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  1. I'm sure the FO wasn't banking on this team being playoff contenders this year. The plan was to sell at the deadline and it looks like they are gonna have to make decisions they really don't want to make.
  2. And YOU were ready to get rid of him after his trying to make a tag behind the plate. So short sighted and quick to judgment you are.
  3. He's like our #4 starter right now and dropping fast.
  4. Sutton was a very insightful analyst when he first joined the broadcast back in the 80s. It was when they started allowing him to do play by play that he became unlistenable. Now he is just old and bad even as an analyst because all he does is talk about players in a bygone era that no one has heard of anymore. I remember before we hired Sutton that Jim Kaat did some games with Ernie, Skip, and Pete. He was very good and really wished we had gotten him.
  5. Hillary Clinton angers me. Dinald Trump angers me when he tweets. Presidents should not be tweeting like an immature 7th grader.
  6. Barry Soetoro angers me.
  7. You must be a heterosexual.
  8. Love Lule Jackson. He did a yeoman's job holding the deficit where it was.
  9. Yes, but we passed on Aaron Judge to take him. Not happy.
  10. Even though it worked out in this particular game, it's still a stupid move to pull a pitcher when he's cruising. Thats an additional 2-3 innings of wear and tear on the bullpen over the course of the season. The bullpen pitchers are bullpen pitchers for a reason, because they are not good enough to be starters.
  11. Finally someone agrees with my philosophy. Especially a knuckleballer.
  12. I know. Not digging at you.
  13. That is some funny stuff right there. Just like he did in Houston, LA , and here? The dude is a CANCER, regardless of his double-double abilities.
  14. This is the smart thinking here. Keeping Adams is contrary to the rebuilding plan. Freddie is the 1st baseman. Camargo, Ruiz, and others are the future. But at the same time, the FO wants to put a serviceable product on the field. And don't forget that the players in the clubhouse want to win NOW if possible. It's hard to tell them these games don't matter.
  15. This is exactly why you do not pull a starter when he is pitching well. Pitch count be ****ed. They have 4 days to rest.