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  1. You can't keep pointing to one game as your selling point. How many all pros does Mostert have? How many times has he rushed for 1000 yards in a season? The NFL is full of players that had 1 elite game and hadn't performed to that level again. Dexter Jackson won a Super Bowl MVP, DeAngelo Hall owns the record for most picks in a single game. But again I ask you if he's that special of a player why hasn't San Fran locked him up? And if you had the choice would take Mostert over any of those 3 names here in Atlanta?
  2. I think all you have to do is follow the money. Regardless of position, special players get paid and there is and always will be a market for special players. And that market normally starts with the team that has that special players. The 49ers have a little more than 15 million in cap space and haven't offered him a contact yet. That should tell you all you need to know about his value. Let's not forget that Jerick McKinnon was going to be the guy until he got injured and even then Matt Breida had a strong season toting the rock for the Niners in 2018 (800+ yards) with Mostert on the te
  3. There aren't even 6 elite tier receivers in the league that you cannot debate so how tf do you put Julio at 7?
  4. Deebo is a beast... thanks for sharing
  5. The only bad part about this is he's in a category where he's only judged by Super Bowl wins. Until he wins one (which I think will happen this year) he will never get the full credit he deserves. Here's to hoping the king gets his crown sooner than later here in Atlanta
  6. Still not sure how I feel about the gradient ones but the other 2 are flames!
  7. For those people that want to put Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz and Lamar Jackson above Matt Ryan without accomplishing what he has should have no trouble putting Matt Ryan above Brady and Brees, right now
  8. Yeah we need someone who can consistently reach block DTs and although we don't know if Matt Hennessy can do that at this level we've seen that's not really Larry Warford's game
  9. Hopefully holding the Lombardi up over his head after Super Bowl LV
  10. The media always talks about the top end starters on TB's and NO's rosters but with all of the signings we've made this off season, with possibly more to come, our depth is what will help us win big and consistently this year, and Deonne Buchanan is going to be a huge part of that. Not to mention that or top end starters at several positions are among the best in the league
  11. People keep mentioning how he cherry picked mostly bad plays of Jaylinn, but I think that way kind of the point of the video. Fans had been asking him to do a video covering Jaylinn Hawkins and he didn't feel comfortable doing one as quickly as he did ones for AJ Terrell and Marlon Davidson because he hadn't seen enough to give his two cents. Given how long it took four him to finally cover JH I'd say he did his homework. He showed different areas of JH's game that he feels is lacking and could be exposed, if we wanted to see a highlight vid there are plenty of them that showcase JH at his
  12. Its a move couldn't hurt but it doesn't help out a bunch. We always like to think that the older veteran players can mentor younger guys and help them live up to their potential but it would benefit us more to go after a guy like Everson Griffen or Matthews as mentioned multiple times.
  13. I could see Terrell finishing out his rookie season with around 45 total tackles, 1-2 sacks, 2-3 picks, and 10-12 PDs. Numbers like that will definitely get him an all rookie team nod
  14. It warms my heart to see absolutley nobody voted for cam jordan
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