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  1. Tired of doom and gloom fans is more so the case. If you're not gonna have any optimism and wanna say this and that will not go our way then I guess that just makes you a hater. I don't understand following a team If you're gonna be that way but hey you do you. Agree that the pro bowl is a joke nowadays. Ever since Tyrod Taylor was voted in, albeit as an alternative, I was done letting it carry any sort of merit with me. But nonetheless I think there's a chance we have a guy or two and I do believe we win more than six games.
  2. Always the negative Nancy huh? You're being realistic in your eyes I'm sure but have some optimism Jarrett should be for sure. Ridley has a good shot. Lindstrom potentially at the rate he's going. Beyond them I do think wins will play a big role
  3. That does sound better and isn't outlandish either
  4. He AND Pitts will be perennial pro bowlers and both will consistently exceed 1,000 yards every year. No hot take here. Only confidence.
  5. So happy to have a competent OC who fortunately is our HC and will hopefully build stability for the next 5+ years
  6. What are the **** odds lmao and at some point who decided Glasscock was the family name lmao
  7. Some of them very well could. Guys that are towards the end if their career but want one last rodeo. Houston, Vernon, Griffin, Clayborn, Sheard for instance. All have a decent shot at decent playing time and furthering ther value next off season
  8. Thought I'd share. Maybe I should've stopped a drink ago.. Lmao Featuring Neon Deion, Mooch, Mayock, and Theisman
  9. I feel you. And to bring him back mid way through the season was hilarious. The Chicago kick is the first memory I have but man he never failed sealing wins
  10. Joking aside let's give Koo a chance at some clutch kicks this year and see if he's a long term solution. It's possible, but Matt Bryant goes down in history no question. Morten Anderson lost me with being inducted with the Taints in the HOF. Might not have been his decision but still!
  11. I got 5 minutes in while doing other stuff on my phone and still couldn't listen to it. I do like Chris Sims to an extent with his pre draft rankings because he makes it interesting. But Florio is terrible
  12. He signed with them but was cut not long after. Is that a red flag? Potentially. But he's familiar with Pees obviously and could be a solid veteran backup.
  13. He hasn't played more than 13 games in each of the last four seasons which is an issue as an OLineman. When healthy he's definitely serviceable if not more so, but that's the caveat with him. I wouldn't be opposed to a one year prove it deal
  14. Casey and Correa should be able to be had at a relatively low price/maybe vet minimum. If so, both would be solid additions no doubt. Cuts will bring more options for sure, but getting a vet NT in Casey could make a big difference. If I'm TFont I'm already talking to his agent with the recently freed up cap space. If anything to get an idea
  15. I think we should all have confidence in Davis being a solid RB for us. The question more so is how do Ollison, Patterson, and potentially Hawkins play behind him. Do they play well enough to make it a RBBC, does he separate as the lead guy, or is he forced to be the lead back because no one steps up? I'm hoping for the RBBC scenario but I won't be surprised at all if Davis goes for 1,000+ rush yards and 300+ recieving yards and solidifies himself as the main guy. On a side note: having Ollison as a big bruising back up and Hawkins as a change of pace/fast guy, sign me up hah. Here's to
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