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  1. The reason for losing runs a lot deeper than injuries. Injuries happen every year to every team.
  2. Out of all the DQ idiotic slogans; HOW did he ever think this was a good idea? And there had to be someone in the building willing to say "Hey Dan, maybe this isnt the best slogan for THIS particular franchise and this particular time". Any other conglomoration of words would have been better. I would not trust his judgement for "paint on sale" as was discussed in a delightful read earlier in the week.
  3. I'd be upset, but THIS would feel new, and not as much like an ongoing pattern. Im pretty convinced that the superbowl loss had longstanding psychological impacts on this organization and I am not saying that as a joke. Just as we were all EXPECTING the team to choke, I am guessing they are also expecting to choke..That weird gut feeling we get when its happening is probably 1/100th of what they are experiencing... and the pattern reinforces itself over and over and over. At the first signs of adversity there is a sense of panic; and somehow, someway they manage to find a way to do it ag
  4. I think we are just trying to hold a window open that's pretty much closed. Understandable, but the reality is becoming apparent.
  5. Yes, better for about 2-3 series in the first quarter. Then, the other team adjusts.
  6. This team was not built to sustain any injuries whatsoever. I didnt have high expectations going into the season; but I never expected I'd start to hate this team after 2 games. Disgusted at this point.
  7. I love Julio and think trading him would have sounded insane a few weeks back. Granted; I am not a cap expert so it may still well be insane; but the reality that we may be approaching yet another complete rebuild cant be ignored.
  8. Based on my experience with this team that defense will somehow manage to show up Sunday and then our offense will put up 9 points and lose yet again. 17-9.
  9. This was a great read. 2 things I really enjoyed 1. I liked seeing all of these meltdowns together. I had completely forgotten about the 2 point conversion loss. That was creative 2. I like how he says Dan Quinn knows when paint goes on sale at Lowes. I'd assume Blank still has enough influence at Home Depot to make sure he doesn't get in there and mislead his customers about paint.
  10. I actually expect a win. A win provides the fanbase a glimmer of hope. Apparently, this team is truly sinister in that they prefer us to have hope. I suppose its more fun to get our hopes up before they destroy them yet again.
  11. Can't disagree. Watching this team makes the season seem endless.
  12. Fixable I suppose. Not sure they will be fixed. Seems like one thing gets better and 3 things get worse. I am still confused as to the identity of this team, which was what I feared. I was encouraged to see a bit more running; then that stopped. BUT, I think this team is absolutely incapable of playing from behind. Seems like the panic button gets hit pretty fast and things just crumble from there.
  13. No. Not quite tough enough to be a primarily running and defense team. Not quite good enough to be a finesse team that puts up a lot of points.
  14. Yep; exact same as years past. Usually the first few games reveal the truth which has sadly been mediocrity. I hope for the best but until you show me something different I expect an 8-8 or 7-9 caliber football team.
  15. This baffles me more and more every day. Who are these idiots who think they are "free" to do whatever they want despite how it affects other people. I need this presidency to end. I knew he'd be bad. I accepted it. I had no idea he could screw up this terribly; and his base of morons would blindly support him. I have honestly wondered if this is the tipping point for our country. We have been headed downhill for a while and this might be the part where we simply fade into a dictatorship
  16. Crazy how you see the attitude of this moron trickle down to other people in leadership positions. I cant believe I pay taxes to support this garbage.
  17. Its maddening. I live in Montana and we have been lucky so far. BUT, as tourism has increased with re-opening so has the "dont tread on me" attitude from the red hats... Surprise surprise cases are increasing..... I am fine disagreeing with people, but have these morons been here all along and I am just now forced to look at them or is this new? Its just a cold, fake news, and 1000 other bs empty lines of nothing...... I swear I have never felt this frustrated with a group of people...
  18. No. This team screams mediocrity as it does most years. Solid middle of the pack team that might squeak into the playoffs.
  19. Love it. Cant beat having Ryan, Brady, and Brees all in the division. AND, Carolina is in the division too and Im sure they will try really hard.
  20. a combo would be nice. Kyle for the first 3 quarters of the game... then maybe lets let DK step in for a bit.
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