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  1. Autotrader.com or in your case truck trader.
  2. What could be more loving than accepting all mankind if they believe on him as I posted earlier.
  3. What? That's the only King Jame Bible version. What book you reading?
  4. I post a lot of links they aren't all the same. Most people post links. It's only spam because you abhor truth.
  5. No he didn't Jesus came to bring the New Testament and die for our sins. He preached let he who is without sin cast the first stone. He said don't worry about geneaolgy all mankind can come to God through his son.
  6. To be clear I wished a traitor dead which is the law of the land. What's wrong with that?
  7. Thanks PG! I'll be heading to the beach now. Enjoy your day!
  8. Now Christians are racists. It just keeps getting loonier.
  9. Its the left that is the conspiracy theorists. The Russian baloney is a conspiracy theory. Obama and Hill already admitted to being part of a "resistance." Which is conflated with a military like resistance subtlely.
  10. Liar. Christ is not racist and the New Testament never had any such passages. I bet you haven't read it in over 20years.
  11. That was funny man. But seriously thats like suicidal.
  12. I know if you support America and or Christian values your a troll and or racist
  13. God punishes the wicked. Guess you missed Sunday school.
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