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  1. I am more surprised we actually stopped the other 44%.
  2. I cant imagine paying to watch this team play. Im curious to see the turnout at the next home game
  3. I want to say yes; but honestly I need to see results before I feel any enthusiasm. Im sure the offseason will be filled with more nonsense interviews that say all the right things and we will get some new stupid hype videos; but just go win and shut up is my mentality at this point. I am still experiencing some denial at how we are here but reality seeps back in each and every week. If I were a player, Id be out to bring in a check and avoid getting injured at this point.
  4. I am guessing that's because the no huddle runs the risk of putting that terrible defense on the field even more. When it works its great; but a quick three and out and out marches the defense. BUT on the other hand its not like they could really do any worse so why not.
  5. I guess this is where the "flying around making plays" and "fast and physical" and a simple scheme falls apart. Running around, not over thinking, seems to have run its course. Nothing like seeing players just running around doing random things to let me know this philosophy and coaching approach aren't working. This season is perhaps the most disappointing one I can remember. I know there have been others, but the expectations versus reality of this one are horrific.
  6. Im not done. However, we have intentionally planned to take this sunday off from watching this team and do something enjoyable; spending the day in Yellowstone.... I dont mind watching us lose, its nothing new.... its the nature of the losses that gets old. A hard fought loss is fine. Some teams are just better or some Sundays just don't work out. The lack of effort and horrific level of preparedness are what make me frustrated.
  7. True. I dont think that will be a problem this year. No one wants these coaches. I wanted football to start so bad; now I cant wait till its over.
  8. Social learning: Losing begets more losing and its hard to undo groupthink.
  9. Adaptability Coaching Schemes tailored to strengths. Lack of dumb (*&^ catch phrases Identity entrenched in the organization instead of impersonating other coaches and hiring coordinators to impersonate other coaches.
  10. Im as disgusted with this franchise as I have ever been; and there have been some rough years. We've wasted the peak years of Ryan and Julio and we get an uninspired lethargic team week after week. Losing begets losing and as fans we get nonsense and catch phrases. I get the "fire Quinn" notion; but who do you hire? I was in denial of a complete rebuild until the last couple of weeks. Now I really dont see another way. Watching the 49ers last night was sickening. They played like professionals and looked motivated. They ran the ball.... then ran the ball more. Much like this team did at one point and seemed to win games. Part of the culture here is paying players for past performance; being bogged down with them for a couple of years of nothingness; and then starting the cycle over again. That empty shiny stadium is a great metaphor for this team.
  11. The team is done and I cant say I blame the players. Its a business decision at this point as they have a career to consider. On a better note: They've checked out and I, for the first Sunday in a long time, will be intentionally doing something else instead of watching this garbage next Sunday. Taking the family out to Yellowstone to enjoy the world versus laying on the couch watching this garbage team play garbage football.
  12. I want to hate Drew Brees more.
  13. bc its not 2012. Evolve or don't. We have chosen to stick with a playbook that worked in 2016 and a coordinator that worked in 2012. Its now 2019 and the combination of playbook and coordinator are not working. I think itll get better but the world wont be set ablaze with this "scoring machine".
  14. everytime I see these clips of film I notice how empty the seats are.... I sure wouldn't pay to watch this team so I get it. Cant blame the fans. The body language and effort are just terrible. I get the sense that this may be beyond repair this season.... What happened during training camp and preseason to bring this monstrosity of nothingness to the field. Its uncomfortable at points and if it doesn't miraculously change Sunday I see an entire season of this garbage. I wonder if some of these players want out?
  15. Seems optimistic. I think my optimism died a couple of years ago on the dark day of which I shall not speak. I do like seeing a pass rush; but teams adjust pretty quick. Quick throws to some of the worlds most wide open receivers and we are done.
  16. strange how we dont have an identity. Like an ex we simply refuse to get over. We are now the creepy stalker of football teams.
  17. Im glad we are paying someone who is reaching their peak versus people who have peaked.
  18. This progression is all too familiar and so stomach turning. Unless there is some type of miracle this week, the downward spiral will continue. How did this franchise somehow go from somewhat consistent winning and playoff appearances to a team no one cares about? I swear I think this team is emotionally traumatized sometimes. Seems like when things get tough they retreat. I dont have solutions; but I certainly see some problems.
  19. God this team is so frustrating. I cant believe I somehow get excited for football every year. I am tired of the catch phrases and nonsense and just bafflingly poor performance. Im accepting the reality that the window has closed. Now we are apparently working on boarding it up
  20. same themes emerge every year run the ball well we win stop running and throw 45 times we lose. Another theme is we tend to hold on to running backs 1-2 years too long and running is no longer an option.
  21. Disagree. Bad. They made this badness and only they made this badness. No refs, no injuries, no other outside factors. Badly, bad and only bad. Similarly, If they somehow turn it around I will credit them with that not any outside forces or luck. But for now, just to be clear, bad. bad bad bad. only bad.
  22. We've seen what we are going to get. This defensive scheme worked years ago and may have a few bursts left in the tank but all in all I see this as a middle of the road at best defense. In the past a middle of the road defense would have been plenty, but that doesn't pair well with a middle of the road offense unless your goal is 8-8.
  23. The team in general has no identity anymore. The message has worn stale and the music at practice, the pointless catch phrases, as "tell the truth Mondays" is just getting sad. Quinn build this team impersonating Carol and now we have an OC impersonating another coordinator that is long gone. .
  24. I think they will improve. Matt is too good to play this bad for long. Still not really sold on this team though. I see a middle of the pack team that MIGHT sneak into the playoffs. I can also see this team mailing it in if this keeps going. The defense shows spurts here and there but that's been happening for years. The offense will be ok. Overall just disappointed........again..........frustrated..........again....... Maddening to watch these seasons go by. BUT, hey its fall and there's fly fishing!
  25. Id like to agree but I think from last year to this year we know what we are gonna get.