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  1. I am a computer scientist and I created a very accurate program that calculates the advantage that a team that wins the toss in OT gets against any other team. Turns out, because they won the toss, the chances for the Patriots to win were 78% higher than if they had lost the toss. That sounds incredible, I know, but the math doesn't lie and anyone can verify it by looking at the code in the program. However, I'd rather show it to the media, because I'd like a bigger audience to see it. Proving the idiocy of the NFL's OT rules to people one at a time would be a waste of time. The Falcons deserv
  2. I made a program that calculates the advantage the OT coin toss gave the Patriots. Turns out, their chances to win the Super Bowl would have been over 40% lower if they had lost the toss. The math is so solid, even a Patriots fan would have to admit it. I want to share it with the media to expose the silly rule that lost us the Super Bowl. Anyone have any ideas how to get the media to take a look at my program? It would make a huge scandal.
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