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  1. I think it could be a great signing. Agree on the yardage. But itll take 5 years in our current scheme to get 200 carries.
  2. Watched him since he was at ECU and always rooted for him. Good dude, solid career, and I hope it goes well for him. He was never going to be a Julio but he was reliable
  3. I didnt listen but I'm anxiously waiting to know if he used the term gamewrecker!?!?
  4. Its pretty clear. Its a coordinator we fired from a completely different system, running an adapted version of an offense developed by a coach who left with players who fit neither. Odd how things are not working out.
  5. The running the ball part is baffling, and has been beat to death..... But come on!. Over Ryans career he excels when he has a running game; so of course, we bring in DK and build a pass happy team. I really dont have high hopes for next season. I want to; but Im really in "prove it" mode. The win now mode we have been in for years has caught up
  6. I am glad to hear this. On gameday I absolutely hate him, but watching Ryan and him duel it out 2 times a year is awesome. This rivalry is wonderful and it will be missed once he retires. I enjoy talking trash and hating that team, but I respect them despite hating them with every fiber of my being. I see people want him gone, but imagine how boring Batman would be without the Joker.
  7. right there with you. I am basing this solely on my poor memory but I remember this going well with 1 pass rusher (Abe) and horribly wrong with quite a few more whose names I dont recall. I get the logic. I still dont really like it
  8. As the great Stephen Still says If you cant be with the one you love......then love the one you are with even if hes just the worst and passes too much and god I miss you Kyle.......
  9. Im actually coming to terms with it a bit, but it still leaves a Lombardi shaped hole in my heart. The very real possiblity is that this team wont win a superbowl during my lifetime. They've had 3 realistic shots at it, 1 being ridiculously close; and they blew it each time. Might as well joke about it I suppose. No, I dont care about Kyle. I dont LOVE him ok. I dont wish he was here. Ive moved on! I dont have pics of him and our good times together...Of course I dont still have his sweater and occasionally smell it and think about how things used to be. Hes with someone else and they are happy together, so of course I have moved on and Im happy for him. No way would I watch his team and pretend its the falcons.. that would be really sick and weird.... Do you think he ever thinks about us?... I mean who cares....
  10. God Im going to hate that phrase quickly. Huge Julio fan for what its worth. You cant pass up that kind of talent. Unfortunately, we have also saddled ourselves to other talent that doesn't produce like he does. Im guessing our "win now" mode for the last few years is catching up to us as Julio ages and some of the contracts we made were short-sighted. If this year isnt a complete turnaround there are dark days on the horizon.
  11. Good point. I hope next season looks better; at least some form of an identity would be nice. The only identity Ive seen is inconsistency and pass happy nonsense. Hopefully they get it straightened out.
  12. Im jealous of Dimitroff. I want a job where I can say a lot of words and say absolutely nothing and get paid a lot for it. lalalalalalalala "game wrecker" lalallalalalalala "fast and physical" lalalaa look at me and my tall hair.
  13. Ill say this; then banish myself from the boards and probably from society, as its deserving: I want to hate Brees, but I really don't. He's a top tier quarterback and seems like a good guy and its tough to have a lot of negative to say about him other than I want him to lose. Ok, Ill see myself out. Mods please ban me. Others, please threaten my life or mail me dead animals and such
  14. This is a tough call! Id really like to see Hooper stay but I get the difficulty in keeping him. BUT if JJ were to ever go down (more and more likely as he ages) reliable targets like Hooper would be key... Of course, if he were to go down we are probably screwed anyway since this team passes 98% of the time and runs for 2 yard chunks; so yep; tough call. Id prefer to let Freeman walk but I dont have enough brainpower or interest to understand cap and salaries so that might not work. You ever type out something then realize there was no reason to type it but then are too lazy to delete it so you just post it because you dont care anymore and this team is ridiculous and run on sentences are awesome and there are many months until this team plays again?
  15. Yeah. I am trying to look at this from a business standpoint. AND, since I am not an expert in business at all my view really means nothing. If the goal is to put fans in the seats ASAP, I can see him cleaning house and making some promises about high standards etc. There would be a lot of excitement and buzz around the team and the new direction its headed; and we might even see some quick positive changes. Hot dogs would be flying off the hot dog cooker thing. If he is thinking long term, I really dont know that a complete overhaul solves anything if the upper management is still in place. I'd hate to see another excited passionate coach come in and get quick results; only to walk out with that empty "falcon sucked out my soul" look that Mike Smith had and DQ is starting to get. Pick a boat and sail it.