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  1. Agreed. Its been boring watching these games, which is disappointing because I really look forward to football season. Such a disappointing team. I generally have it on in the background but some Sundays I dont even watch. Not sure where they go from here but knowing the Falcons they will promote DK to head coach, rehire Quinn as DC, and pay Ryan and Julio more with new contracts.
  2. Agreed. I really think DQ would be a phenomenal college coach. He can get fast results, has pretty straightforward schemes that allow players to play without over thinking, and he is an exceptional short term motivator. He got off kilter after the SB collapse and made some dumb moves. As part of his firing he should have been forced to take Koetter with him wherever he goes for the next decade. Still think we should have kept TD as he would be legendary by now had we gotten to/won the superbowl the times we were in position. Thats not on the GM.
  3. Terrible but about what you'd expect when you have 3 superstars past their prime being lead by an OC past his prime.
  4. Firing him is pointless. The team is 3-7 and playing like a team that is 3-7. As much as it pains me to say it, the reality is they got beat by a better team yesterday.
  5. As long as we dont have to hear the phrase "leader of men" more than a million times during this search I am fine.
  6. Help me out here. I am too lazy to read the 7 pages. What is HE disgruntled about? Seems like it should be the other way around. I could possibly see frustrated or disgruntled if he were a legendary DE who came here to win a superbowl before he retired; but that is far from the case. Did I miss something?
  7. Its interesting watching Julio. Still playing at a high level, but seems to be playing a lot smarter than he was when he was younger. Maybe not quite as explosive but knows the game well enough that he doesnt have to be. Of course, "not as explosive" for him is still better than most receivers in the league. Roddy is still my all time favorite
  8. I think he's a good coach. Soon he will have the glazed over, dead inside, look of a Falcons head coach.
  9. Not a new issue; but I gotta admit, they are creative. When I think they have found all the ways to do it they keep churning out new ones. I am curious what they might have in store next. I predict darker days ahead in the coming years. The "good ol days" are behind us.
  10. Agreed. I think he is a good coach but it would take a great coach to come back from that and he is not a great coach. Its like a magician out of tricks but still having to put on a show. Here is me pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Hmmm. Ok here is me pulling a rabbit out of a hat again!
  11. Agree with this. If history is any predictor, Morris will do decent this season, we will get rid of him, and then he will find another head coach job where he produces a consistently solid team. Not sure why the TD firing happened really. We have had the roster to win 4 superbowls during his tenure we just didnt pull it off. Makes for an interesting off season I suppose
  12. I need a personal coach to make me care about this game and this season. Most years, good or mediocre, I am still excited when Sunday rolls around. This reminds me of the Petrino year where watching the games felt like an obligation.
  13. after some thought on this, We were in position to be in the superbowl 4 times during his tenure. Twice with Smith and twice with DQ. Not sure GM is the problem but I guess we will find out.
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