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  1. I'm talking about recently it hasn't been nothing
  2. That madden curse ain't really nothing no more I think megatron broke the cycle
  3. They **** sure have the same everything far as measurable and stuff do t know about the heart or drive
  4. We gotta keep ray jr for special teams or something
  5. I don't think this the year for that
  6. Yep just popped up on my phone
  7. 6'9 man he might be a monster blocker
  8. I believe him it's much to expect from a dude when he's at best posed to be your 4th or 5th option even behind the rb's
  9. Yea bye see ya now we can maybe try to find a serviceable backup to take his spot
  10. Ok showed us some love that's wassup hope we have a top 10 d this year
  11. Ok I stand corrected if this was already known was going to happen just seemed wired to fire him now then before the draft especially if he had nothing to do with the draft
  12. Got the black man outta there asap huh
  13. Seems he will fit well here
  14. Lls they sick about it
  15. I like this draft a lot you guys have to realize we don't have a lot of holes so we just need depth picks cuz mostly all the starter positions are locked up