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  1. Yeah us Saints fans were lurking yall board from afar thinking "Wow there really is a small contingent of fans convincing themselves even with the same mediocre coaching that this year will be different" lol. Reminds me of our Jim Haslett days.
  2. there's way worse we've experienced than that lol
  3. Maybe cuz...ohhhh I don’t know...we’ve won the division three straight years??? lol
  4. also we went 7-9 three straight seasons, yall are just one more season away from tying us! Yall can do it!!!!!!
  5. and yet we STILL have more championships than yall
  6. Yall went 7-9 back to back seasons and are complaining the media is ranking yall middle of the pack
  7. Offseason threads on Falcons forums are funny because it's always "Wahhhh why does everyone hate us and love the Saints" and then by November the threads on here are "Wahhhhh why are the Saints good and we suck? FIRE DQ!"
  8. bEtTeR tO bE kNoWn FoR a ChOkE jOb... maybe if yall implement a bounty program yall can actually win it all
  9. First time poster, long term lurker It's great to see fans of a franchise known for the biggest chokejob in sports history actually still muster up the gaul to talk trash to us after a consecutive 7-9 season from them (something they used to try to use against us as trash talk) Yes guys, we are liable to get our hearts broken again next month. It's nice to see that has become your franchise's pivotal moment every year: cheering for your rival who wins a lot to lose in the big games you never succeeded in.
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