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  1. Didn't appreciate the opening but it was about right with the reaction wise ha... 😞
  2. Yeah but if Keanu gets hurt again I think he'd be a good replacement for him at Safety. Played it every year in college and had a ton of INTs. Definitely not the field general Allen would be in that role but definitely more athletic with big play potential. Of course I'm hoping as we all are Keanu comes back where he left off when healthy in which case he's a dam good special teams guy and solid competition to Oluokun
  3. This probably true hah but hey they're all still young and hopefully we can bring out something in them. I wouldn't be surprised if Treadwell, Hurst, and Bucannon contribute pretty well. Also wouldn't be surprised if they do diddly squat, save for Hurst who I think at worst gives us 500 yds and a few TDs, but I'm all for taking a flyer on the other two.
  4. Yeah thats true. Those two Tampa Bay games will likely be a deciding factor whether we get in or not, if we handle business like you said in the beginning if the season. As I've read on here, hopefully by then Brady will start to ware down a little and help our cause. Dont expect it but its a thought. I'm seeing a best case/possible scenario as going 10-6. But we could easily be 8-8 if we have one of a handful of games we did last year to start the season. Definitely have to start fast this year. If we aren't over .500 by the bye. I woudlnt even wanna have Quinn finish out the season. Lord knows he would though
  5. 5 of those last 7 are gonna be tough. I like where our bye week is and that we have a 5 game stretch of some easier teams before it but I'm not gonna lie... this has me thinking we could start off hot heading into the bye and be in for a letdown come seasons end.. Hey I know I'm being a Debby downer, just speaking the mind and from past experience
  6. Haha No doubt, at least it's something I reckon. Helped get us Fowler
  7. Apparently he's good at getting players to wanna play for him so at least we have that. Every player has always seemed to say they enjoyed talking to him after an interview, liked the scheme we would feature them in, hes a players coach, etc. If anything there's that which is better than nothing I guess..
  8. Ah ha that makes sense. Yeah that was dumb
  9. Oh my bad I stand corrected. My tipsy self musta read wrong. Carry on
  10. Oh my bad I stand corrected. My tipsy self musta read wrong. Carry on
  11. dam why so many people think he aint gonna retire a falcon? I definitely think he will unless we bring in a GM or coach with zero care of loyalty. Matty Ice NEEDS to be here until he hangs the cleats up without a doubt
  12. His dad only played 4 seasons. He's the cousin to Jake just so we're clear. But yeah I'd love to have him
  13. If Ito can stay healthy he's a dam good 3rd down back, just needs to work on his blocking. Then I'd have Ollison as a short yardage guy and Hill as back up to those three. Hill has never really impressed me besides a decent run here and there set up by blocking. Ito creates his own yards and Ollison can as well with his power and deceptive speed. We have the potential to have a really good HB group this year and thats why I was totally fine with not drafting one
  14. Thats the best grade I've seen, which I agree with. Of course he did give like 75% of the teams an A but nonetheless
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