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  1. Those shanny tears will taste sweet wooooooo
  2. Me. Wish he would lose every game. But, he’ll win tonight and get a ring. sorry, can’t let the worst choke in sports history go. Kyle on to winning and the falcons stuck with quinny and a salary cap that won’t allow them to improve. Depressing stuff
  3. why? Falcons ain’t going anywhere with Quinn. Poor Gameday Coach. kyle gets the benefit of an elite D from picking in the top 5 for several years in a row. Kyle and Quinn combined for worst choke in sports in history. The media will be chirping about Kyle getting redemption, Falcons stuck with a clown talking about the brotherhood.
  4. Depressing that Kyle wins a SB and the Falcons are stuck with Quinn.
  5. Falcons have given up 301 yards to the Cards at the half. Good God. just fire him now
  6. Say this all the time. Wasn't the first time he didn't understand how to use clock, just the most egregious. He's not a good coach. What's the point in letting him finish another lost season?
  7. Needs to gone way before then. What's the point in letting him finish the season?
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