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  1. Does this mean we'll see more of Pitts at WR in 21 personnel?
  2. Just came to lurk the thread for updates and of course the conversation on Matt's deep ball is back smh. The off-season is too long.
  3. Just shows the need to build the team. I don't know if anybody is getting open but he seems to have to hold the ball 5+ secs.
  4. All this mobility just to run for his life smh.
  5. Voted Slater, like the polish and can play guard day 1 so no need to move Matthews. A dominate line would be nice. Was looking for the Farley option.
  6. So was 2016.... Every year is it's own team, as the eagles players said about not wanting to tank the last game for this upcoming season.
  7. I did, and you proved my point. It's a new team.
  8. We are undefeated, I don't know what you're talking about.
  9. I like Farley too, he has all the tools. Same height as Surtain with a bigger frame and faster
  10. Lol, I never notice until y'all say something. I just filter it subconsciously.
  11. Lol, I never notice until y'all say something. I just filter it subconsciously.
  12. All I'm trying to say is 1 pick isn't forfeiting the season. 6 other picks and possible FA (tight cap). It's a new regime so if they feel like this is the guy they want to hitch their wagon to, I'm for it. Just anyone but Rousseau at 4.
  13. Packers just took Love last draft. Packers are playing in the NFC Championship.
  14. Everyone online seems to speak in hyperbole, just the times I guess.
  15. I understand the sentiment, but I personally don't see the difference between sitting a guy selected at #4 or #15. It's still your 1st pick regardless, if the FO thinks that he is the best player on the board, take him. Franchise QBs aren't just laying around and ours is 36.
  16. Agreed, I can't in good conscience tell a highly touted player to go back and play for free again.
  17. I don't doubt it, but I dont agree with a singular game playing you out of your draft position. If you would've took him at 2 or 4 before this game you should still take him at those spots.
  18. Lol the one game evaluations are back folks!
  19. How many times have we seen refs call it too early, always better to let it run if you're not sure
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