There should be several cheaper options like brown: Ingram, Davis, Montgomery for example. I do think we sign a vet RB to pair with a rookie but maybe not. Maybe we role with a higher rookie RB to go with Ito and Ollison. In ASmith/TFont we trust at this point
  14. He very well could. I picked him up in Fantasy last year so I know he was more than serviceable for them throughout the year. Id like a little more trust in the starting RB a la Marlon Mack or Chris Carson but then again they have the injury concerns.. hes likely a little cheaper than them probably which would help as well
  15. Yeah I'm definitely not opposed to Mike Davis. He could very well be a solid option for us. I haven't watched any of kylin Hill up to this point but hes got a similar build I believe. Id like a speed guy thrown in there somewhere but its not a necessity I reckon
  16. Get your panties out of a wad dude. And na I didn't know that.. in that case give me Marlon Mack
  17. Williams goes Rd2-3 no doubt I'd say. Idc what these mock draft machines are saying
  18. Didn't think about him. Hes a possibility as well no doubt. I think Edwards and Mack can be signed for the same amount though in which case they definitely have more upside IMO
  19. @FalconFanSince1969 has a solid mock of us drafting two RBs that got me thinking. Its an interesting idea that would allow us to use our cap space elsewhere and its a solid way of going about our situation. However this post is about the possibility of signing a vet and drafting a later guy. Ito theoretically should be a good 3rd down RB but the concussion injury is a concern. Having a stable of RBs is a nice thought. We definitely could take two RBs and I think thats a solid idea however, if we choose to go veteran RB and later Rd RB, here are some options without taking the notable guys we a
  20. Totally reasonable. If we could get Williams and King in FA that would be amazing man. Then pairing Surtain will Terrell on the outside.. Definitely loving that idea. As much as I'd like a veteran in FA at LG, if this happened instead I'd be very excited. And if ASmith is the offensive guy he seems to be then Gono or Hennessy should do at LG really. Linsley would certainly help.
  21. I don't think McNeil will last that long but if somehow he did then this would be a stellar draft. I don't think Hubbard is needed if we get Williams but that would be a good 1-2 punch no doubt about it. Do you have Hennessy battling Gono for LG I assume? Thats my only big issue. I'm tired of going into a season hoping the oline works rather than being confident
  22. Heard that Matt Rhule coached him at the senior bowl and they have a good chance of drafting him rather than wanting to trade up for a QB
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