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  1. The guy's got his work cut out for him. If he can get them to 8-8 even 7-9 in a year or 2 he'll be coach of the year
  2. If he is indeed the guy then that's all the more reason for me to pull for Tampa Bay this weekend. Let's go ahead and get him in so we can get started building this dynasty
  3. All of it is really a crapshoot as fans are concerned because none of us know just how much any of these candidates had to do with the success of their respective teams. All we can really do is hope that we pick the right guy that bring multiple Super Bowls here to our Falcons
  4. Including an OC that has shown the ability to get a great deal of production out of his players and tailor his offense to his talent. He lost his best offensive lineman and that offense didn't miss a beat
  5. People talk about the Derrick Henry factor but he benefited just a much from Arthur Smith's playcalling as Smith benefited from having him. In Henry's 3 seasons before AS he had a total of 2293 yards, and the 2 seasons with him he had 3527. Keep in mind one of our problems has been our inability to run when we have to. The Tannehill notch on his resume has already been mentioned, and just watching Tennessee games this year his playcalling has a rhythm to it that we haven't consistently seen since Shanahan
  6. Just curious what's your top 3 in order that you'd like to see as the next head coach of the Falcons
  7. Chase Young can't do much of anything with Tristan Wirfs
  8. I didn't want to like this because I'm more partial to Arthur Smith or Brian DaBoll but this would be a great scenario
  9. I wouldn't bre opposed to this idea, like any other coach you'd like to know who he'd bring in as his staff and its very hard to discern (as fans) if a guy is head coach material. Can he managed egos, coaching a team and not just calling plays? And again (as fans) we don't know how much of these running games performing very well has to do with him
  10. If it gives you any hope all three if the teams you mentioned drafted RBs last year. Pittsburgh to Anthony McFarland, Buffalo took Zach Moss, and Tampa Bay took Keshawn Vaughn. Not sure how they are evaluating them following their first seasons but they were all pretty high on these guys when they got them
  11. Some guys are just more coordinator than head coach and I think he's one of them
  12. Why are we interviewing Todd Bowles?
  13. Jevon Holland, Trevon Moehrig, or Ar'Darius Washington either 1 of the 3 will be an upgrade over what we have
  14. My thoughts still remain that you draft the best play available to you in most situations. And if that player is a QB, which could very well be our case this year, you pull the trigger and take that QB. We can take a QB at 4 and still put a team and offense in place around Matt and compete next season
  15. I understand that way of thinking but each team's situation is different. The Patriots won 2 Lombardi Trophies with the guy that was suppose to replace Tom Brady, Denver won one and made it to another with an expensive QB, San Fran made it with an expensive QB, as did we. Each team's situation is different. And I think we are a team in a very unique place that has argueably more talent than any team drafting around us and a QB, whether he plays next year or not gives us the best chance to win next year and beyond. I mean its not like the number 4 pick is our only chance to add talent to th
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