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  1. He wanted off the team and he is now off the team, whether he was traded or released the end result in the SAME from his perspective; he is no longer on the team. He's only 25 so I am sure he will get another opportunity somewhere else, whether he makes something of the opportunity is tbd.
  2. It looks like the first coach to be fired may be Matt Patricia in Detroit, should be Quinn but we know Artie is the king of doing nothing.
  3. Didn't Bryant retire and then due to injury return to the team?
  4. I cannot see him still employed if the team is 1-7 heading into the bye. What is the point in delaying the inevitable if the team is 1-7? Not only does the team need a new HC they need a new GM as well. I cannot see DQ getting another HC job. The fact that the team is in last place with the talent it has and the injuries to Newton and Brees has to sting.
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