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  1. Yeah at least with heroin you get a return on investment.
  2. is this a rerun? Seems like I have seen this episode about 50 times
  3. I dont like the output I am seeing in proportion to the offensive players we are paying the most. Sorry to be so negative; watching the offense can just be maddening and I dont understand why they do what they do Defese is looking sharp though!
  4. if the offense would just play mediocre we'd be fine. Mediocre is too much to ask for at this point. We refuse to win the turnover battle
  5. On 1 positive. I finally see hope in the defense. I am pretty pumped about what I am seeing from them. Imagine if the offense would just run the ball, make smart passes, and not turn the ball over.
  6. im over this offense I have no idea what it is. I thought we ran the ball, did play action, and took chunks when they were there. 2 games in and all is see is weird passes, not much running, and no real rhythm. I dont blame DK for this one.
  7. Glad we did the 3 man rush.. Rushing 4 was effective so of course we rush 3. Lets look at just using a 10 man defense and rushing 2. This team
  8. I dont think they fear this offense... nor should they.
  9. I hope you are right. Just seems like we dont do as well when there is no run game. When there is a run game I think we can play with anyone in the league.
  10. What happened to the running game? Or attempting some formula other than Run pass pass OR Pass pass pass. Also, for someone with more football knowledge. Why have we stopped actually handing the ball off? It seems like its a toss play every time versus a hand off. I would think that would really affect the play action pass but I am no expert. I simply hate the offense at this point AND I am not sure the blame lies soley on DK.
  11. I try and wait about 4 games before I jump to conclusions of what the team is. This year, I think this game gives us a glimpse of what to expect moving forward.
  12. Side note: Was there any explanation as to why Schaub was warming up? I didnt watch this nonsense but I havent heard about it.
  13. everything else Sunday looked so dumb and completely unprepared so why not...
  14. I can imagine that "tell the truth Modays" and the other garbage mantras and slogans have grown stale. I hope it turns around but my hopes are low. I get the impression that this team is a bit lost. I get glimpses of what Quinn wanted but I think it might be too late in his tenure to get things fixed. We have a head coach build on impersonating another coach who hired an OC to run an offense developed by a different coach.