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  1. When I saw Justin Hardy in college I thought he'd be that kind of receiver. Never seemed to really materialize. I would be a terrible scout
  2. I want a job like that... one that people cant really say what you do or don't do........ just an "advisor" who does something.. and says words about something to someone nonspecific.
  3. Agreed. I miss that style of football.
  4. OH YEAH?!?!?!?! eh... thats all I got.
  5. Seems like an appropriate end to the season. This team is like Rocky...... when he gets beat by Mr T... except there is never a comeback.. He just keeps doing it.
  6. The correct answer is the Judge John Hodegeman Podcast. Close runners up include Stuff You Should Know and Dopey.
  7. Im happy with the hire. As long as Quinn lets Koetter install his offense as he and Matt seem to work well together. Any reactions from Matt or anyone on offense yet? I dont know why I like to see these as they always say the same thing but it still gives me some hope.
  8. I sure hope so. I'd like to see some consistency and I think this is the guy who can bring it. There will always be ups and downs.
  9. Good info: You might also consider the differences in football from the 90's/early 2000s to now as that has a big impact. Im fine with Koetter or Kubiak. Im guessing Kubiak is using this job as leverage; I know I would. Im guessing its Koetter which is fine by me.
  10. I am fine with this. I don't think this is a bad move. We had some good offenses under Koetter.
  11. Not sure I like this move; time will tell. I know the offense looks sloppy and never seems to get in a groove, but I dont pretend to know who that falls on. BUT I think Sark is as good a sacrificial lamb as anyone. If the offense looks the same next year then the problem may run a bit deeper (which is my hypothesis). OR perhaps, we tighten up the o-line and understand that some seasons just dont go your way. I dont know... I plan to complain either way. Its the offseason
  12. The game is great background noise for a nap.
  13. As the league and offenses evolve our defensive philosophy may need some tweaking. Fast and physical sounds great until they are getting literally thrown all over the field. Our team is a domestic violence case waiting to happen.
  14. At the beginning of the season, who would have thought we'd be looking at a top 5 pick? Man, what a bad season and a bad team doing just bad things. They're just bad.
  15. Yes. Terrible terrible terrible. Great. Fix it. I dont want to hear catch phrases or see people lifting logs because I don't care.