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  1. Only if you promise to pay me back in Monopoly money.
  2. Anybody wanna buy my Michael Jackson collection? http://m.ebay.com/itm/The-Ultimate-Michael-Jackson-Album-Collection-/132050980279?hash=item1ebeda0db7%3Ag%3ASCkAAOSw9GhYaR5q&_trkparms=pageci%3A7de904d1-74c2-11e7-84e6-74dbd180a2e8%7Cparentrq%3A9102503d15d0ab6475c1be15ffffc2ef%7Ciid%3A7
  3. Well glad to hear that. I didnt vote for trump but dont believe all the hate against him is warranted. I also hate his bankster cabinet but thats no different than the last nine administrations.
  4. Yes I can admit when I am wrong about something but I don't believe the russia trump narrative. Just like you dont believe allowing our Uranium being shipped to Russia is a big deal. You would support Hillary if she was caught red handed harming America.
  5. Why cant you be objective? You have one thought train only and thats to hate conservatives. Conservative wars bad. Liberal wars good. Trump eats Russian caviar bad. Hillary and Obama sell uranium to Russia good.
  6. You are so smart maybe you can answer me this. Why did Libya Syria and Yemen get bombed? What did they do to America to deserve Hillary laughing at their deaths?
  7. I know right? People are so easily duped.
  8. Yup and Obama called out Romney with something like the 8os called and want the cold war back. Russia is no threat. Of course now they are the new Nazis.
  9. I am more concerned with China building islands on underwater rocks and building military installations with missiles on them than I am with Russia. That threatens our ability to obtain imports in a crisis. What Russia is doing doesnt really affect USA security or trade. I also don't believe we should be the global policeman. Why are we bombing Syria and shipping the survivors to Europe? I don't get that either. What has Syria done to anyone?
  10. Guess I was thinking Crimea somewhere in there. I just don't buy the evil Russians hype. Its not like they killed six of our ambassadors.
  11. Is that Chelsea Clinton when she got busted for siphoning off money from the Clinton foundation that Russia funded for Uranium her mom sold to them?
  12. First thank you for a sane response. You are one of the better leftists posting here. Ukraine has always been Russian. Stalin gave them away and Putin is just protecting his flank. The citizens there speak mostly Russian. Georgia has always been in their orbit too. Putin isn't going to stand for the Bolshevik tactics in those countries to encircle their country with more NATO hardware. Why is America trying to fan the flames with Soros paid rioters in those two countries? If you want a battle stop the Chinese island building and control of Pacific shipping lanes. That's something that affects our national security. We import many things for our military machine. I would rather patch things up with Russia and keep them from getting too cozy with China.
  13. I can honestly say Russia has done nothing to deserve anyones disdain. Putin threw one of the chosen ones in jail (banking oligarch) and is defending Syria (one of the last countries without a central bank). Too bad Obama let all the bankers skate here.
  14. This just in Trump eats Russian caviar. Pelosi and Schumer call for impeachment.
  15. Lol. You think Sweden Iceland Russia and the Netherlands are a threat because wikileaks hosted their site there. Brilliant!