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  1. Lol... maybe not the exact same result. Same destination, different outcome. Atlanta Expendables Super Bowl LV Champions!!!
  2. Im hoping we sign him, but if/when this works out should we change our name to the Atlanta Expendables?
  3. While I don't think we'll be somewhat of an afterthought like so many talking heads, we won't be beating Brady and Brees seemingly justy because they're old
  4. Here's to hoping that comeback player of the year moniker isn't just a captionšŸ¤ž
  5. This is in conjunction with those who mentioned the O-line, but I feel if Todd Gurley is healthy and stays that way throughout the season he will be key. It's been a while since we've had a consistent run game that can sustain drives, move the chains, and get in the endzone even when teams know its coming
  6. The all white ones are the cleanest to me. Those black ones are dope tho
  7. Every signing we've made this off season has been interesting if nothing else. I'm so really for the season to start
  8. Oh wow...Kerry Meier. I remember when he got injured during the pre season thinking that we lost a key piece to our offense that season.
  9. Speaking of Jimmy Williams, Ithink he was drafted in the wrong era. If he were to get drafted in this year's draft he'd probably be a good candidate for an off-ball linebacker. Bulk him up to about 225, which wouldn't be a problem and let him fly around in the box and make plays from sideline to sideline. I think he ran a 4.44 at his pro day. That'd be interesting to see
  10. You pretty much covered just about everybody any fan can think of, but one guy I was completely geeked that we drafted and didn't do much was Lawrence Sidbury. I just kept thinking about those 4 sacks he had in their championship game and that spin move. I just knew he was going to be our late round diamond in the rough
  11. Hands: Fitz, pretty easily Speed: Hill, he's called Cheetah for a reason Route Running: Parker, but Julio could easily win this category Contested Catch: Nuke Hopkins
  12. Isaiah Oliver is another name that can be added to this list. He's struggled with consistency his short career but if he stings together an entire season of what he showed in the second half of last year (which I think is very likely) I think we'll all be pleasantly surprised
  13. The name that pops in my head is Kaleb McGary. He's someone that if I hear by midseason that he's been one of the better RTs in the league I'd be pleasantly surprised. Another name that I long to be pleasantly surprised by is Keanu Neal. I'd love to see KeKe play in every game of our Super Bowl run this season
  14. Squats or deadlifts with a hex bar. The reason a lot of athletes are trained to avoid straight bar deadlifts is the risk/reward factor. There a far safer exercises to get that function and explosion that won't put your back at risk. But with proper form and technique straight bar deadlift is fine
  15. It depends on the bar you use. A hex bar that you can step into and really drive and explode thru the hips is great, and the straight bar Grady is using is fine as well. Where you'll gret the pushback is the risk/reward factor. The straight bar puts the lifter at risk for injury far more than the vast majority of exercises that can give you the same results and explosiveness you look for in high level athletes
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