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  1. If Sherman could make a career out of it why not Jalen? I rather my CB get bailed out with his physicality and no calls than get just plain beat. I know falcons dbs don't get the benefit of the doubt but he would be coming with a reputation already.
  2. I don't know how one physical play shows that he's bailed out most times, when he held Hop to 40 yards. Also I would say his best trait is his ability to catch the ball, something else everyone holds against Trufant.
  3. Understandable, but firing Quinn isn't going to change Ryan's decisions.
  4. Why are we talking about firing Quinn like Matt didn't cost a 13-17 point swing?
  5. Will we ever get a complete Football game? We always get one side of the ball that wants to show up.
  6. Nah then we would have an excuse to run on the 1.
  7. How you base your defense on speed and cant stop any speed, I dont understand
  8. In shotgun on the 1 cant be serious
  9. I wish it was just hardy, ST has been ineffective for as long as I can remember,
  10. I watch so many qbs jump and push the ball over the line but not us
  11. Cant run the ball inside the 1 smh. They always wanna try to be cute inside the 5