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  1. I hope I'm very wrong on this but I just don't think Vic is a consistent double digit sack guy. He's comparable in size and speed to John Abraham but he doesn't quite have the bend he had. JA55 could plant that foot and cut on a dime toward the QB. If we get a consistent 6 to 8 sacks from VB44 in key games (like division opponents) I'd be perfectly fine with that. I think we'd all take an 8 sack season from VB44 if four of them were on Drew Brees.
  2. I think we can all make a pretty good educated guess about the position we will pick but they player always seems to be a surprise. If a lot of those guys you mentioned are still there in the 4th round (assuming we don't trade up) then I'd love to take them, I'm just not sure we will.
  3. Cody Ford, Jawaan Taylor, or Christian Wilkins
  4. Shenault is a **** of a player, I found myself enamored with him early in the season. But let's be honest, the only reason he was ever a Heisman candidate was because if his usage. Receiving, multiple reverses to him, running out of the wildcat is all well and good but most NFL won't be bold enough (or need to) use him like that. Receivers just don't get enough chances to effect a game to win a Heisman. Think of the dominant college WR seasons we've seen without winning a Heisman. Justin Blackmon had a season with 1700+ yards and 20+ TDs, Corey Coleman 1300+ yards and 20 TDs, Amari Cooper 1700+ and 16 TDs, etc. As for a knock on him the only thing I see is a lack of route running (and this is coming from only watch highlights) . I'll say we don't know if he can consistently beat defenders with crisp routes because it doesn't appear he's being asked to do that much. I don't see DeAndre Hopkins at all. Hopkins was never fast. He beat defenders with crisp, physical (and I mean physical) route running, and unbelievable hands. Shenault appears to be faster and his hands look very good, but as I said the route running just isn't there. The comparison I see, and I say this as a compliment, is Kevin White. The West Virginia Kevin White was a monster. Very comparable size, speed, and ability. Although I think if Shenault gets drafted and stays healthy he'll have a better pro career.
  5. Yeah but coming out of college Michael Turner ran a 4.49 weighing 237 lbs. I do agree though, if utilized correctly he will consistently abuse tacklers after contract.
  6. These moves may not be anything (for me) to get excited about for now, but they definitely have peaked my interest. Very curious to see how this all shakes out thru camps, OTAs, pre season, and ultimately the start of the season.
  7. Chad Lavalais Chauncey Davis Frank Omiyale Darrell Shropshire Quinn Ojinnaka Jamaal Anderson Trey Lewis Doug Datish I think McKay was hit or miss just like TD is. This is a list of all the guys in the trenches McKay drafted that hasn't been mentioned.
  8. Not really character concerns. Teams just question how committed he is to football. He is a very diverse young man with a lot of different interests.
  9. How will this affect Julio's deal?
  10. If we start the draft off with those two picks I'd be ecstatic
  11. This guy gets it. I hope the guys drafting have this exact same thinking
  12. Give me Ford over Taylor
  13. I know a lot of the draft moves would be contingent on what we do in free agency, but would anyone be opposed to taking Cody Ford in the first (leaving him at right tackle). And then grabbing Chris Lindstrom in the second.
  14. Is he coming out this year? I think he stuck around for his senior szn
  15. Tough call, would love for either one to happen. But I gotta go with scenario 1