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  1. Ha as soon as I unload AMC it skyrockets. I am still happy with the move since I have a few more shares left and its lower stakes. doing my absolute best not to FOMO and buy more GME> But if it dips at all today I make no promises. But look at that Ford!
  2. I'd suggest opening an etrade account and doing papertrading for a bit while you learn. The papertrading helps get you used to navigating and buying/selling/picking stocks without using real money. For crypto I use coinbase but I think there are better options out there for that
  3. welp. No trouble getting that limit order filled 😅; feels good to take a little profit. I kept 16 shares of AMC just in case something astronomical happens. Feels good to have less of a position in it; especially since I am still in GME too. Cant have too much money in those two. Gonna try and keep these funds on the sidelines for a few days until something takes a dive.
  4. Nice! I am thinking about pulling the trigger on selling most of my AMC today. I will probably set a limit order and see what unfolds. I wish I had more shares of GME. I think the "squeeze" talk is a really great way for people with enough shares to sell covered calls to idiots. If I had 100 shares of GME, I could be selling weekly covered calls ridiculously out of the money. Probably use some of my AMC profit to increase my RIGL position and buy some more crypto. Unless of course it tanks before my limit order is filled The crypto world is tugging at me a bit. So much growth potential bu
  5. Yeah the options world can gambly depending on how you do it. I did well with a small NOK 4 month option. I sold it last week. Might get back in once it drops again. I like NOK. Seems like a solid company. Watch out for the theta monster. It can eat up your would-be profits fast; even if it goes in the money.
  6. Yeah never used Vanguard. Etrade is great for me. It has a poweretrade app you can launch that fills options immediately and is easy to use. I have also never used Ameritrade. Good luck with the options world. When it works it works well; its fairly safe as long as you are familiar with the stock and have a long enough time to expiration. It gets casino-y pretty quick once you are buying and selling a week or so out. Its a great way to use less capital to have leverage on a stock; its also a great way to have less capital if you get into day trading.
  7. bam! That's a quick 3%. Doing covered calls and cash secured puts with my measly etrade portfolio has shown me how people with a lot of money are able to make a LOT of money. I am not one of those people. Imagine if you'd had the cash to sell 100 or so of those cash secured puts. That's a pretty good days work.
  8. Yeah that will be pricy. Crazy seeing AMC spike like this. Ill jump off the train at some point; I dont have a very big position so its easier to hold. Hoping F can make a legitimate play on the EV front. I have a LEAP option for 2023 for them.
  9. I didnt even know my AMC shares could turn green until today. Im sure Ill hold them like a moron until they go red again. GME is GME. I'll sell a few if it ever passes me by again, but I am a bit intrigued with what the company is doing. Ignoring all the hype and nonsense, I could see the turnaround being an interesting play. Im not well versed enough to understand the squeeze potential. I understand how it works, but its hard to imagine it (or AMC) going to astronomical numbers... I just dont buy that someone wouldn't step in and protect those fragile billionaires from losing money
  10. Yes. Covered calls are the way to go. Check out tastytrade. They have a whole course you can take for free. The short version of covered calls is: 1. pick the strike price you wouldn't mind selling the shares for if the price were to jump. So if its amc and you have 100 shares that you bought at 9 bucks; pick a price that is higher than that where you would be ok selling your shares if it were to jump. I try and pick prices that are pretty high. You get less money but you can do it every month and have less risk of losing shares (if its shares you want to hold on to). 2. Pick
  11. well gents. After a couple of weeks of day trading SPY options; I thought I'd update my progress. Started with 500 bucks just to see if it worked. After one week 1 was up 10%.. 550 bucks! Week 2. Made another 2 percent or so. Last week. Went from 570ish down to 130 in a blink. That was my last day trying to day trade options. Let me know if anyone wants me to teach you to daytrade. As you can see from my advanced reverse gains, its pretty lucrative. One a separate note; Ive started tossing a few bucks into crypto. Cardano ADA seems pretty legit. Still learning abou
  12. smart. Im still holding those for a while just to join the excitement. Small positions in each. The YOLOing is either complete lies or just insane. I think its an example of online echo chambers. I have seen people saying those would go to a million per share which is nuts (ill take it but cmon). We have to have a market correction coming at some point so I am with you on moving funds to boring money. Looking for some ETFs and high dividend stocks that I can afford enough of to get the dividend AND monthly covered calls off of. I guess you missed the Dogecoin boat? Congrats to the
  13. Anyone else still holding GME/AMC? On another note; just started trading SPY options. I took 500 bucks and set aside for this. Ill keep you posted on how it goes. If I lose the 500 im out; if it works Ill buy a jet. Most likely it will be a very slow descent to 0. My hot long termers right now are still RIGL and a Ford 7 dollar LEAP for 2023.
  14. awesome thanks! Yeah Crypto is fascinating and I think we will have major developments in it for years to come. I want to do it as a buy and hold so that was helpful. I'm figuring out more and more about options. They seemed so complicated at first but once I read more about them there are some pretty basic strategies that are easy. I got hung up in reading about people who did really high risk strategies with them and were basically morons. They are a great way to earn consistent and safe cash which I can use to buy more shares. I can see how it would be pretty doable to make a lot
  15. nice that's helpful. 2 Questions. : 1. What are your thoughts on Dogecoin? 2. What/where do you buy? I got a little confused on the buying and storing process. About 5 years ago I first heard of all this stuff. I was close to throwing a few hundred or a thousand at bitcoin and just leaving it; but I convinced myself it was dumb and that I had missed the boat. My strategy would probably be just tossing some money at Bitcoin and Etherium and maybe Dogecoin and letting it sit for a minimum of 10 years. I am fine with volatility. This would be something I would just ch
  16. If nothing else this GME roller coaster has been worth the price of admission. Wish I'd stocked up with a couple more earlier this week but oh well. Prepping for the lunar launch or another freefall. The days it trades like an adult stock are weird. Crazy when 50 or 500 wouldn't surprise me. Has anyone done any crypto buying? Going in 100% aware that this is gambling.
  17. wow. Look out beloooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Ha. Looks like my daughter will inherit some shares of GME. I shan't sell red.
  18. Today was the first boring day for GME in a while. With the stimmy checks coming and people out there dumber than me; that thing might get a little nuts. Tomorrow should be more interesting. I wasnt able to sell any today as it apparently turned into a grown up stock overnight. RIGL still doing its thing. If I get out of GME I am tossing money in there. I put a few bucks in each month but I still have a small position. Once I get some free cash ITM LEAPS on RIGL.
  19. No free cash but I wish I'd pulled the trigger on NOK or SLGG. Oh well. Theyll come back down. I am thinking of doing something dumb dumb dumb. I might sell 2 shares of GME at a small profit and try and buy the dip. That thing is so volatile I know its doable. SO if I were you, I'd hold on to yours. Once I sell a couple at a small profit that thing is headed to Pluto
  20. also watching the long term options on NOK. Solid business that for some reason got lumped in with the "meme stocks". I might pick up the call options on it tomorrow OR go with SNDL LEAPS because I am a moron and they are cheap
  21. Ha right there with you. I went for a run when it was over 320 with my head held high. Spent the run thinking about where I'd invest next. By the time I got back it was at 220. I got in the game late and have an average of like 275 so this wont be a huge gain for me most likely. I have a few sell orders in but doubt they get filled because I am greedy. AMC could be fun tomorrow though.
  22. Ha yes. Margins seem moronic. I am fine losing my own money. I dont want to borrow other peoples money to lose with interest. I hadnt done options until a couple of years ago and even then not much. Check out LEAP call options. They are pretty simple and a good speculative approach that can really pay off quite well. And yes the loss porn is both terrible; but also a wonderful reminder that I am not the biggest idiot in the investing/trading world. I am reading a book now on weed stocks. I think there is money to be made but there are also a lot of shady/poorly run businesses
  23. agreed. I cant believe when I see idiots on WSB putting their entire retirement into GME. I hope it works out for them, but wow. I refuse to touch any of my "adult" money but the stonk casino is pretty fun. Especially now that I discovered LEAP options. I had sold covered calls before but I had never bought long term options. Those have been a great way to get in on some riskier plays without putting in a lot of money but still have control over a large number of shares. The only downside is they are truly a gamble, but its gambling money so let it ride!
  24. ooooh long time away and now we are talking my kind of thread... I am also a moron Sold off my boring stocks that were making consistent gains (F, GE, RIGL etc) and went into the casino: GME, AMC. Not bad so far; down a bit but recovering. Also found an interesting gamble on a call option for GTT. If they dont announce bankruptcy it might be a good play. Great PB ratio and is either a deeeeeeep discount or a sinking ship. A bit of an extreme take on Buffet's cigar butts concept. Other that that my stable one is RIGL. If I had more free cash I'd take a gamble on SLGG but
  25. Perfect! Im guessing this frees him up to come back and interview for our current OC opening.
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