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  1. Just finished the new testament again. KJV.
  2. Not only that they also wanted to penalize running backs for lowering their head. Haven't seen any flags for it yet. Flag football wouldn't be watched anyway.
  3. Sad. Satan is real. Make fun of it if you want. I wouldnt buy real estate with a 666 address would you?
  4. Well he does own an expensive piece of real estate in NY and the address is 666 Park Avenue or something. Definitely creepy.
  5. Reminds me a little bit of David Johnson in the passing game. Our offense is lethal when Teco is on the field. Too many targets to defend.
  6. Uh yes they shoot cops and promote violence against police.
  7. That's not entirely true. He was a member of the Terminate Trump group. The media definitely shares some blame in this along with Hillary and the DNC. They are promoting resistance and violence against Trump amd Trump supporters. They also cheer on BLM which has basically been a terrorist group.
  8. Last time I looked we were 12-1 odds to win the SB. Giants were 9-1 and Pats I think were 6-1.
  9. Put me down as on the gem side. Yes he needs development. If we can get him on the field in red zone packages he will be a factor. Dude's a TD magnet.
  10. You didnt get lumped in. I knew you would bring sensibility into the convo.
  11. No doubt. I follow Fatboi because he knows more about football than most posters. I just got ticked when Vandy started his "simpleton" attention getting schtik yesterday morning.
  12. He's here because we moved up to get Takk period. If we somehow we were able to stay put and get him at 31 then we would have moved up in the second for FS.
  13. Agree. I didn't do a mock this year but did key on us getting offensive line in the fourth or later. Fatboi was one of the first few saying Schweitzer will start before the draft. Gdawg and very few others pointed out Willis slow tape as a reason not to wait until the second round on a sack maker. I was more hoping a FS would drop in the second but man they went fast!
  14. This is getting ridiculous. I like all your points about the dline. But Rico won't be getting another contract here. He is average just like Worrilow and will be replaced just like Worrilow.