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  1. I've had the little dude on ignore since day one. I can just see him jumping up and down behind the keyboard slamming the keys.
  2. Amen brother!
  3. Many around here would say I am alt-right. I changed my screen name because PG convinced me to go and actually read what the guy personally wrote like 80 years ago. So yeah people do change their positions some times.
  4. Pretty cool that we have enough depth to consider dropping a guy like Shelby. Nice post by the way. As much as Quinn likes to rotate ya we should keep him. Guys get hurt all the time too so having more quality bodies like him is always a good thing.
  5. I did see a really good looking burger the other day. It was on diners drive ins and dives. The guy made a bison burger with goat cheese spread on the bottom bun. He then put a blueberry bbq sauce on top of the burger with some slicer red onions. Now that's a burger. Insert Guy Fieri Gif here.
  6. Your Momma is a nothing burger
  7. Man, I would not want that dude coming at me full speed at all. He's bringing the pain everytime!
  8. I know a few guys were knocking the trade up for Takk particularly due to the injury. Looks like it will mostly be a non-factor.
  9. Love your south park Falcon avatar. It's like chefs son made the team or something!
  10. Snopes is 100% a leftwing nutjob hugger site anyway http://dailycaller.com/2016/06/17/fact-checking-snopes-websites-political-fact-checker-is-just-a-failed-liberal-blogger/
  11. Fake News. They probably forgot he was even on the team.
  12. not that there's anything wrong with that