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  1. Whether the man says "Atlanter" or not, he's definitely a great owner that we gotta respect. The most recent hires haven't panned out but thats not all on him. He's done a lot for this franchise and we definitely gotta be happy to have him at the helm
  2. I definitely think we're gonna draft a TE as a high priority this year. Whether we its a hybrid type guy or big blocker with recieving ability, we need a reliable TE2. I look into Freiermuth
  3. Its something we've lacked since Turner. It may not be a necessity, look no further than 2016, but its a nice option to have and helps wear down a defense. Ollison is big but hasn't shown me anything to think he's a pile mover. I don't necessarily think its a must have in Smiths offense, but again, its nice to have it as an option and would compliment Ito well
  4. This is a 2021 draft season! We don't look ahead!... na but yeah good future look at a potential CB in 2022
  5. Well DL should be first and foremost. Retaining Neal and a healthy Kazee help at Safety. Yeah I'm definitely looking at safety Rds 2+ but as far as an immediate need: gotta say DE, CB, HB, DT, TE, S in that order. Its gonna be fun to see how Fontenot and Smith feel about this though. Gonna be a fun next few months That said, I'm not sold on Kazee at FS. Holland and Cisco make a lotta sense Rds 2-4. It just depends on what the coaching/GM staff prioritize.
  6. I definitely think so too. Whether it's round 2 or 5 remains to be seen. Gotta think it's a priority. TE I think will surprise us as an early round pick as well with Arthur Smith, though this class isn't exactly strong in that category. All the more reason to trade down and accumulate picks
  7. Gainwell is an interesting guy. Maybe a Kamara type guy potentially. Not opposed to him at all in the 3rd-4th. I reckon this year will be a watch and see approach with Arthur Smith but it goes without saying we need a RB to come in and compete for #1 reps. Hopefully Fontenot feels the same way
  8. I was born in '93 so you're not speaking my language but hey maybe times are changing
  9. Very cool man, I'd imagine Ronnie Brown was a fun watch in high school. I come from Woodstock where no one besides Nick Markakis come from haha but I hold onto that one. Love me some high school football playoffs
  10. As stated above I agree its high but with Arthur Smith at the helm a solid running game is necessary, like with any team. Hubbard, Williams, Smith, etc are all good later round guys but don't provide the same upside. Id be happy with Ettiene even in the 2nd, even though he's not a bruiser like we need, because he is maybe the best all around guy in the draft. I just wanna run smashmouth football man
  11. I haven't watched any of Patterson so I'll look into him. I like Stevenson for sure. I agree its high and a 3rd or 4th would be ideal. I just don't wanna miss out on him and Harris. Plenty of good RBs in the draft but, up to this point, none of the rest measure up to the top two guys. I know DE, CB, S, LG are likely better options in Rds 2-3 and hopefully Arthur Smith can make one of the 2nd tier RBs work all the same. I just love the thought of Harris or Sermon on this team and thats what begged the question. As we know, mock drafts differ quite a bit from reality. So its just an intere
  12. I don't know of any other injuries besides the title game but I haven't looked into up to this point. Injury histories are getting less and less a factor anyways today because technology. Guys bounce back nowadays like the injury never happened. I agree the 2nd is high for him but the point is that if he's gone in the 3rd then it drops off. As far as the bigger, power and speed guys go
  13. Thats cool, I wished I had moved to Cartersville a few years ago to see Lawrence play. But yeah Sermon is the #2 RB no question at this point. Shows passion when he plays, runs hard, has speed, etc
  14. I knew I was missing a guy. I like him too along with Hubbard and Carter but none of them are big bruising guys like we need. In a perfect world Ollison becomes that guy or whomever we pick works in this system regardless of size but a bigger guy that can break tackles has been sorely missed here for a while
  15. Me too. Id hate to wait until our 3rd pick and he's gone. Hubbard is my 3rd option but pulling the trigger on Sermon Rd2 might be the move
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