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  1. "Scary" Terry aka Tamorrion Terry of FSU, Sage Surratt of Wake Forest, Jalen Camp of Georgia Tech, and Amon-Ra St. Brown of USC
  2. Who else has this particular source been right on? Not saying that they aren't right here but just curious on the predictions they've never missed on
  3. South Fulton!!!✊🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾
  4. Banneker is my best guess. A buddy of mine came out of B-Town and went to Memphis
  5. Sounds like you went to school in my area. If you played against Cam and EB, PacMan had graduated by the time you got in high school. I graduated the same year as PacMan. He was a monster for Westlake. Didn't get to see Cam or EB but I heard they were men amongst boys
  6. I think he still goes in the same range. The only guy I could see getting dad drafted for sure before him is Barmore, but the strength of other positions this year probably keeps him in the second round range
  7. That second scenario would be awesome if it actually happened. I would be absolutely giddy if our first four picks went that way
  8. Manifest: we trade back, get a king's ransom, and still are able to draft Fields or Lance. And Trevon Moehrig and Najee Harris
  9. Some of the other QBs for me, like Davis Mills, Kyle Trask, Mac Jones
  10. If we take him at 4 I'd have zero problem with that. His upside is through the roof with him being so good at such a young age
  11. And you get Jeff Okudah (who didn't perform well) next to AJ Terrell (who made some analyst's All Rookie team). I'm good on Jeff Okudah
  12. Don't think I'd be asking Detroit for Okudah following his rookie season. AJ Terrell played much better than him in their first years as pros
  13. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2021/3/25/22327994/falcons-7-round-mock-draft-post-free-agency-nfl-draft-2021-kyle-pitts-jalen-mayfield-jevon-holland Pretty good mock for once
  14. Not at all. He'll be 27 next month. Probably just a typo
  15. We'll definitely have depth. Quality depth? That remains to be seen but we're definitely signing some bodies to the roster
  16. If Kansas City was giving up a kings ransom I'd trade with them. Just depends on what the other teams are willing to give up and what we're asking.
  17. Lawrence, Sewell, Lance, Pitts, Fields, Wilson
  18. Definitely sending my thoughts and prayers to you, your Grandpa, and family πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
  19. @papachaz Above average player? The guy made 8 Pro Bowls and 3 First Team All Pros and he's just above average? He's not what he used to be but a team friendly deal definitely be worth the risk for a Geno Atkins. You must have misread the thread title and thought it was Geno Smith, simple mistake no worries.
  20. Only 3 of the top tight ends from a season ago were drafted in the first round. This shows that it is tough to find a top flight guy in round one, but finding a top flight guy in the later rounds is just as hard to get right. Who knew that Darren Waller, George Kittle, or Travis Kelce would turn out as they have? Tight end drafting can be as big of a crapshoot as any position. In three years I won't be surprised Kyle Pitts is the top tight end from this class and I won't be surprised if a later round guy like Hunter Long or Brevin Jordan is the top guy.
  21. Just for a frame of reference for myself what are sometimes that teams did a "smokescreen" to throw everyone off of who they were picking? Everyone I read and follow is "hearing that its going to be a QB at 4" for our Falcons
  22. On tape he's not as fast as running in a straight line for 40 yards would suggest but he is very polished and knows how the play the position. His length and size combined with that polish and while not a blazer definitely good enough game speed to keep pace with most NFL wideouts makes him worth of early first round draft status
  23. Mike Davis is from the Atlanta area and when given the opportunity last season he showed he can handle getting starter reps. I like the signing.
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