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    NOS25 reacted to ya_boi_j in Sean Payton Again Trolling Falcons 28-3   
    That's the thing. It's all good rival fun. Trying to make a huge deal about Payton doing the same is pretty telling. 
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    NOS25 reacted to Realsurfin in Free Agency Grades NFC South...   
    Always denial here.  Another off season on TAFT that elevates TD and DQ to sainthood. After another pitiful performance and season that was full of nothing but excuses.  Then they dump almost half the starters after proclaiming continuity.  While insisting there is no cap problem.  Deny everything and admit nothing.  TD & DQ's modis operandi.
    Overcoming denial is the first step.... 
    I can't wait to see what our grade is going to be after the draft.  If we are lucky we will get a B- or a B.  That is if we are lucky.
    But of course the posters here know more than anyone else that has a different take on what is actually happening.
    It would be great if TAFT fans could back up all this trash talk with at least one superbowl ring.  Or maybe a few playoff wins.  Until then being humble and humility might be a better way to go cause it looks foolish when fans try to trash talk. Especially against superbowl winning QB's and teams.  You cannot claim greatness unless your great.  For 50+ years the Falcons have perfected losing. 
     Its put up or shut up time again... lol 
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    NOS25 reacted to dmo_dlo in That win against the Aints   
    This eerily reminds me of those celebrating the SB win in the 3rd quarter ...
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    NOS25 reacted to saints4life25 in That win against the Aints   
    As long as we don’t blow the largest Super Bowl lead of all time, I think I can deal. 
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