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  1. He looked like he was giving it all he had; but I don't think his body can keep up anymore. Brutal job, but that was what this team needs to look like. Run the ball!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'd like to have an unfiltered conversation with a player at some point and hear what they actually think about their team, coach, scheme etc.
  3. I think he is a great short term motivator. That term has now reached its limit.
  4. The worst loss of that superbowl was my enthusiasm for this team. I still root them on and watch most every game; but it doesnt feel quite the same. Maybe overall that's a good thing, but overall football still isn't as exciting. It was there, and it wasnt taken away, it was thrown away.
  5. Favorite falcon of all time! I wish I knew his thoughts/inside scoop on this steaming pile of a team.
  6. He's not terrible, but he sure isn't worth what we are paying him. Honestly, for how this team is playing I don't know why you even need an RB. Seems like we pass 80 times per game. OR we do the run pass pass .... pass pass pass pass run pass pass pass pass pass pass technique. I hate this team sometimes. 1-7 seriously?
  7. I really focused in on him yesterday, thinking others were being dramatic, and good lord. How is this guy on the field? He clearly doesnt care anymore. Him and 2-3 others need some serious bench time. wow.
  8. Say what you will: I cant think of anything more appropriate for this team
  9. During the summer I just knew this roster was loaded with talent... Now, just offload whatever you can and start the needed rebuild. Clearly I have no idea what I am talking about when I think this team should be great.
  10. Crazy how much I did not like him when he entered the league and he turned out to be my all time favorite falcon by far.
  11. Early success can be just as tough as early failure. Similar to Mike Smith, our team has been living in the illusion that we are 1 or 2 steps from getting back to the superbowl and focusing on filling in some gaps rather than doing what worked in the first place, which was continuing to build and progress and develop new talent. It clearly didnt work. Its 2019 and we are building a team to go win the 2016 superbowl.
  12. going bills and 49ers. the 49ers look like atlanta did in the past so I can just pretend they are wearing red jerseys and care about football.
  13. exactly. This will be a massacre, but I really don't care anymore at this point. I can go enjoy the last few sundays of fall before the terrible winter sets in. I cant believe I wasted hours on this garbage ... he said as he was reading and typing on a Falcons message board.
  14. no. I watched him closely last game and I cant believe how terrible and unmotivated he appears. Just kind of roaming and round doing a bit of this, a bit of that. What team would actually GIVE us something to take him? I say we sweeten the deal with some of the cheap hot dogs I keep hearing about.
  15. Great return and I am happy for Sanu. Cant wait to see how we blow this pick!!
  16. any experience against an actual defense is great as he certainly is not getting that in practice.
  17. too lazy to research this, BUT didnt we have a coinflip with Miami or something the year we drafted Ryan, or was it a different team. Perhaps we are headed in that direction again! Say what you will about the pass rush and defense but you can't deny we call a mean heads or tails. I'd really like to see more focus put on that for the remainder of the season. Perhaps some drills, loud music, navy seals, catch phrases, the whole works would be great.
  18. I am so baffled by this nonsense. I really wish I had an inside scoop that just explained how the defense got to be THIS bad. I expected middle of the pack at best, but even a top 20-25 defense would be fine. SOMETHING happened. They didnt forget how to play football, they certainly understand this basic system; so what is the problem?! Might as well just not even play the defensive players at this point. Just don't even send anyone out. We stand a better chance of stopping someone with gravity and wind resistance in the dome than this garbage.
  19. I cant imagine paying to watch this team play. Im curious to see the turnout at the next home game
  20. I want to say yes; but honestly I need to see results before I feel any enthusiasm. Im sure the offseason will be filled with more nonsense interviews that say all the right things and we will get some new stupid hype videos; but just go win and shut up is my mentality at this point. I am still experiencing some denial at how we are here but reality seeps back in each and every week. If I were a player, Id be out to bring in a check and avoid getting injured at this point.
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