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  1. Freed up a little cash and got in on 2 different dates for F calls and jumped in on an October call for CLF.
  2. just ordered some; should be here this week! Haven't had a mood altering substance in about 20 years so itll be an easy does it kind of experience. Pretty pumped as it sounds like its relaxing minus all the other garbage that comes with Delta-9. Saw some cool preliminary stuff about how it may help with workout recovery which would be awesome as my aging bones don't bounce back from runs like they used to.
  3. yet again all cash tied up; luckily everything is looking good but I wanted to jump back into Ford again yesterday and it would have been a good quick profit. Gonna keep monitoring Ford for a good re-entry and still watching NOK.
  4. oooh them winnings feel good! Nice! Have you ventured into the SPY options? They are about as volatile and heavily traded as it gets.
  5. Im gonna sell the next green AMC day and probably wait for both Ford and NOK to get to a decent price target. I think both of those are good long term ones. Not sure if Ill do LEAPs or just do shares
  6. ha! Nice! I think Im about to get out of AMC. Maybe keep 5 shares just in case. Probably pile back into some Ford Leaps and NOK leaps. Of course NOK jumped today so I need to see if it consolidates a bit before I get in. Also want to get back into CLF> I had CLF in the single digits and sold it because I am an idiot
  7. yeah that theta will eat you alive. My RIGL has been doing well so I am glad I accumulated shares at 3.50. Planning to hold for 5-10 years minimum
  8. Id say that is a pretty good problem to have though!
  9. I dumped more into GME like a true moron. I feel better knowing that there are actual idiots out there who are putting their life savings and retirement into this.... At least I am using my play money. Those same idiots will be the first to sell. I cant imagine having that much on the line. On a side note, I might get back in to Ford at some point. Looks like I picked a decent time to sell. I figured I'd check back and it would be at 90 bucks somehow.
  10. Nice. Havent kept up with it much but hopefully it rockets
  11. Same. Have you checked out the Options Millionaire subreddit? A lot of great info and a strategy that works if you have the discipline. I had to bail from daytrading options for a bit. It takes a lot of mental energy and time. BUT, I learned a lot about options and charting that I use with my overall strategy. I finally sold my Ford LEAP today at a 50% profit. I am on the GME train until the end. I have done the research and don't know that an opportunity like this will come back around. I'm fine if I lose a few grand but I'd kick myself for ever if I got out of it in the name of playing it safe. I have cash on hand to buy more after it likely tanks some after the shareholder meeting. I bought a couple more this week and I am actually averaging up now 😆. I still have 20some shares of AMC that I had left after I sold to get a small profit and recoup my entry costs. I might sell off a few and buy more GME.
  12. still riding the GME train? I cant seem to cash out on this one. I wish I had stocked up more when it was stuck at 170. Might add another one today. Hoping for a big dip after the shareholder meeting. This thing is going to be a bloodbath
  13. should be an interesting week. I dont know what's true and what's not with the crazy markets. It has really taught me how to take profits a bit faster though. Whats the deal with CLNE? Ive seen the name come up a bit but I havent done a deep dive on research.
  14. I sold a call I was up on and bought another GME. Sitting on the rest of the cash until a good play comes along. I considered selling my Ford LEAP but I think Ill hold it a bit. I have it until 2023 and they are making some interesting moves that I like.
  15. ortex article out saying that shorts still havent started covering. Meme stocks might break something if they ever do have to cover.
  16. probably going to average up on GME. This is really dumb. Might do a cash secured put on nok when it has a red day. Still have some AMC left. Might buy back in if there is a dip. I am usually bad at not taking profits so I am glad I took some more off the table today. All this AMC action is from FOMO. The shorts still aren't covering so this could get out of hand if they have to cover.
  17. Even the garbage call I bought a few months back in GTT that was down 70% turned green today. WHat is happening?!
  18. I am waiting on a red day then I am right there with you on NOK. The 2023 LEAP for NOK was reasonably priced before todays jump. I will try and get in on that soon.
  19. wow that AMC is looking like a space ship. Red days were my norm. The green days make me feel like I need to do something but I am gonna just let it ride. The roller coaster continues.
  20. Yeah. Those "memes" are smoking. Wish I had more. I have some dead weight in other stocks that I might do something stupid with. I think the memes are being powered mostly by FOMO and institutional buyers getting in on the action. It sounds like the shorts aren't even covering yet. Not sure what will happen but the pressure is going to be dramatic in one direction or another
  21. yep. Fundamentals are out the door. This is pure gambling and momentum plays; I fully expect to still be holding when it falls back to earth. After hours is still rocking though. I might try and trade a few shares and buy back in @ a few bucks less. The volatility is great. Wish I had enough to sell covered calls Thinking about selling some covered calls on my ford LEAP. I have the 7 dollar calls for 2023.
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