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  1. I wont give up hope. But with 1/2 a team I expect us to get 1/2 results and close out at a cool 8-8. I hope Im wrong.
  2. the worst. But what a great 2.75 quarters of football. also its nice to be a fan of a team that tops the charts in something. Say what you will, but no team can collapse like the falcons.
  3. run the ball. then run it some more..... On defense really not much I can see that can be fixed. our defense is pretty stout........ Is stout the word im looking for?
  4. of all the people to pick for this post; Rex Ryan seems like an odd choice to prove your point.
  5. agreed. From any business perspective; firing everyone and throwing a tantrum dont tend to be successful.
  6. I do like Quinn not panicking and bringing in random vets to fix the defense. I think the defense will improve as the season wears on. I only question whether it will be too late by that point. If so, thats really disappointing. I am often wrong.. But I don't have hopes after this season. I think we are in the middle or perhaps back half of our high point and it we may be stuck playing "remember when" in just a few years.
  7. yep. The first 1/4 of the season was disappointing BUT every year a team lingers around and gets hot at the right time.
  8. if this is a reference to prison mike; I applaud you
  9. What causes this? Its a little relieving to see there are possibilities but a bit perplexing as to why Matt is making bad decisions. Seems like consistent pressure really gets him locked in and stops spreading the ball around.
  10. Im confused as to why the first drive looked pretty good: motion, creativity, good run/pass blend.... Then for the rest of the game we went right back to looking boring, bland, and predictable. Run on first for 2 yards, pass, pass punt. And if I see another WR screen play im going to lose my mind.
  11. 3 words. Those ridiculous wr screens make me want to gouge my eyes out and set them on fire
  12. "We just need to execute better" "We had some chances"
  13. can't hurt. From another perspective. If I were struggling at my job and my boss hired someone with more experience to "support" me in my role, I think I'd get the message.
  14. 2 solutions: Score from the 25 or 30 yard line and bypass the redzone Run the ball effectively.
  15. I think he'll be fine. Nothing spectacular. A lot of pass plays where receivers are well covered but still make the catch. Luckily, just fine will do. I will miss the excitement of the 2016 offense that you knew could score from anywhere on the field, but I'll take a less exciting offense that gets weekly wins. I think the offense will still be above average so that's good.
  16. Agreed.. I look at preaseason as a whole rather than one game. If the team doesnt look any more organized or fluid by game 3; then perhaps there is some concern. otherwise its just nice to see football. sloppy, bad football.
  17. Side note for cord cutters. I just got rid of cable, but I have no idea what I am doing. Any way to still get local channels? I tried SlingTV for a bit but didnt really like it. Antenna doesnt really work well as I live in a rural-frontier area and access is limited. I have a fast internet connection but lack the know how to get the most of the set up.
  18. Agreed. I also cant help but parallel Nascar and the NFL. Nascar was HUGE for a long time but has declined drastically over the years. I hope the NFL doesnt follow the same path but recent years have me more skeptical.
  19. not a huge twitter fan but when I see something this well crafted its hard to look away. Everything about it is perfect.
  20. Go to Fox Brothers BBQ. We used to live closer to Atlanta and could attend games from time to time. Fox Brothers for the food! If you have time you can hit the Varsity or the Vortex but those are mostly for the experience. The food is Fox Brothers. More local people can probably give you better info but thats always our stop.
  21. WR position worries me a bit more than I thought it did. My fear is Julio goes down at some point and not sure where that leaves this team.
  22. How did everything on this show get so cheesy? Its become like watching a bad parody of itself. Or was it always bad? Perhaps its me and it was always terrible but I watched it through some type of optimistic glasses. Its become hard to watch but I just stick it out because I watched it this long. Just end it already. Great shows know when to wrap it up.
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