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  1. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/04/06/us/trump-russia-cia-john-brennan.html?_r=0&referer=
  2. Like I've said, I'm done entertaining today's Republican party. Expand the SC, kill the EC, reinstitute the fairness doctrine, kill partisan gerrymandering, and overturn citizens united. It's not enough to just recapture Washington. When the Democrat party comes back, they need to systematically dismantle the current Republican party.
  3. Republicans are invoking the nuclear option to confirm Gorsuch. My response? FDR had the right idea. Let's add at least 2 judges to the SC and put in the most god ****ed liberal judges ever conceived.
  4. Because women on message boards are so intimidated by words. Poor, dainty little thing just doesn't have the mental capacity to handle debate and the occasional jab like a man does.
  5. Great, replacing a took with another tool. Heard Gowdy was going to be more involved now. Another Trump transition team member. What a crock.
  6. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/04/05/us/politics/national-security-council-stephen-bannon.html?smprod=nytcore-iphone&smid=nytcore-iphone-share&_r=0&referer=https://t.co/rwKFRROngt
  7. 12th Russian politician/ambassador in less than 4 months. This time a senator.
  8. This scientific problem requires a political solution. How is this complicated?
  9. You have to love the logic: 1. Obama ran a highly illegal and vast surveillance operation on the Trump campaign. 2. Collect vast amount of intelligence on the Trump operation to use against him. 3. Do nothing with it. 4. Walk away. The crazy wing of the GOP has an amazing ability to make Obama into an evil puppet master while also being inept at everything.
  10. It's great when you can have it both ways. Scientists need to give policy suggestions. Scientists don't specialize in policy specifics, so they utilize policy experts to make suggestions using their statements and research. Policy experts are inherently political, so therefore they can be discounted on a whim.
  11. What really seems to be the heart of the issue here is whether or not you believe a person can possess values innately. Personally, I'd hate to go through life where I viewed myself and everyone around me as brutal savages kept in check by belief in a higher power.
  12. How does it make it hypocritical? If you accept there's not an external force that dictates right or wrong, there's not a question of legitimacy without begging the question. Your logic has some pretty severe gaps. It seems like you want non-believers to be moral relativists rather than the other way around. The venom you've thrown around in this thread makes it sound like it's a personal attack on you to argue otherwise.
  13. I bet he keeps his mouth under much better control. Can't see him telling any Muslim clients that he thinks their prophet is a pedophile and still having a job.
  14. I'm a tri-gendered attack helicopter. I hated it Stryker APCs started appropriating my 30mm cannon.
  15. My point is that they are always in the eye of the beholder. The question then is whether or not you believe people can have their own values and an innate sense of value for life, independence, and so on. I believe people do, and I believe that for most people, that's what they act on regardless of their belief in external value systems. Maybe it's a bit scary to say there isn't an external source for right and wrong in the world, and what we consider good and evil are just reflections of the values individuals and the greater society around them determine to be important, but that doesn't mean it automatically devolves into me saying child rape is dandy, nor does that mean that I am "wrong" to speak out against people who do think that. The universe IMO, doesn't care either way, which makes it all the more important that you fight for the values you deem important and be thankful to live in a place where people do value not murdering people for their race, or raping children. If I lived in a place that didn't agree, then it simply wouldn't matter if I told them they're objectively evil.
  16. The conservative snowflakes in here sure get triggered when their logic gets thrown back at them.
  17. Most conservatives just have a pathological hate for science, non-wealthy people, and reality. Idiot.
  18. I'd say learning to think critically and being surrounded by independent thinkers is the safer society. The real danger is groupthink mixed with the type of anger or pride that allows someone to be self-righteous while at the same time dehumanizing others. My assertion really is that a false "objective" grounding really doesn't make a difference either way. If people want to do something bad enough, no external moral code has ever held them back and prevented them from later justifying it.
  19. She was a never Trumper because much earlier on, way before the election, she knew what was going on. So yeah, she's biased against Trump, but for good reason.
  20. Twitter silliness and speculation aside, her actual reporting has been rock solid, and she does have inside information on the subject. People are more interested in those that maintain an appearance of credibility instead of noting when someone does have inside sources, and Louise Mensch does have inside sources and has broke facts on this story miles ahead of other people. To dismiss her as nothing more than a flailing conspiracy nut is overreaching. EDIT: And to add, I'm getting sick and tired of people who have such a hate boner for our IC and "the establishment" that they "whatabout" their way into dismissing any wrong doing by foreign actors or actions taken against the United States. For example, if the United States elections was targeted by Russia, why the **** would you simply say, "haha, we deserve this." Instead of using it as a teaching point, you're more or less taking pleasure in seeing our democracy attacked. What's the gain? Does two wrongs make a right? It's just dumb.
  21. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/327107-trump-signs-internet-privacy-repeal President Trump signed a bill on Monday repealing internet privacy rules passed last year by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that would have given internet users greater control over what service providers can do with their data, a White House spokeswoman confirmed. The FCC regulations would have required broadband companies to get permission from their customers in order to use their “sensitive” data — including browsing history, geolocation and financial and medical information — to create targeted advertisements. The bill uses a little-known tool called the Congressional Review Act (CRA) that allows Congress and the president to overturn recently passed agency regulations. A successful CRA bill also prevents the agency from implementing similar rules in the future. Before Trump took office, the CRA had only been successfully passed once, after President George W. Bush took office in 2001. As of Monday night, Trump has signed 10 bills overturning Obama-era regulations, including the internet privacy rule. Politico first reported that Trump had signed the bill Monday evening. The bill caused an uproar when it passed the House and Senate last month, with critics accusing Republicans of selling their constituents' privacy. "It's shocking that of all the challenges facing this country the Trump administration would prioritize taking away people's privacy," said Craig Aron, CEO of the advocacy group Free Press. "There is literally no public support for this bill. Its only advocates are the nation's biggest phone, cable and Internet companies. There's no longer any question -- if there ever was -- whose needs this administration intends to serve. But people everywhere are on high alert to the serious threat to the free and open Internet. And they will fight back." Meanwhile, the GOP and industry supporters of the bill argued that the regulations would have placed unfair restrictions on broadband providers, given that web companies like Facebook and Google also make data-driven ads and do not have to abide by similar restrictions. “We welcome President Trump’s action today affirming Congress’ decision to hit the reset button by stopping rules that would have created a confusing and conflicting consumer privacy framework," Jonathan Spalter, CEO of USTelecom, said in a statement. "Consumers deserve and expect one consistent set of online privacy protections and this action helps clear the way for a more uniform approach across the entire internet ecosystem. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s commitment to modeling the Federal Trade Commission’s well-tested approach is a meaningful step toward a consistent set of privacy protections that are pro-consumer and pro-innovation." But that argument is proving to be a tough sell, as the bill has been widely denounced by consumer advocates, privacy groups and even late-night comedians. “I guarantee you there is not one person, not one voter of any political stripe anywhere in America who asked for this,” Stephen Colbert said on “The Late Show” last week. “No one in America stood up in a town hall and said, ‘Sir, I demand you let somebody else make money off my shameful desires. Maybe blackmail me someday.’” Democrats are already hitting vulnerable Republicans over their support for the bill. The outrage has been fierce enough to put the telecom industry, the driving force behind the bill, on the defensive. Three of the largest internet service providers — AT&T, Comcast and Verizon — put out blog posts on Friday decrying what they saw as a misinformation campaign against the bill. They argued that the backlash was overinflated given that the FCC rules never went into effect and that popular websites not covered by the regulations also use customers’ data for advertisements. “Hopefully, this week’s action by Congress gets us back on the path to a more rational and consumer-friendly framework,” Bob Quinn, AT&T’s top lobbyist, wrote. “I am also hopeful that facts actually work their way back into the debate.”
  22. 1. He has explicitly worked for RIS for years now. To the point of speaking out and being hostile against the Panama papers because it exposed massive Russian corruption. 2. He openly supports the authoritarian Russian government and state controlled propaganda machine in Russia. 3. He is absolutely against Internet privacy for anyone, but Wikileaks of course. He has discussed his desire to collect a massive database on all people online and all their personal information to keep online. 4. Does not care who or what his "leaks" damage. If he exposes spies or Intel sources that would be killed by his leaks, he considers that their "price to pay." He is a threat to privacy, democracy, and to the United States. He's a Russian agent wearing neutral colors, with obvious motives if you listen to and read his work enough.
  23. I'd like to see a bullet in Assange's face, so there's that.
  24. ere is my theory of how Donald Trump will be impeached, and scores of people around him jailed. It wasn’t just money laundering – it was “data laundering”. My theory is based on public reporting, to which I will link in the text. Here it is: Alfa Bank is a front for Russian intelligence. Along with Dimitry Firtash, a Russian agent of influence, it owns Cambridge Analytica, the data targeting company used by Trump’s campaign. It also owns SCL, the propaganda company responsible for what has been termed “fake news” but was actually real propaganda co-ordinated by Russian intelligence. Cambridge Analytica and SCL use Facebook data they had no right to acquire, illegally stolen by a Russian spy working at Cambridge, to build an unbeatable target database of propaganda. In the closing days of the election, the Russian state hacked into the voter rolls of the United States. Russian intelligence did this in order that they could provide this information to Alfa Bank in order to use Cambridge Analytica’s targeting, and SCL’s propaganda, in order precisely to target voters and tip them to Trump. Paul Manafort, who had always worked for and with the Trump campaign and who never left the campaign, relayed messages to Trump based on this stolen voter database information married to Cambridge Analytica and SCL targeting. Both Manafort and Trump knew that this targeting information was based on stolen voter databases. The Alfa Bank server in Trump Tower provided fresh evidence for the granting of the FISA warrant, I reported. (this is a fact). However, the warrant was broader than merely looking at the server metadata. It explicitly covered US persons caught up in the inquiry and explicitly covered the right for the FBI to read intercepts and hear tapes and other materials on US persons, related to this inquiry, already existing and provided by intelligence from a Baltic state ally, which I name tonight as Lithuania. I believe the Alfa Bank server was sending back to Russia information on the hacked voter databases and how they could be micro-targeted. Just before the election, Manafort, who worked with Firtash and Alfa Bank, told Trump to go and campaign in Michigan. Public polling showed that Trump had no chance in Michigan. I believe, in summary: A Russian spy stole the Facebook data of hundreds of millions of Americans From that data, Russia crafted propaganda messages via SCL and targeted them by Cambridge Analytica Both of these were owned by Alfa Bank and Firtash, Russian agent and boss of Manafort; In order to perfect the social media targeting Russia hacked the electoral voter databases of various key American states: This information was fed back to Manafort and Cambridge Analytica / SCL via the means of the bank server in Trump Tower; Manafort and Trump used terrifyingly accurate micro-targeting obtained firstly by Facebook theft but secondly by Russia obtaining the exact demographic profiles of voters through hacks of US state databases and passing it back to Cambridge Analytica. This theory, if true, would directly connect the Russian state with the Trump campaign and mean that Trump colluded with Russian spies who were hacking America. He will be impeached for it. There is much more Trump has done, but the Russian voter database hacks —> to Cambridge Analytica —> to SCL “fake news” to target the election —-> with Trump’s knowledge via Manafort – is the single most direct proof of Trump’s collusion with America’s enemies. Furthermore and as a coda, I believe, although to what Chris Steele might call a ‘low confidence’ level, that Roger Stone was communicating with Guccifer2 who hacked the DNC and Podesta, and that these releases had not worked. I believe that whoever Stone’s “go-between” to Wikileaks was, that person worked for or with Cambridge Analytica/SCL / Alfa Bank , and that person passed on the message that precise targeting and propaganda would be needed to win the election, hence the hacking of the voter databases and the messaging that went back into them. I have a pretty strong idea who this person and his backers are, and I shall be passing it to UK intelligence. Lastly, following our exclusive reporting that Wikileaks is a Russian front who, days before the DNC hack, not only bought Russian servers, but gave their SSL keys to a Russian hacker Peter Chayanov, meaning he could see – and the FSB could see – everything on the Wikileaks site, including the IP address of any foolish Americans “whistleblowing” to Wikileaks (like Chelsea Manning), meaning Putin could blackmail them, I will assume that Chayanov is Guccifer2; that he was collaborating with Stone and Manafort both directly and indirectly; and that he worked with Russian state hackers to attack US voter databases. And, to quote Jim Carrey in ‘Liar, Liar,’ “That’s the game!” Now I will list the reporting on which this theory is based. I will address “Moscow Mike Misha Flynn” and the Cambridge University spy ring in another post – I have learned the hard way that too much information just shuts people down (when they don’t have ADHD). But as a snippet, I will say that I believe Jared Kushner and Mike Flynn were both caught talking to Russian spies who worked with Sberbank, the parent company of SVB Bank – the OTHER bank that was a named target of the FISA warrant. So, if you like, Alfa Bank – which owned Cambridge Analytica and passed info to and from Russia on hacked voter databases, for electoral gain, is the SIGINT part of this theory (Signals intelligence) – and SVB Bank, which funded “startups” through Russian intel front Sberbank, is the HUMINT part of this theory – think Kushner, Mike Flynn and Epshteyn. Again, Alfa Bank and SVB Bank are the two NAMED TARGETS of the FISA warrant granted on October 15th – one week after US intelligence put out a statement on voter database hacking, on October 7th. I believe this is why. There was money laundering from these banks – but there was data laundering, too. Reports: FISA warrant granted on these banks (me, HeatStreet, Nov 7th 2016). FISA warrant granted on these banks October 15th – Paul Wood, BBC US IC is correlating the voter database hack to targeting, with collusion – Paul Wood, BBC Alfa Bank and Firtash, who hired Manafort, actually own SCL and Cambridge Analytica – Ann Marlowe, the Tablet There is a secret server belonging to Alfa Bank passing information back to Russia – Franklin Foer, Slate and David Corn, Mother Jones Alex Kogan of GSR, later SCL, illegally scraped, without permission, the data of millions of Facebook users – the Guardian Kogan fled to Singapore and renamed himself Alex Spectre – Motherboard General Flynn was in touch with a Russian spy ring at Cambridge University – the Financial Times Dimitry Firtash donated to Cambridge University – Ann Marlowe, the Tablet Voter databases were hacked by Russia – US Intelligence Wikileaks and Gruccifer2 are Russian fronts – US intelligence Wikileaks bought Russian servers in advance of the release of the DNC hacks – Laurelai Bailey, for Patribotics Wikileaks handed its SSL keys to Putin’s Hacker Pytor Chayonov – me, for Patribotics
  25. https://patribotics.blog/2017/04/01/alfa-bank-trump-tower-and-a-social-media-impeachment/ This collaborates heavily with a few things I received on the down low a little while back. It's much more than a theory at this point.
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